Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Review: Urban Outfitters Part I

My first time ordering from Urban Outfitters was a surprising semi-success!  They offer free shipping and free returns, which meant free reign with my ordering, and I ended up placing 2 orders because they sent me a 10% off code a few days after I placed the first one.  The first package just arrived today and I already have too many items to blog about in one post, so this review will be in 2-3 parts.

First is the Kimchi Blue Lace Panel Blouse in XS:

I've been looking for some lace items and had previously struck out at F21, so it was a very pleasant surprise to put this on and find that it fits!

It's pretty delicate so I'm afraid I'm going to tear it every time I put it on or take it off.  But I'm really happy it fits because I actually ordered it in other colors too with the 10% off, so I can't wait to see what they look like.  The blouse itself is sheer, and here's how it looks without and with a cami underneath:

I suppose the length is a little on the long side, and I forgot to see what it looks like tucked in.  I'm wearing it with the Cooperative Solid Pull-on Skirt in XS.  The skirt has an elastic waist and does fit, but the material is slightly stiff and doesn't seem to drape well.  I don't think it's special enough for me to keep at $38.

I was also surprised at the fit of the Kimchi Blue Print Chiffon Sahara Dress in XS:

The waist band actually fits snugly without any stretchy ruching or the like, and for once I actually needed to unzip the side zipper to put something on!

Here's a close-up of the print, which is grey-ish with flecks of blue and purple:

The dress is lined and feels like very solid construction.  It was on sale for $39 which isn't too bad.  I was so excited about the fit that my first thought was to keep, but now I'm sort of second guessing myself.  I feel like the style is a little girlish but the print is a little matronly, so I can't decide if it's too old or too young looking.

Next is the Kimchi Blue Ruched Sleeve Dress in size 0:

This one was shapeless as is:

But didn't look too bad when belted:

The material is a cotton/silk blend with a subtle leaf pattern.  It's on sale for $29, which is definitely a good price for a dress, and also comes in black.  I'm a little tempted to keep this one!


  1. The dresses fit quite nicely! I love the last one belted :)

  2. i like the first dress better than the last one :)

  3. I love Urban Outfitters! Their dresses are great for breezy and great for summer. I like the ruched sleeve dress on you! More unique silhouette and I like it belted.

  4. I am now tempted to get the last one...it looks great belted and I love the sleeve ruching detail. I would hem it maybe an inch or two though. I have a review scheduled wearing an outfit almost identical to your first one! On the contrary I've only tried the blouse on tucked in : )

  5. Oooh I love all the lace clothing I've been seeing lately. I really want a lace minidress that people have found at F21 and H&M but I haven't seen it anywhere! Really like that 1st top, it's so feminine and pretty on you :) The dresses are very boho and look super comfy!

  6. Now I have the itch to go to UO! I like the lace top, especially with the cami underneath. Excited to see what else you got!

  7. I like the first top...I love lace. Its so sexy! The last dress is pretty too, but it looks a bit loose on you. The belt is a nice touch with it.
    I go to UO once every month and I look and I never find anything, maybe I gotta look harder!

  8. Great picks! stumbled on your blog-lovely!

    Cheers, Jesa

  9. i love that lace top, very cute!


  10. I really likek the last dress with the belt. I don't own anything from UO but now very attempting to try them. Thanks for the review. Great finds!

  11. I love the last dress with the belt. What a diff a belt can do!!! Good finds!!!

  12. I keep meaning to get some stuff from UO. Haven't been able to find anything that I MUST HAVE. But I'm really liking your finds. :)


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