Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Moving Woes and Shopping Misses

We were super busy moving this Memorial Day weekend, which was dramatized by the fact that our moving truck stalled and wouldn't start despite being jumpstarted by a random helpful Fedex truck:

It took 3 hours of waiting around and eventually a AAA trucking-towing truck came and got it going again.  But long story short, it was a stressful and busy weekend, but we're about 80% unpacked!  I did also manage to find some time to make a quick trip to the mall to make some due returns and check out the H&M sale.

While in A|X to return some things, I quickly tried on a couple items.  First is the Strappy Eyelet Top in XS:

It caught my interest because I've been keeping an eye out for lace items, and this one has an interesting geometric design, as well as back ties that I thought would help with the fit.  Here's how it looks untied:

I also tried on this Sleeveless Ruffle Top in XS, which I thought might look cute casually layered, but it was humongous on me:

And it turns out that's because it was meant to be wrapped:

I guess it doesn't really matter because the "waist" ties were on my hips anyway!  I didn't end up buying either, but will keep the first top in mind if it goes on sale.

Finally I made it to H&M to make use of the 20% coupon PAG had so graciously shared.  But unfortunately I forgot to bring the printed coupon and they wouldn't take it off my iPhone lol (hey, it worked once at Banana Republic!).  I also got there ~10 minutes before closing so there wasn't a lot of time to browse, but I did run into this polka-dot ruffle skirt that ReallyPetite modeled, and tried the size 2 on just for fun:

I actually thought the ruffles were pretty flattering for my backside, and the quality felt more solid than other H&M pieces.  The fit is okay but it could use some taking in:

But in the end, hubby doesn't like polka dots and they wouldn't take my "coupon" so I ended up leaving the mall empty-handed.


  1. The rental truck issue sounds so stressful! I'm so glad you guys were able to finish the move and even get so much unpacked.

    I had to chuckle at the a/x wrap top. Makes me wonder how many times I've tried on something with a terrible fit that was actually meant to be worn differently.

    Boo to them not taking the coupon over iPhone! There was no barcode or even code, just a silly graphic. That happened to me once though and they said they needed to mail all hard copy coupons back to corporate.

  2. the first top is cute! I like that kind of material and I love the color white...always makes my pale skin look more tan.

    ohhh i saw that wrap top and was about to try it on....but got lazy and decided not to. hahah!

    I was really disappointed with H&M. I never find anything good in there....esp the size I'm looking for. Often times their smallest size is a 4 on some styles. They should start carrying 2 ( or 0s! which they don't) for all their stuff!!

  3. PAG - That's what they told me too. Apparently the one time it worked for me at BR, there was a code on the coupon that the cashier could just enter so they didn't need the physical printout. And here I thought I could start a new trend to save trees :P

    Ping - This was only my second time ever in H&M. My general impression is that there are probably gems to be found, but you have to plow through so much other stuff that it's mentally tiring (sort of like Forever21). And how come they don't have size 0? Seems kind of arbitrary to start at size 2 to me.

  4. That totally sucks about the moving truck :( Hope everything worked out.

    I love seeing other petites in the same clothes because the fit is so different on each and every one of us! You are so tiny!

    At least you were able to try on the H & M skirt...I probably will only be able to wear it once or twice but I think it's so cute and feminine:)


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