Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: Urban Oufitters Part II... Skirts!

The second part of my UO review will be all about skirts!  I didn't realize I'd ordered so many... with the extra 10% off coupon, I think I just went and got all the skirts that were on sale and still left in my size!  But that turned out to be a good thing because apparently UO is a great place to find petite-friendly skirts.

But before I get started on the skirts, I wanted to show the Kimchi Blue Lace Panel Blouse (from the last post) in the other 2 colors:

I really like it in the light grey as well.  It pairs well with a black cami underneath.  The black color I would pass on because you can't see any of the pretty details.

The black skirt I'm wearing above is the Staring At Stars Tulip Skirt ($13) in XS:

This is actually one of my favorites out of the bunch.  It's 100% cotton and the fit is fantastic. 

The details aren't showing up well, but there's a row of buttons running down the center front and some ruching along the back.  The snug waist is perfect for tucking in tops, and the bottom doesn't flare out too much so it's good for wearing under tops as well. I don't have a casual black skirt yet so this is definitely a keeper at a mere $13.

#2: The Lucca Couture Chiffon Drape Skirt ($18) in XS:

This is a sort of a tulip skirt with pockets and an exposed zipper down the back:

The chiffon drapes well and feels great, and I like that the waist also fits snugly without needing a belt.  The only con is that it kinda flattens me out on the side view, so I'm still on the fence about this one.

#3: The Pins And Needles Eyelet Skirt ($13) in XS:

I almost couldn't pull this one over my hips!  I kept thinking that there must be a zipper somewhere but there was none... just an elasticized waistband in the back:

It would probably look a lot better when not so wrinkly, and I do like the fit.  It's also fully lined and has pockets, and is also a bargain at $13.  I already have a casual white skirt from LOFT though, so I'm not sure if I should keep this one.  I'm also not sure how I feel about the eyelet pattern/texture:

#4: The Pins and Needles Hook & Eye Full Skirt ($18) in size 0:

The fit on this one is more loose, and it sits on my hips rather than my waist:

The material is a heavy-weight knit, which feels solid, and there's these giant hook-eye closure detailing down the sides.  I'm just not super excited about this one though... It's okay but I'm probably going to pass.

#5: The Kimchi Blue Tiered Skirt ($18) in size 0:

This one also sits on my hips rather than my waist:

And as you can see, there lots of extra material at the waist.  And even though it looks okay from some angles, it just doesn't feel like it's fitting right.  The material is polyester and the drape is slightly stiff.  Verdict: probably return.

#6: The Kimchi Blue Lace Stripe Skirt ($27) in XS:

This skirt was also reviewed by ExtraPetite, and the details are so pretty!

The fit is fine since it's an elastic waist.  Again, the cons are that the lace paneling doesn't go all the way around and that it requires a slip.  What I didn't know is that the color is a little hard to coordinate.  I tried it with tops in white, nude, black and stone (above), and nothing really looked right. 

I'd also got it in black, and with indoor lighting it looks like you can get away with nude-colored underwear and no slip... but I can't guarantee what it'll look like outdoors or in bright lighting!  I don't think I'm going to keep either though, for the above reasons and also because I'm already keeping too many things from this order!

Phew! I think that was my longest post yet!  But all in all, I'm very happy with my UO experience so far.  It seems like their skirts with partial or full elastic waists run extremely small, while regular zippered skirts run bigger and sit on my hips.  With free shipping and free returns, I'm definitely keeping them on my list when shopping for skirts!


  1. aww i totally adore the ruffles one! i actually kind of like the black lace skirt's effect with the black shirt. i would maybe wear a white cami tucked in to the salmon one. it's a bummer it's so see-through :(

    the black tulip skirt is very flattering. it gives your hips a lot of volume!

    actually forever21 does have some elastic waist skirts in small that would fit you nicely. i have to wear them all the way up on my waist and it looks funny. i think if you ever step inside again and try to venture through those messy racks, the some elastic waistband skirts should fit snuggly!

    mainly referring to one i'm wearing here lol:

    see? i'm wearing it way too high xD that is one tight small.

  2. My favorite are #1 and #3. Look like they fit you pretty well. The prices are awesome. I am seriously going to check them out this weekend. Are you happy with the materials as well?

  3. Love this review...these are some serious bargains! So which ones are thekeepers out of your entire haul? And did you see the 20% off coupon for today? Sigh...just our luck!

  4. how did you get free shipping?

  5. I love the eyelet skirt, but I am a sucker for eyelet. I think it's so feminine and pretty :) I would like #5 if it fit better

  6. Glad UO works for you. The skirts are pretty but they would be too short for me. Sucks for me for being petite but not so petite at the same time because of how my height is on the borderline...

  7. The tiered ruffle skirt is really pretty. its ashamed that its so big on you! i really like the color on the heavy knit skirt, i couldn't tell by the picture that the material is heavy. it looks like such a pretty summer color & i do like the eye hook detail on the side too. the 1st black skirt and the white eyelet is my favorite -- such a bargain too!!

  8. The tulip skirt with exposed zipper really gives your figure nice shape! I like how it nips in at the waist, and creates a hip. It's really flattering on you, esp with that lace shirt tucked in!

  9. Angie - That skirt sure look short... but it makes your legs look longer ;) I do have a skirt from F21 that fits pretty well, so I know they do have ones that run small, but I can ever find anything in their stores!

    PetiteLittleGirl - The materials are generally decent, a little better than F21, and some items are better than others.

    PAG - Actually, I don't know what I'm going to keep yet because I still have one more review post to do (I ordered a lot!!) I'm so tempted to re-order now with the 20% off! Free returns anyway, right? :P

    Anon - Free shipping is automatic with a $150 purchase. They also offer free pre-paid mail-in returns or in-store returns.

    PetiteGorgeous - I can see how the skirts would be too short for you, since they're either just right or even too short on me too!

    Ping - The ruffle skirt photographs better than it feels... it's polyester so feels a little cheap.

    sophia - I love how the chiffon tulip skirt looks in front... but as soon as I turn to the side it's like I have no butt... probably because of all the extra draping in front.

  10. i love the #2: The Lucca Couture Chiffon Drape Skirt! it looks great on you also..For $18 dollars..I may look into it. I dont know how it would look on me since im 5'4 though.

  11. I like #2 and #5, they look really flattering on you especailly those skirts.

  12. Love the gray lace top! Looks different and cute. UO was always a hit or miss for me. I had to see things in person before ordering online. Good thing they have free returns! =)


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