Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long Time No Blog...

Dear readers, first and foremost I want to apologize profusely for going MIA!  I've received multiple emails, tweets, and comments inquiring about my well-being, and every single one honestly makes me feel so touched... so a warm and appreciative thanks to all those who wrote to or thought of me.

Basically, this happened...

And I found myself suffering from terrible morning sickness which left me no will to do anything but sprawl on the couch and try not to throw up.  Fortunately that eased up in my second trimester, but now I'm insanely busy studying for my board exam, working on another resident lecture, and applying for fellowship all at the same time.  Hence no time for some blog love... not to mention I've been on the longest unintentional shopping break ever since I didn't want to buy new clothes that I may or may not fit into post-pregnancy.

I actually haven't had to purchase a single maternity item yet despite being 23 weeks pregnant.  I still fit in my scrubs for work and have been doing okay with my current wardrobe otherwise (which goes to show how ill-fitting my clothes were to begin with).  For example, the LOFT top I wore for the first PFC can still comfortably accommodate my 6-month pregnant belly:


In fact, I can still fit into almost all my tops.  And as for bottoms, my lifesaver has been the Bellyband - a somewhat magical contraption that allows me to wear a lot of my existing pants and skirts, albeit unbuttoned but without fear of indecent exposure.

In any case, I just wanted to finally post an update to let you guys know that I am indeed still alive.  But between residency and pregnancy, there already isn't enough hours in the day and sadly blogging has to be put on a hiatus for now.  But I'll leave you with a quick 10-sec peek at my 'lil bun in the oven... I've been scanning myself when I get a chance (free access to ultrasound is one of the few perks of being a radiology resident), and happened to catch the little one in a fit of hiccups!

P.S. The answer to the question everyone always wants to know (boy vs. girl) is at the end of the video :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

25 Ways To Wear A Scarf

If you haven't seen this video by Wendy's Lookbook yet, you must!  It's hands down THE best scarf how-to video I've seen so far.  Besides being incredibly useful (I didn't know you could tie a scarf 25 different ways) and soo well-edited, it's just plain fun to watch!

Wendy is also a fellow petite, standing at around ~5 ft tall I think.  Check out her other videos like How To Walk In Heels, as well as a series of What To Wear With... videos including Brown Suede Boots, Faux Fur Vest, and so on.  One thing for sure, if she continues to make more videos like the scarf one, I'll definitely be watching!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Battle Of The Booties

I never used to understand the appeal of booties on petites... they either cut off the leg line or have to be worn with matching tights, thus limiting their versatility.  But just like how I initially felt about skinny jeans, my feelings toward booties have been slowly changing.  I still don't currently own a single pair of booties, but have been more open-minded about adding them to my shoe collection.  I picked up a few pairs of Ann Taylor shoes a while back when they were having their big shoe sale, and finally got around to taking some pics!

The first pair is the Lily Lace-up Canvas Peep Toe Bootie in size 5.5:

And the second pair is the Lace Bootie in size 5.5:

  Here's how they look on the feet:

Please ignore the hot pink nail polish.  I recently tried on my little sister's polish but was too lazy to wipe off even though it's a little loud for my taste.

Another close-up:

The lace bootie was absolutely gorgeous online (see post), but got a thumbs down from both hubby and my Mom in person.  The appearance is hard to describe, but almost looks like lace-printed nude fabric more than anything (I'm not sure what else I was expecting I suppose).  The nude/lace part is rather crinkly and noticeably doesn't match my skin tone.  But I do like the unique lace design and since it's black, it could potentially go with more outfits and can also be worn with tights.

While they both have a 4.25" heel (with a small hidden platform in front), the canvas peep toe pair is a little more comfortable whereas the lace pair digs into my ankle a bit.  And while I do like the neutral color of the canvas pair, it seems strictly a spring/summer shoe because of the peep toe, and is also a little pricey at $103.  Styling it is another issue, although it's pretty cute on Chloe and here are some more ideas from Ann Taylor: 

One last look to compare the two:

So which would you keep?  Or neither...  or both??

Thursday, March 24, 2011

PFC #6 - Dress Up Your Basics

The sixth Petite Fashion Challenge is being hosted by Jess of Stylepint!

The Challenge: 
Jeans and a tee is a classic outfit starter. 
 Start off with a jeans and tee basic look and dress it up to show off your personal style.

I cheated a little and started out with a striped tee (but forgot to take a plain "before" picture, sorry!)

Top: LOFT Painted Stripe Boat Neck Tee, size XXSP
Jeans: A&F Kids Maddy Skinny, size 12 
Necklace: Charlotte Russe (similar)

I'm terrible at remembering to accessorize but am trying to improve... and here I added a newly-acquired long drapey chain necklace to balance out the boatneck of the top.  The attached flower on this surprisingly inexpensive necklace makes it almost like two accessories in one!

And since I easily get cold, I almost never leave the house without some sort of cardigan or jacket.  I decided to add a spring-appropriate blazer on top.  I usually prefer my blazer sleeves scrunched up, and here I thought that the effect of the striped sleeves peeking out underneath kind of gives the idea of a striped jacket... but without the commitment! 

