Thursday, September 30, 2010

PFC #2 - Wear It Now, Wear It Later

It's time for another Petite Fashion Challenge!  This time it's being hosted by Kelly of AlterationsNeeded:

The Challenge: 
In honor of the fast approaching cool fall weather, what better way to get ready than to find ways to make your wardrobe do double duty. Pick at least one item in your closet and create two outfits, one for spring/summer, and one for fall/winter.

 The item I ended up choosing was this LOFT dress (aka my $8 dress!):

I probably shouldn't have had too much trouble with this one, but unfortunately true to my procrastinating nature I didn't get on it until practically the day of.  The result is therefore not incredibly creative, but I'll try to make up for it by showing several slightly different outfits :)  And here they are!

Spring - Summer:


Fall - Winter:


Dress: LOFT Cotton Dress, size XXSP (post)
Cardigan: LOFT V-Neck Long Cardigan, size XXSP (post)
Shell: LOFT Twisted Neck Shell, size XXSP (post)
Scarf: LOFT Floral Scarf (post)
Belt: Ann Taylor Skinny Woven Belt, size S
Boots: Uggs Kids Classic in Sand, size 6

I know I recycled the summer outfit, but nothing I tried looked as fresh as pairing it with the white cardigan.  As for the fall outfit, I was loving the unusual moss green of the top but felt like it was a little boxy especially when worn over the dress, so the addition of a skinny belt helped to define the waist.  For the fall-winter outfit, I busted out my uber comfortable Uggs, but unfortunately they somehow picked up quite a bit of dirt/dust during my move so please ignore the dirt streaks and the make-shift floor covering :)  For the winter outfit, I added brown over-the-knee socks (which I find more comfortable than tights but with the same look) and my yellow scarf for a bit of color.

I can't wait to see what everyone came up with for this challenge! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Huuuge LOFT Haul

Twitter friends have already heard about my major score at LOFT this weekend, since I found out that the $25 savings cards are stackable with their 40% off full-price items promotion.  And of course as always, you can use as many savings cards as you want in-store, so that's in effect an additional 50% off already great prices.  That and in combination with an exchange item credit, I somehow managed to snag $450 worth of items for $90... that's 80% off!!!  I felt like I was almost robbing them and practically ran out of the store before they could change their mind! :)   Without much further ado, here are the items I got.

First is the Slim Denim Skirt in 00P ($14, originally $50):

This was not as slim fitting as I'd hoped despite the name, and sat on my hip as LOFT skirts generally do:

I think normally I would've passed, but at that price I brought it home to reconsider.  I don't yet own a denim skirt, and this is a dark enough denim to look more grown-up and yet still be versatile.  If I wanted to tuck anything in though, I'd definitely need a belt.  More pics of the skirt will follow with various tops.

Next is the Habutai Flutter Sleeve Tee in XXSP ($7, orig $40):

I've actually been eyeing this one for a while now and was waiting for a deal, since I thought the style was interesting but the material is probably not durable and not worth the retail price.

It's definitely too long when untucked, but looks nice when tucked in.  It also comes in a magenta color (fitting room pic) that I decided not to get because I already own a top in a similar color.

Next is the Ruffle Polka-Dot Top in XXSP ($10, orig $50):

It's sold out online but can be seen in various outfits.  I tend to shy away from tiers and polka-dots in general, but I have to admit that I like how this looks layered:

The armholes are good but the neckline is a tad too low, and I might attempt to DIY take it up at the shoulders.

Next is the Ruffle Shell With Bow in XXSP ($14, orig $50):

I've seen this top before on PetiteLG and Mini Maestra, and thought it was a little too busy with the ruffles and the bow.  But again, the price made it worth reconsidering, and it looks a bit better layered under a cardigan:

The armholes fit quite well, and the length is on the long side but would probably look good tucked in (I always forget to tuck things in for pics).

Next is the Short Sleeve Hooded Sweater Coat in XSP ($18, orig $90):

This sweater never caught my eye online, but I did like it in person.  I've always had a thing for sweater coats, and this was a camel, almost mustardy, color that's on trend for fall.

Granted, it is quite thick and the material is a bit scratchy (will probably feel better with a long sleeve underneath).  They didn't even have size XXSP in stock, so I had to get the XSP, but I think the fit isn't too bad since these aren't meant to be tight-fitting anyway.  There's one big button for closure, and I  wish it had pockets since I kept wanting to stick my hands into the bottom cable.

Next is the Watercolor Portrait Graphic Tee in XXSP ($6, orig $30):

I thought I was over graphic tees, but this one was so slim fitting that I couldn't resist.

The armholes and sleeves were perfect, and felt very slimming but wasn't too clingy.  Plus it looks kinda cute in this outfit.  The length is too long, but I can sort of scrunch it up at the bottom.

