Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Gap Legging Jeans

Gap has been periodically sending out 40% off entire order coupons, but I usually never find anything worth keeping (or even trying) because even their petite sizing is usually too big on me.  But after seeing a glowing review from the always stylish Chloe about a certain pair of Gap jeans, and especially after learning that she shares my pancake butt syndrome, I had to try these Legging Jeans in 00P:

Now I never thought the day would come when I would actually consider wearing "jeggings," but there's just something about these that makes me feel awesome :)  And to be fair, they're more like actual jeans rather than jean leggings - they have real working pockets!

The material is surprisingly comfy and the fit is good!  The length is about right with a small amount of bunching at the ankle which I don't mind and prefer over ones that are too short.  There is also an ever so slight bit of gapping at the sides of the waist, which is pretty inconsequential and I suspect might go away with a wash/dry.  And true to Chloe's words, no flattening of the rear despite this being a clingy stretchy fabric!

Tucked and untucked views:

For some reason when I ordered, I didn't realize that they come in multiple other washes - including true black, classic, faded medium, as well as a faded dark blue wash that looks great on curls-and-pearls.  I got these at 40% off for ~$40, which is still a little expensive for me considering I usually buy kids' jeans.  That said, I might even consider picking up another color if these ever go on sale!

I was pretty pleasantly surprised by finding these possible keepers in this last Gap order (and I didn't even get a single kids item!).  But of course, there were some total flops as well... definitely don't bother with the following:
  • Ruffled Eyelet Top (XSP) - Humongous boxy tent, I could probably still fit in it if I'm 6 months pregnant.
  • Vintage Cardigan (XSP) - Also ginormous, probably at least a medium in LOFT cardigan sizing.
  • Tweed Mini Skirt (00P) - Very wide and unflattering, thick bulky fabric and unattractive pattern up close.  *Update* Per request, pics of the skirt are here: front, gap, and side.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gap Slim Crop Pants - A Petite Do-able?

When I heard on the "grapevine" aka Twitter that Gap's new premium black pants line has a style that runs small, I decided to add it to my order during the last 40% off sale.  The style in question is the Slim Crop Pants in 00P:

When I first tried it on, my initial reaction was oh boy, a possible keeper!  The material feels very sturdy, the cut is slimming, and yet it somehow didn't flatten out my behind like most other dress pants do!

But then the nit-picking began.  Like ExtraPetite noted, there is a bit of waist gap (although fixable with belt), as well as some extra material bunching up in the upper thigh meet lower buttock region (see extra creases on side view).  Not to mention the inherent questionable cropped nature of the pants, which I've always thought was a petite no-no (especially in a dark color) that effectively truncates and shortens the leg line.

Here's a full-body view with flats:

And some other test shots with my Dad's DSLR that came out poorly with cropped out bottoms:

I'm really torn on this one!  One one hand, I love the slim cut of the pants and how effortless/chic it makes me feel.  The price was also a bargain at ~$23 after discounts.  On the other hand, the fit is not perfect with the waist gap and back creases, and the length hits awkwardly at the ankle which I'm not sure I can pull off.  Any thoughts to help me decide would be appreciated! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge #1 - Do a Petite Don't

The always lovely Jean over at ExtraPetite is holding the first ever Petite Fashion Challenge (PFC):

The Challenge: 
Create an outfit for weekend brunch with your girlfriends. 
The outfit must include one garment that is typically notorious for being a petite "don't".

I chose to do a double petite don't: wide-legged pants (uh-oh) that end at the scary mid-calf length (noooo!).  Why? Because I love a challenge!  Just kidding... I'm clueless, and this was the only readily available item I found in my closet.  And unfortunately, I was playing around with my dad's DSLR camera at the time, and the pics I took turned out pretty terrible in quality since I had no idea how to work the settings.  But this was already last minute, so please bear with me!

The offending item in question is a pair of wide-legged white linen carpris, size XS from F21 that I bought many years ago because they amazingly fit my waist/hips.  My first thought... throw in a fun print and class it up with some pearls and a pair of neutral, leg-elongating pumps.

I suppose the top is pretty offensive too in terms of length and fit.  So I tried adding a belt:

And I guess if all else fails, tuck tuck tuck!

Blouse: LOFT Ruffle Neck Top, size XXSP (post)
Necklace: Nordstrom Glass Pearl Necklace in White
Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Skinny Belt in Porcini, size S
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pump in Porcini, size 5

What do you think?  Do any of the outfit variations pass muster?  Or should I give up on these linen capris?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anthropologie - Size Fail

Anthropologie is a relatively new brand to me, but I keep seeing cute items pop up on several different blogs.  A quick browse at their website showed lots of really interesting designs... but their price point is higher than what I'm used to paying, so I haven't been able to bring myself to pull the trigger on anything yet - especially when I have no idea how their sizing runs.  So when I spotted a B&M store in Beverly Hills the other day while running an errand, I had to stop by!