I love that the flower on the necklace serves double duty as a faux flower pin on the blazer too!  Please forgive the feet-less pics... I had on flats but they were a baaad idea.  I was going to change to pumps at the time for a lil' more sophistication, but hubby came home with dinner and I was starving so that was the end of my photoshoot.

Not the most creative effort I have to say, and the attempt ended prematurely before I could try again with different shoes, a belt, etc. due to an unexpected injury.  But at least it is a casual look that I can wear without feeling like I'm trying too hard.  Don't forget to check out lots of other outfits from this Petite Fashion Challenge here!

Monday, March 21, 2011

In The Banana Republic Fitting Room

Here's the second part of my old fitting room pics... and this time it's Banana Republic.  Like always, the pickings are slim (but what can I say, I'm a creature of habit).  Since most items were a fail, I included stock photos so you can at least see what they're supposed to look like.  Here goes!

1. Silk Halter Tank in XXSP:

I almost ordered this online in the print version to try, but I'm glad I didn't because it doesn't fit!  Was just large overall including an odd poofing above the waistband in the back.  It's also a bit see-through, but also comes in black which I can see looking nice on someone a size bigger and larger-busted than me.  Verdict: Pass.

Ugh, I really didn't like this one.  The material was stiff and didn't drape well, which didn't help its boxy cut.  I also didn't much like the colors in person.  I think I'll take a ruffly LOFT blouse over this one any day.  Verdict:  Pass.

3. Textured Ruffle Jacket in XXSP:

I kinda liked this jacket on the hanger... but not so much on me.  It was big and ill-fitting virtually everywhere, I wouldn't even know where to start to get it altered.  BR jackets are a fail for me unless they start sizing down or introduce size XXXSP *sigh*.  Verdict:  Pass.

This one was a teensy bit smaller than the last, but still a no go.  The material is 100% cotton and machine washable, so it might make a nice casual jacket for someone a size up... but personally I think I prefer a bit more waist definition.  Verdict: Pass.

Finally something with a little bit more potential!  I initially thought no on this one... was roomy as you can tell, and I didn't know how I'd style something with such voluminous bottom ruffles like this.  But when I threw a cardigan on (see below), I actually started to like it!  The 100% silk material makes for very nicely draped ruffles.  It's definitely not for bottom-heavy body types, but is great for anyone looking to create hips (or disguise a flat rear like me).  Verdict: Want, but likely wait for sale.

If it weren't for the $160 price tag (100% cashmere), I might've walked out of the store with this one.  Feels super super soft and light enough for spring, and the iPhone pics aren't doing the color any justice.  Comes in an array of spring colors and reminds me of the popular LOFT long cardigan except with ruffling along the edge.  Verdict: Stackable sales please!

So what do you think?  Was I delusional about the silk tiered ruffle tank (due to the many fails of the other items)?  Have you found any winners at Banana Republic lately?  Please share!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

In The LOFT Fitting Room

Dear lovely readers, I'm terribly sorry I haven't been blogging much lately.  My work schedule this month (early morning shift) isn't agreeing with me and I feel perpetually tired.  I'm also on call this weekend, which is a 24-hr shift with no rest, so there's not even some weekend shopping to look forward to.  Lol... I really don't shop that much, honest!  That said, I do have a whole bunch of fitting room pics stored on my phone from prior shopping trips, which I wanted to share so I can finally delete them.  The first set is from my most frequented store... LOFT! :)

This first item is also my favorite!  I love the slinky feel of the blouse, and it drapes absolutely beautifully!  My store only carried this "Evening Sand" color, but it also comes in a "Teak Green" online.  The only issue I have with it is that it's quite sheer and usually would definitely need a cami.  But given the strategic front pocket placement, I think I can get away with a nude-colored bra.  Verdict: Want!

2.  Tiered Ruffle Shell in XXSP:

This one never caught my eye at first, but looks lovely on Kelly at AlterationsNeeded.  It doesn't hang quite right on my frame though, and I'm not crazy about the banded hem.  Verdict: Maybe if on super sale.

This one was obviously a fail.  Huge and shapeless and I'm not a big fan of the asymmetric ruffle.  My search for a white ruffle top continues.  Verdict:  Pass.

This is an older item and is no longer available online, and any remaining stock is probably on the clearance rack.  I actually quite liked it despite being initially wary of the stripes.  The material is a thick knit and is very comfortable.  I initially passed and was waiting for it to go on sale, but it seems to have sold out at my store.  Verdict:  Not available.

I like that the neckline and armholes fit, but the side view just wasn't very flattering on me.  I'm on the fence about the print as well.  On the upside, this is a good top to wear to a buffet since it can probably camouflage a post-binge tummy.  Verdict: Pass unless deeply discounted.

6.  Twist Pleat Shell in XXSP:

Last but not least, this is another great LOFT spring shell!  If I didn't already have the Abstract Print Shell from the last post, and this exact same style blouse in two solid colors (see here & here), I'd be all over this one!  Verdict: Must... control... self.

I have more pics from another store (can you guess which?), but will save it for part two.  Thanks for reading and have a happy St. Patrick's Day!  And also Happy Match Day to any med school readers out there!
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