Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: Urban Outfitters Part III

This is the last part of my Urban Outfitters review.  It's a little bit of a mixed bag, so bear with me.

First is the Pins And Needles Frill Tie Back Tunic ($16) in XS:

It's called a tunic, but I found that it was long enough that I can probably wear it as a dress:

I actually quite like this one, since the tie-backs make it very fitted.  Definitely a more casual "dress" but very comfortable and the blue is neither too dark or too bright.  It also comes in ivory and grey, and I think I might be keeping this one.

Next is the Kimchi Blue Watercolor Dress ($29) in XS:

Unfortunately the neckline on this was too low and was showing half my bra:

The fit would be perfect if the straps were taken up by a couple inches.  I didn't really like the print when I first saw it, but I suppose it looks a little better on.  Not sure I like it enough to try to tinker with the straps though.

Next is the Bycorpus Scalloped Lace Short ($6) in XS:

This one almost looks smaller on me than it does on the model!

It's pretty sheer, so definitely only for lounging around at home by yourself or with a significant other.  It does make me feel all pretty and feminine, and gives me hope that other UO shorts can run small as well.

And then there's the not so great, starting with the Cooperative Sunday School Dress ($58) in XS:

On me, it bears little resemblance to their stock photo:

I almost wondered if they sent me the wrong dress because the material is very stiff.  Even belted, I don't see how it would drape like it does on their model.  I feel like I'm wearing a blue burlap sack... definitely a return!

Also not great is the Truly Madly Deeply Leaves Slub V-neck Tee ($9) in XS:

I knew it was going to be loose-fitting and was planning to layer it like a tunic:

But even then, I think the armholes are too low and the V-neck too deep.  And for some reason the graphic was centered instead of off-set like in the stock photo.  Not a keeper for me.

And finally, the Pins And Needles Chiffon Waves Tunic ($9) in XS was also a fail:

The neckline and armholes are super low and this picture was taken with the shoulder seams already yanked up halfway down my back, otherwise you'd be able to see my whole bra.  The chiffon ruffles are pretty but the tunic material is really thin and feels like it's starting to pill already.  I'll be returning this one as well.

And that's it!  Again, I'm overall pretty pleased with my first UO experience, because there's quite a few potential keepers in the bunch, including several dresses and skirts and the pretty lace blouse.  Their sale prices with additional discount coupons are pretty reasonable.  One downside is that they do have quite a bit of selection on their site, which can be slightly overwhelming to browse through.  But their free shipping and free return shipping encourages me to try things that I otherwise may not have (although I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing!).


  1. free return shipping is definitely an incentive :) even on sale items? i think the first two are great. the print on the floral dress is adorable.

  2. Nice review. First dress one is definitely a keeper. The second dress has such a nice print on it. It looks better on you than on the model, although I do agree it's a big large on the top. What a shame. The lace shorts is so cute!

  3. I love the tunic dress and lace shorts! That is a real shame that the graphic tee is so big... the design is really interesting.

  4. the first blue dress is my fave. its super darling and looks like its fits you really nicely...a keeper! the purple ruffle shirt is cute too...the color is pretty and so feminine. great picks!

  5. Wowzers you weren't kidding when you said you went all out on your orders : ) I love the first dress on you. It's very simple, but trendy, and I think the shoulder ruffles are a great touch without overwhelming your frame. Definitely hope you keep that one! And gosh the price...wish I saw that one!

    I think the floral dress would be my fave, style-wise, IF it fit properly.

  6. The first tunic looks super cute on you - you did some serious shopping here :)

  7. The first one is definitely a keeper. It fits your petite frame very well. You did ordered tons of stuff. Free return really helps!

  8. Ahhhh its so hard to choose one piece that I like. The last photo is one of my favourites (mainly for the colour)

    BTW, I've given you an award on my blog :)

  9. wow that's a lot of clothes you ordered =) I like the floral one best but i think the first one might fit you better

  10. thank you! haha the illusion of short skirts and high boots xD i'm a little under 5'3" actually. i feel sad because i'm too giant to be petite but too short to be average ... i explode out of petite clothes and get swallowed up in normal sizes xD it's an odd fit so i'm finally trying to embrace this whole loose top thing.

    it's okay :D if i could have your brains, i'd trade away any of my other skills.

  11. OMG- you really took advantage of the free shipping..LOL

    I love the first dress on you and the cute shorts to lounge in- I can't believe how tiny they were!!!!

    Thanks for the great reviews!!!

  12. Oooh man I hate the low armpits!! Love the floral print dress and the soft pastels.. looks like a watercolor painting hehe. Too bad it doesn't fit :(


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