Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Ann Taylor Camis, Cardigans & More

I'm really loving the free shipping deal that's been going on at Ann Taylor and LOFT!  Makes it that much easier to impulse buy though!  And as I hinted at in the last post, here's a review of some Ann Taylor items that I've already received.

First is the Nylon Cami in XXS ($12):

I know it's non-petite item!  But it was on sale so I figured why not... and it turned out not too bad!

It's hard for me to find a cami that's not too tight and not too loose.  Also, most adult camis and tanks are cut too low for me.  And while girl's sizes fit, they're usually cut in a boxy and unflattering shape which isn't what I want either.  This one fits well overall except for the length, which is a little on the long side but not ridiculously so.  It comes with adjustable straps and the material is smooth to the touch and is nice enough that it's probably work-appropriate under blazers/cardigans.  Here's another view of it alone and layered under the LOFT cardigan:

I also tried it in Pewter which is a nice silver color that I wore in my last post.  The lighter color makes it not as figure-friendly though and shows lumps and bumps easily, so for the sake of my vanity you'll only get to see it underneath a cardigan as before:

Next is the Rolled Hem Cardigan in XXSP ($32):

I got it in "Peach Nectar", which is such a feminine color:

The material is very soft to the touch and feels great, but the fit is kind of so-so.  I'm also not sure how I feel about the sleeve length, which is kind of neither here nor there.  Debating whether or not to keep this one.

And lastly, I've been looking more into accessories lately to add to my 'collection', which is really pretty sad in number.  Since this pretty Mayflower Luxe Scarf was on sale, I figured I'd try it:

Here's a close-up of the pattern:

And here's how it looks on:

The color is a little darker than I thought it would be, but is still pretty I guess.  And I guess I'm just not used to paying lots of money on accessories, because even on sale at $30, I think it's still more expensive than I want to spend on a scarf.

Some other things I got that didn't work out were:
(extra fabric held in the back)
  • Perfect Kitten Peeptoe Slingback in Powder, size 5.5 - worn in above picture.  Material is super soft and feels luxurious, and on sale for $67.  Unfortunately the color is unflattering on my skin tone, also it's slightly too loose in size 5.5 and makes my feet look wide for some reason.
  • Cotton Silk Blouse in XXSP - Too hot pink for me, and also loose and baggy.  Not a fan.

All the items I mentioned were on sale, which are now an extra 25% off with the code SALE25.  LOFT is also having a "buy one get one 50% off" promotion on tops and sweaters, which is stackable with the code LDMAUG2010B for an additional 20% off a $100 purchase.  Free shipping ends tomorrow (7/30) on both sites though, so hurry if you're thinking about getting something!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LOFT Petite V-Neck Cardigan

I just got my LOFT package, and most of it was disappointing so I won't bother with the pics.  The one item that I did like, however, was the V-neck Cardigan in XXSP ($24):

The material is very lightweight and drapes very well:

I really like this "Deep Lilac Blue" color!  It looks grey in some lighting, but when paired with a silvery cami (Ann Taylor cami - review coming soon!), it brings out the blueish-purplish tones and I really love the color combination!  I also really like the shoulder ruching detail, which gives it a little extra something:

It also comes in white and navy, as well as "True Pink" which I did try:

(also wearing Shimmery Jacquard Skirt in Petal Pink, size 00P)

This color is a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm thinking about keeping anyway because it's a nice change sometimes to put on an unusual color.  And after all, you can never have too many cardigans!

It is a little on the long side but may shrink in the wash (I should mention that it's machine-washable, which is a plus!), but I don't even mind it as is.  It also looks nice buttoned up and belted over a skirt too like how they styled it in the stock photo.

In case you were curious, the other LOFT items I ordered that didn't work out were:
  • Petal Shell Tank With Chain - sold out in the XXSP, but it was so pretty that I thought I'd try the XSP... but no luck, it's way too big
  • Shimmery Jacquard Skirt in Petal Pink, size 00P - wanted to see this one for myself since AN is a big fan.  The fit is still too loose for my liking and again, it doesn't photograph well (see above)

Don't forget, Ann Taylor and LOFT are both still offering free shipping on any purchase!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Endless Shoes!

