Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anatomy of A Peep Toe

I've been feeling a 'need' for classic peeptoe pumps, and had picked up a pair of the Ann Taylor Sofia in black satin a while back when they had a 40% off sale (post), which I really ended up liking:

The only problem is that they do slip a bit, so when ReallyPetite raved about the BCBGirls Ariel which were slip-free for her, I was immediately interested:

I only recently pulled the trigger and ordered them in size 5, 5.5, and 6 (good thing there's free return shipping!), just because I'm starting to suspect that what I thought was my size (5.5-6) is really too big since I'm always slipping out of my shoes.  And it's a good thing I did, because size 6 was ridiculously big, size 5.5 was still too loose, and only the size 5 seems to fit. 

But now my dilemma is which ones to keep!  The AT Sofia ($87) has a 3.5" heel, while the BCBGirls Ariel ($71) is higher at 4.25".  The Sofia satin definitely feels more comfortable, while the Ariel patent leather is more stiff but may feel better after they're broken in.  The peep-toe part on each is shaped differently:

The Sofia has a more rounded shape with a smaller exposed toe box, while the Ariel is square-cut with more toe exposure.  Here's how they look on me, with the AT Sofia on the left:

Here's the side view, again with AT Sofia (size 5.5) first and the Ariel (size 5) second:

As you can (maybe) see, I have rather long toes and I think there's probably too much toe overhang with the Ariel.  I'm leaning towards keeping the Sofia and either get some foot petals or go down to size 5.

Alright, I officially feel a little too OCD about these shoes now... but here's some more shots of the two anyway, with better lighting:


  1. I've been liking Ann Taylor shoes a lot (wearing them right now, lol)so if the prices were that similar I would take them over BCBG. Patent however may be a little more versatile than satin. My BCBG shoes just feel and look cheap in comparison...I'm thinking about donating them.

    Maybe you should try sizing down to a 5 in the Ann taylors? I think we have the exact same foot size, and I was "forced" to get a 5 because a 5.5 sold out. They were tight at first, but I've successfully broken them in and now there is no slippage at all. I'm not sure whether your toes would hang out tho...hmm.

  2. As you pointed out you have rather long toes. The BCBG is definitely showing more of your toes at the peep toe box. At the same time it does cover more of your toe cleavage than the AT one. I suppose if you wear long pants than the cleavage won't matter much. I agree with PAG that the patent is probably more versatile than the satin. I have two pairs of satin slingback from JCrew, and I cannot bring myself to wear them unless I've a special occasion to attend, whereas I can pull off my patent pumps almost every day. I like the sideview of the AT one than BCBG.

  3. Did you order from Lord and Taylor? How did you get free return shipping?

    As you read my post on peep toe pumps, I was debating between the Enzo and the BCBG one. The Enzo that I have now also show some toe cleavages, too.

  4. I think the Sofia looks better! The satin looks so polished and elegant! It could just be the lighting, but the patent looks a bit too... hmmm... I dunno patent-y? lol.

  5. Ann Taylor's all the way! They are shaped so much more classically, and sleeker. Definitely try the foot petals first. I put them on almost all my shoes because the back of my foot is pretty skinny, so they slip easily.

  6. I have to say the Ann Taylor ones look much better in terms of shape. I'm not a huge fan of large-hole peep toes. It does look like there's some gap at the bag of the side view with them so I'd agree with PAG and size down to a 5! Btw, I'm way jealous since I can't even fit a size 4 pump without my foot falling out, even with heel grips!

  7. PAG - I've been waiting for AT to offer another 40% sale, so I can re-order them in size 5, but so far no such luck :P

    PetiteGorgeous - I got them from, which is my go-to source for shoes to "try" since they offer super fast shipping and free return shipping (usually better discounts elsewhere if I want to keep, although they do sometimes have up to 30% off everything with Bing cashback)

    AN - I've ordered some foot petals already and they're on the way! I got both the Tip Toes to help with the sliding, and the Heavenly Heelz to help with the slipping. Excited to see if they work!

    Jen - Lucky for me I have huge feet for my size, so shoes aren't a big problem (heh)... I can't imagine what you and other tiny feet petites do to find shoes if even size 4 doesn't fit!

  8. OMG- you finally got the BCBG ones? YAY! You have a tough decision to make! Personally, I am not big on satin- and the Ann Taylor ones are nice but I cannot stand toe cleavage so IMO- and maybe I'm biased- I would keep the patent BCBG's. I think patent will go with much more rather than satin but that's just me :) When I think of satin shoes- I think of formal attire.


    I got this pair (link above) for rotations because they are SUPER comfortable and looks cute with dress pants and suit skirts.

    What shoes do you wear for work?

  10. Anon - thanks for the recommendation! I actually wear the Dansko Professional Clog to work which I posted about earlier ( I've worn them with dress pants too and they work fine, but I'm not sure if I'd wear them with skirts.

  11. is dansko better or nurse mate?

  12. I haven't tried nurse mate, but I love my Danskos! They are a little clunky (but they're clogs after all), but they're so comfortable I don't even feel them on, and they give me an extra 2" of height! :)


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