Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ann Taylor LOFT Discounts... Worth Keeping?

I had a couple of $25 off $50 purchase LOFT cards so I went shopping this weekend to see what I could find.  I scoured the store but nothing really caught my interest, but I really wanted to use the (essentially) 50% off discount, so I ended up getting a few items.

First is the Cheetah Print Ruffle Neck Top in XXSP:

The lighting in the dressing room was really yellow, so the actual color is more like in the stock photo.  I happened to have been wearing a white tank top at the time, so it looked fine layered over that, but otherwise the neckline and armholes would've been too low without.  The length is on the long side... but honestly I'm so used to wearing tops at that length (didn't know that's not where they're supposed to hit) that it doesn't bother me that much.  After discount, it came out to be ~$25, which I guess is not a huge deal after all.  But I actually kind of like the color, and the cotton/silk material is very summer-y.  But I do realize the fit is not optimal and I want to limit tops that I have to layer underneath... so I'll have to think about this one.

I also got the Straw Fedora ($17) which is probably good for extra summer sun protection:

And a couple of Essential Tanks in XS ($5) for filler:

The neckline was too low on these tanks, but I'm hoping they'll shrink a little in the wash, or I could dig out my sewing machine and take up the straps. At $5 each, they're such a bargain anyway that worse comes to worse, I can add them to my collection of layering clothes to wear under scrubs.

While there, I also tried on the Smocked Button Down With Ties in XXSP:

But decided against it because I'd be constantly pulling the gathered hem down, otherwise it poufs up around my mid-section.


  1. i really like the last one :) yeah i hate poofing too .. maybe you can fix the drawstring?

  2. Seems like AT Loft XXS fits a bit better than regular AT petites. For the last one, I agree with Angie, you can remove the drawstring so it lies flat.

  3. Hmm... why didn't I think of that? But I think if I did it would've been very loose fitting, because it was already wide on the side view as it is. It's cute if you're going for a super casual look, but I didn't think it was very flattering on me.

  4. I agree w the ladies above...last one is my fave! If you really don't like the drawstring you can remove it and get the sides taken in a bit. In my opinion it looks perfect for summer and for tucking into things!

  5. i agree with the others, the last top is my favorite! I think it looks super cute on you as is, though I understand it would be annoying to have it ride up on you.

  6. the print of the first top is pretty!! and i adore your hat! totally trendy for summer! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. these tops are so cute! i hope u kept the printed one above:)

  8. I agree with you on the white shirt. When I saw it in the store, it looked so pretty that I had to try it on. But I had the same problem with you. I had to keep pulling it down. Not a good design. :) I'm following you now. Check me out at:


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