I remember when first came out... I was so much more shoe-crazy at the time, and hubby used to complain that they named themselves well because he kept seeing endless boxes from them!  My shoe-lust has since somewhat subsided, but how could I resist when Bing is offering 40% cash back on everything in the store prior to closing down the program at the end of July.  Even hubby ordered himself 3 new pairs of shoes, which is unheard of!  And look what we found on our doorstep just a day later:

Darn you instant gratification!  Of course then Bing decided to cancel my cashback afterwards because apparently I had "acquired the goods for resale or other business purposes."  I'm trying to reason with them now that I'm REALLY not a shoe retailer... just a girl who likes to order lots of things to try!  Especially when there's free return shipping!

Anyway,  I honestly didn't even get that many shoes, just many styles of the same type of shoe.  I've been wanting a pair of those T-strap sandals that sorta look like slightly fancier flip-flops because, well, I wanted a more fancy alternative to my usual flip-flops!  Most of the ones I ordered didn't work out, but these are my top 3 contenders, in order of increasing fanciness:

#1: Clarks Salon Bliss in Cork, size 5 ($14):

These have the best fit and feel amazing on.  They're sooo comfortable as if I'm not even wearing shoes, but with padded insoles so I don't feel the every crack in the ground I'm walking on.

The pics don't really do them justice, they look a lot better in natural lighting since the strap color is almost nude and doesn't visually break up the foot.  And again, they feel soo comfortable... and I'm really glad I rounded down to size 5 instead of 6 because they fit perfectly.  I'm a sucker for affordable comfortable shoes, so I'm definitely keeping this pair!

#2Carlos Santana Boardwalk in Camel, size 5.5 ($16):

Who knew Carlos Santana makes shoes?  I certainly didn't!  As you can probably tell by now, I was looking for a neutral-colored pair.  I did order a few in fun bright colors but they either didn't fit or were really uncomfortable, so I didn't bother taking pics of those.

I think these photograph the best, but the fit was the worst out of the three.  The smallest size they have is 5.5 which is still slightly too big, and the shoes flop around a bit on my feet.  The material is also very stiff and feels cheap, and the straps are flimsy and feel like they could break pretty easily.  I'm probably going to return this pair.

#3: Tommy Hilfiger Amelia in Bronze, size 5.5 ($18-21):

I didn't really think I'd like these, but when I put them on I kinda do!  The embellishment at the top gives them that extra little something, and they make me feel a little fancier when I wear them.

Again, pics probably don't do them justice.  Although they're not as super comfortable as the first Clarks pair, the fit is pretty good and they feel secure on.  The material and construction also feels solid.  They come in a bunch of other colors and since the bronze is so similar to the first pair that I'm keeping, I'm thinking about getting this one in either white or black for variety:

Now if Bing would just give me back my cashback... I'd hate to see them to go out with a bad taste since I'd always been a fan of the program (especially of their long-standing 25% cashback from BR/Gap/ON/Piperlime!).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: More On Banana Republic

I think when retailers send out coupons, when they reach a certain percentage (namely 40-50% off), I just can't seem to be able to resist!  That is, unless I've already tried on everything they have to offer... and it looks like I'm trying to approach this point with Banana Republic!  Here's my latest go-round with them.

First is the Pleated Watercolor Dress in 00P:

This one turned out not too bad!

Pros: Nice fully-lined silk material, neckline and armholes not too low (although straps could be taken up a little)
Cons: Color slightly more somber than expected, still pricey even after 40% off (~$75), slight poufing at the waist pleats, although that was easily corrected with a belt:

Verdict: Possible keeper, although likely return and hope that it goes on sale for cheaper.

Next is the Silk Bouquet Pleated Ruffle Top in XXSP:

Maybe it's because I haven't fully outgrown my purple phase but I actually kind of liked this one:

Pros: Nice silk material, pretty shoulder detailing, armholes were a good size
Cons: Neckline too low and probably needs a cami/tank underneath, also expensive (~$42), borderline baggy silhouette... which I tried to belt with questionable success:

Verdict: Not too sure... I do like the material and my wardrobe needs a punch of color.  But this may end up being a return because of the price.

Next is the Bellflower Shell in XXSP:

I knew this one was a return even before I tried it on:

Pros: Not too much
Cons: Big and baggy, neckline WAY too low, color boring and shoulder detailing unattractive, expensive ($70)

Verdict: Return!