Unfortunately, a quick walk through their relatively large store told me all I needed to know - that almost nothing will fit me from this brand.  I grabbed a couple of things that looked like they might work anyway, just to prove it to myself.

First was the Midnight's Spring Cardigan in XS:

This cardigan was styled on a display mannequin, and I really liked how the waist ties are encased within the sweater.

Sleeves were long, of course, but can be scrunched up.  The upper arms were baggy though, and the ribbed texture/material wasn't as nice as I'd expect from a $98 cardigan, so it was a pass.

I also tried the Flowing Tiers Tank in XS:

I try to stay away from ruffly tiers in general because they're usually unflattering and boxy on me, but this one seemed to have a slim shape (and plus it was right next to the sweater!).

Neckline and armholes were too low, and again I wasn't blown away despite a hefty $68 price tag.  This wasn't too hard to walk away from.

I usually have a pretty low threshold for "trying on" when I'm shopping, because you never know how things look on the body vs. on the rack.  But despite scouring the entire store including a whole second floor of sales racks, I couldn't find anything else that even came close to my size and hence worth trying on.  I suppose my wallet is relieved, but I am a little sad since they do offer some really neat designs and interesting items.  I do wish they would add XXS or 00 sizing, especially in petites!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alterations: A|X Halter Dress

To continue with my newbie venture into alterations, here's a simple alteration on an Armani Exchange purple print halter dress.  This was a fully-lined, light and airy chiffon dress in size XS that I'd gotten on sale ages ago and thought I'd be able to "easily" take in the sides myself.  Of course I never got around to it, and it was included in the first batch of items taken to the tailor.


It actually doesn't look half bad as is when belted, but the main problem was that the armholes were low enough to show my bra.  So the tailor suggested that a simple seam down the each side would take care of both the armhole issue and the excessive fabric.


And it did the trick!  Sorry I didn't get a good side-view pic, but the dress is now slim enough to wear alone if I'm feeling bloated or am planning to stuff my face.  And of course it can also worn belted:

Belt: Express Adjustable Skinny Belt, size S/M (similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Sofia in size 5.5

I can't recall how much the alteration cost, but I believe it was one of the less expensive pieces because the zipper was in the back and didn't need to be touched.  In retrospect, I think I probably could have done this alteration myself since it does seem relatively simple.  Maybe next time! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What The...

I've been feeling rather uninspired lately, and sort of going through a blog existential crisis.  I started out intending to create more of a personal blog about a variety of things.  But somehow along the way it kind of morphed into a "fashion" blog.  Now I'm trying to figure out whether I want to continue down the same path or branch out and share about other aspects of my life - but I'd hate to lose existing reader interest by blabbing about non-petite related things.  And in addition, even if I stay with fashion blogging, my current picture-taking setup is less than optimal.  I've been playing with the idea of investing in a better camera, but DSLRs seem soooo complicated.  I also need a better place to take pics with natural lighting, but I'm too self-conscious to be able to pose outside.

Anyway, sorry for the random rant.  Here's something sort of fashion-related AND personal.  I was born in the year of the pig, month of the pig, day of the pig, and hour of the pig... the ultimate quadruple pig!  So let's just say I like cute pig-related items :)  And I thought this was one of the funniest thing ever:

"Heo" means pig in Vietnamese and sounds like "hell" spoken with a very fobby accent.   Aaaanyways, probably only amusing to Vietnamese people :)  This is a T-shirt sold by a company that makes funny Viet-related designs called AnhOi.  I considered getting one at one point but wasn't sure if I should get the child or adult version, which comes in a hotter shade of pink and also brown:

I can probably fit into a child size 12 since T-shirts run big anyway, plus it's cheaper ($15 vs. $20):

Here's another design that I liked:

Nguyen is a common Vietnamese last name but is virtually unpronounceable by most people, who tend to say it like "win" instead.  I actually had a patient called Nguyen Nguyen once and my 70-year-old British attending thought he came up with this joke and had such a cow with it.  I almost wanted to get him this T-shirt but didn't want to burst his bubble :)

These are a little expensive for novelty T-shirts so I haven't decided yet if I want to pull the trigger... but they look fun nonetheless.  I want the pig one... it's practically calling my name! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Few LOFT Dresses

LOFT is having a 30% off all dresses sale, with free shipping for purchases over $125 as well as their usual $25 savings card per $50 promotion.  I figured I'd share pics of the couple dresses I tried on the last time I was in store.

First is the Ruffle Trim Wrap Dress in 00P:

Despite being told that wrap dresses are a good thing for petites since they're adjustable, I still have yet to find a wrap dress that fits... but this one comes the closest so far!

I considered getting it but decided to hold out for a better bargain... it's going on my watch list though!

