Monday, June 7, 2010

Review: Ann Taylor Print Tops

It's been a little while but I finally got my hands on the Ann Taylor print tops.  And I don't know why but I've been so indecisive about everything these days, these tops included.

First things first is the Floral Print Silk Charmeuse Blouse With Neck Ties in 0P:

It's pretty balloon-y from the front, but not as big as I expected after seeing it on AlterationsNeeded.  Although the side zipper is completely useless since I didn't need to unzip to put it on or off.

The neck ties are placed slightly too low for me (can't bend over without flashing), so if I keep it I would probably want to have it taken up a little bit at the shoulder seams.  Here's how it looks with extra fabric held back:

I initially thought that this would be a return, because it needs alterations that are not completely straightforward.  But it's actually growing on me, and I'm fond of the eggplant-y color.

Next is the Vibrant Animal Print Silk Georgette Halter Top in XXSP:

I actually really liked this one initially, it feels very flowy and feminine.  The color is definitely bold, but in real life it's more of a hot pink rather than the orangy-red that's showing in the picture. 

The armholes fit pretty well, but I guess one possible con might be the lack of waist definition and looking a little wide from the side.  I also wonder what I would wear with such a bold print and color...

Finally, the Pearl and Ribbon 2 Strand Bracelet:

I guess I forgot there's a reason why I don't buy bracelets... nothing ever fits!  They rest about halfway up my arm when it's up, and halfway down my hand when it's down:

I had to slightly spread my fingers to keep them from completely falling off:

The bracelet is definitely a return... but I can't decide if the first top is worth keeping and altering... or if the second one is too bold to pull off.


  1.'s hard to say. I ended up returning the tie neck top, because I kept it around for a few days and fell less in love with it over time.

    The halter top looks a bit long from the it's approaching dress territory. For waist definition, have you tried wearing a belt over it?

    The bracelets made me chuckle. That's exactly what most bracelets do on me. =)

  2. I agree with AN ... hard to say! I always love Ann Taylor's stuff on the model photos, but they just don't seem to look that great on extra petite bodies. Both tops are too long, and may not be worth altering.

    Too bad about the looked like it would be an elastic bracelet, which has more potential than typical bracelets to fit small wrists!

  3. If the neck tie is slightly low, have you thought about fashion tape?

  4. Maybe you can try tucking in the first top? I don't look good doing that because I've a long torso.

  5. AN - you're right, the halter is definitely borderline tunic length. I also thought about belting it, and I like belting tucked in tops, and also dresses, but somehow belt over shirt still feels a little forced to me.

    Patricia - fashion tape would work, but that's bit too fussy for me for non special occasion clothes.

    PetiteGorgeous - I don't think you can tell, but the ends of the neck ties hang pretty low. So if I tuck it in, the ends might flop oddly in front.

  6. I love the materials of those tops! Silk is just so soft and feminine and flowy. I like the length of them too! I like long shirts ~ looks good w/skinny pants, or tucked in! The color on the red shirt looks amazing with your skin tone + black hair! Beautiful :)

    I totally feel you on the too low tops.. or if they're too loose when you bend over you can see down to your navel haha.

  7. Wow- I did not expect the tops to be that big! For some reason- even though u are way smaller than I am- ann Taylor tops - pxxs never fits me the way I prefer... They need to make it a bit smaller!

    Total bummer on the bracelets- I only have a few and can never find ones that fit properly:-)


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