Next is the the Raw Edge Ruffle Top in XXSP:

This had potential, but somehow I wasn't too excited:

Pros: Simple but probably versatile, interesting shoulder detail, fully lined
Cons: Neckline too low but looks odd when layered, overall size too large including armholes, expensive for what feels like cotton material ($70), especially since I recently got a somewhat similar top from LOFT for much cheaper:

Verdict: Return.

Last but not least is my surprise favorite item of the bunch, the Skinny Metallic Belt in XXS:

This is the same one I used to belt the dress and purple top in the earlier pictures.  I actually bought it with half a mind to test out the leather hole puncher... but this one actually came already fitting snugly around my waist!  This was a huge surprise since no other belt I've bought ever even came close to fitting this tightly.

One thing to note is that this is VERY skinny.  Here's how it compares to my old skinny leather belt, also from BR:

Even the buckle is teeny!  I'd say the belt is probably less than the width of a finger (and I have small fingers!):

One possible con is that because it's so skinny it might not be as durable.  But I definitely do recommend it if you're looking for a skinny belt that fits off the rack (especially since a super skinny belt like this may be hard to punch a hole in yourself).  With a 40% off coupon that BR seems to be sending out weekly these days, it's not too bad at $18 and can be even cheaper with various cash back programs.  The one I have is the pewter color but it also comes in bronze, which I almost want to get too!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eyelet & Ruffles

It's my Dad's 55th birthday today! And here's what I wore when we decided to take him out for an impromptu dinner last weekend to celebrate:

Top: J.Crew Grand Ruffle Shell, size XXS (post)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Eyelet Skirt, size XS (post)
Belt: Banana Republic Skinny Leather Belt, size XXS

Nothing special... just threw it together from whatever clothes I had left that wasn't in the laundry.  The skirt was brand new and I think I wore it with the tag still on!  It's the same one as the white eyelet skirt from my last UO haul.  I already have a white skirt from LOFT so I decided to keep the blue version, especially since it was a steal at $11!  SoCal weather finally started to heat up recently, but I get cold so easily in air-conditioned places so I always make sure to bring a cardigan. 

Cardigan: Banana Republic Italian Merino Cardigan, size XXSP (stock photo)

I've been on a couple of easy rotations recently so my schedule hasn't been too bad, but it's about to get real busy.  I'm also in a specialty where I have to pass three different board exams before I can be board-certified, and the first one is coming up in September.  So I foresee a lot of work and stressful times ahead in the upcoming weeks.  I probably *shouldn't* spend so much time online but let's see if I can manage to stay away!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Giveaway! Win A TLBC Bra Of Your Choice!

**** Giveaway now closed!  Stay tuned for the winner! ****

If you've wanted to try The Little Bra Company's petite-friendly bras, here's your chance!  TLBC has graciously offered to sponsor this giveaway, and the winner will receive her choice of a TLBC bra in any style, color and size!

TLBC makes a variety of smooth and lace bras with matching panties and boyshorts, especially designed to maximize the 'goods' of A & B cups.  Their bras range in size from the small and hard-to-find 28A up to a 36B.

If you're looking for a great push-up, I personally love the Angela (which also looked amazing on ExtraPetite):
Before                                            After

The Sascha is also a good choice, since everyone needs a strapless that stays in place:
Visit their website to browse other styles and see what else you can win!


  • Be a public follower of this blog
  • Visit TLBC and leave a comment with an interesting fact you found on the site or a style that you like


  • Blog about this giveaway or post this button in your sidebar (+2):
  • Tweet the following (+1): Enter the @PetiteXXS & @thelittlebracom giveaway and win any bra of your choice!  Visit
- To become a follower, just click "Follow" in my sidebar & sign in using your Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, or more
- Please leave comments under your follower account or include your email, and mention if you do any of the extra optional things so I can give you proper credit!

Giveaway Rules:
- Open to U.S. residents only
- Ends Sunday, August 8th at midnight PST
- Maximum of 6 entries, all will be checked to ensure fairness
- The winner will be chosen via a random number generator and will have 1 week to claim the prize

A big thanks to TLBC for sponsoring the giveaway and good luck to everyone! :)
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