The other dress I tried was the Watercolor Shift Dress in XXSP:

The fit is decent from the front, but so wide from the side and could use a belt:

There's a ruffle that runs down the front that kind of gets lost in the print.  I did like that the neckline wasn't too low and the armholes were good, but unless it's deeply discounted I would probably have to pass on this one.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TLBC Giveaway Winner & Some Shopping "Wins"

Thanks to everyone who entered my very first giveaway!  I wish I had a TLBC bra to give to every one of you... but alas, there can only be one winner...

Congratulations to lucky #118... kimeedee!

(Please contact me within the week so I can pass your information on to TLBC)

For those who didn't win, ReallyPetite's TLBC giveaway ends later this week so enter again if you haven't already for another chance to win!  Otherwise, if you'd like to try TLBC, you can also use the code ANBRIDE15 or EXTRAPETITE15 for 15% off your purchase until 10/10/10.  Thanks again to The Little Bra Company for sponsoring the giveaway!

To continue with my recent LOFT spree, I scored some "winning" bargains during my trip to return some things last weekend.

These scarves were already on sale, and with the 30% F&F discount they came out to only ~$5 each!

Which makes me very happy since I had already decided to return the Ann Taylor $30 scarf from the earlier post.

And on another side note, according to my recent poll, it looks like the majority of people who voted prefer to see blog posts in full instead of seeing a preview and then clicking again to read more.  Even though the blog is more streamlined when showing only previews, I think I have to listen to the 3:1 majority and keep it the way it is!  Please comment if you think differently! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

All Ruffled Out By LOFT

Today is Chinese Father's Day (because in Chinese, 8/8 sounds like the word for father).  Today is also the last day for the F&F sale at Ann Taylor and LOFT, both online ("FRIENDSFB") and in-store, so I wanted to share my recent LOFT order.  I'm really excited because there are at least a couple keepers!

First is the Twisted Neckline With Exposed Back Zip in Light Smokey Rose, size XXSP:

Although the neckline draping is asymmetrical and a little irregular, I still really like it.  I think it adds visual interest and is a nice change from the usual ruffles.  This also comes in a moss green which I didn't see online in petite sizing, but apparently can be found in stores.

My other keeper is the Ruffle Front Halter in XXSP:

This one is so pretty in person... even hubby approved!  The ruffles aren't the usual flowery type but look more architectural.  The fabric is a shimmery periwinkle and it's lined, so feels very substantial.  It is a lil boxy, but like ExtraPetite (who also bought), I think this would look gorgeous tucked in and layered under cardigans/blazers.

I bought during the BOGO 50% off sale with an additional 20% coupon, and those tops came out to ~$20 each, so the price is definitely right!  The rest of the tops I ordered I'm probably not going to keep, but here they are anyway:

(armholes were good but neckline too low and length slightly too long) 

(sheer fabric, elasticized bottom makes top too long when pulled down and too poufy otherwise)

(slouchy fit all around with a super low neckline)

And lastly, I also got the Ruffle Front Cardigan in XXSP:

This was also seen on AN and PAG, and even though I think it's really pretty, I'm still trying really hard to resist since I just recently got the other LOFT cardigan in several colors.  Plus I can't decide between this and the turquoise color, so I'm just stalling and hoping that I can find it on sale for a lot cheaper later.

That's all!  Hope you guys were able to score some good items during the AT/LOFT F&F sale!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ann Taylor Charmeuse Ruffle Blouse

I'm working nights again this week which means that after working, sleeping, and eating, I only have about an hour of "free" time so not a whole lot of time to blog.  But here's a quick review of the Ann Taylor Charmeuse Ruffle Shirt in 00P:

I've been looking for a center ruffle blouse that I can wear with a pencil skirt and cardigan.  I wasn't expecting too much since the only Ann Taylor blouses I've tried on are always too big.  But I think this one works!

Untucked, it's still on the long side, but looks better tucked in:

Here's a closer look at the ruffles:

I really like how it layers underneath a cardigan:

The fit is pretty good for a non-zippered item.  The armholes and neckline are appropriately placed.  Initially I thought the material was silk, but it turns out to be a mix of polyester and spandex (but is machine washable!).  It's not a big deal to me, I do wish it was cheaper.

The biggest issue for me is color.  I had a really hard time trying to get it to show up on the pictures, because the purple is so deep it's almost black looking.  The blouse does also come in teal as well as an animal print which I'm not sure I can pull off... I'm still not sure what color I should get:

In the pics, I was also wearing the Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pumps and the Perfect Skinny Belt, both in Porcini.  The pumps are really nice, but slightly too big in size 5.5.  The belt is also too loose, but that's no longer a problem now that I've found the leather hole puncher!  I'm curious though about what everyone thinks about matching belt and shoes.  Does it pull the outfit together or is it too matchy-matchy?
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