And last but not least, the Striped Sweater With Corsage in XXSP ($14, orig $60):

I wasn't sure I liked this one too much online either, but ended up getting it in both colors.

Since I'm lacking in the accessories department, I thought the corsage was a nice embellishment.  This is my first LOFT sweater and the fit is pretty good and the material feels comfortable.  And even though the length is long, I figured it would look cute over leggings/skinnies and would also be nice tucked in with a skirt as well.  I originally just wanted the charcoal color, but the pink was so vibrant that I brought it home to mull over as well.

And there you have it!  My haul consisting of 1 skirt, 1 tee, 3 blouses, 2 sweaters, and 1 sweater coat for $90!  I'm getting so spoiled by these bargain buys that I'm not sure how I'll shop anywhere else again.  I actually still have a few other items coming in the mail that I ordered prior to going to the store, including this tweed skirt that isn't available at my local LOFT.  I didn't mean to buy so much, but basically wanted to spend all of my savings cards because I won't get a chance to go shopping again before they expire.  I may not end up keeping everything... but at these prices, I feel like it would be a waste to return and may end up selling them on AN's Marketplace instead to pass on the bargains to other petites.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tucker For Target Review

When I heard that the new Tucker for Target collection sold out in minutes on Gilt, it made me wonder what the hype was all about.  When they became readily available on with free shipping and armed with a $5 coupon, I figured I'd give it a try.  I'm a little conservative when it comes to bold prints, so I stayed somewhat within my comfort zone.  I ended up getting these items:

Camisole in Orange, size XS ($23)
Skirt in Orange Herringbone, size 1 ($35)

The rust orange of the blouse is a fall color that my closet is devoid of, so I was really hoping this one would turn out nice.  But sadly the fit was not so good:

While it looks almost like a halter top on the model, on me it was low-cut and wide.  The material is 100% polyester and feels slightly silky but thin.

The skirt fared a little better...  true to the multiple reviews saying that it runs small, the size 1 did surprisingly fit pretty snugly and sat on my true waist.

However, the length is slightly too long, and hits me just below the knee.  The herringbone pattern is a little dizzying close up, and even though the material is textured but not too scratchy, I don't like the fact that it's not lined.

Initially, I was so excited about the fit of the waist and the orangy fall color of the skirt that I thought I would keep - I'd envisioned that it'd go well with some nice cognac or tan boots.  But I'm now having second thoughts about the length and the flaring A-line shape.

I also had ordered a couple other things, including the Halter Top in Mosaic Print, size XS ($25):

And while the print was nice, the top was a couple sizes too big and way too long, just like PetiteLG had found.

And last was this Velvet Dress in Burntout Print, size XS ($50):

This was actually quite well-fitting in the bust, thanks to some smocking in the back.  But it was made for someone at least 3-4 inches taller than me, because the body ruching that's supposed to end at the waist actually ends at my mid-hip, making me look short and frumpy.  The print, especially in velvet, was a little bit much for me as well.

So overall, I wouldn't say I was terribly impressed with Tucker for Target.  With the exception of the numerically sized skirt, sizing runs big and the materials don't really seem worth the price.  I'm sure some fashionistas out there can rock those prints, but that's just my 2 cents!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Allison Izu Piano Low Rider Jeans

A little while ago, a girl who never wins anything (aka yours truly) somehow amazingly won her first giveaway... and what a great time it was to get lucky!  Courtesy of PetiteLG and Allison Izu, I was soon the proud owner of my own pair of premium petite jeans, which came nicely wrapped in tissue with a quirky little card:

I chose the Piano Low Rider, mainly because it seems like the smallest running Allison Izu pair based on prior reviews.  And thanks to some good advice from PAG, I ended up going with the 00 size instead of the 000 because she thought it would be too small even for me.  And I have to say, it was a little hard to resist my knee-jerk instinct to get the smallest size available in anything... definitely a novel experience for me!

And here they are!  It's a boot-cut silhouette and I would say a medium-dark wash:

The waistband was lined with fun Hawaiian fabric and the tag was literally a wooden ruler!

This same pair was previously seen on Sydney, Jean, and Elle.  And here they are on me:


Sorry about the dark grainy pics... this was another failed attempt with the settings on my DSLR on loan.  Here's how they look with my regular camera:

The true color is probably somewhere in between.  I really like how there's no contrast stitching and the signature embroidery on the back pockets is tasteful and not flashy.  The overall fit is relatively good, and I can tell that there's a touch of stretch in the material.  The 31" inseam is sooo long on me though.  I was wearing my AT Porcini pumps with 3.5" heels and the hem was still dragging on the floor.  But they do seem to elongate my legs... although honestly I felt almost a little giraffe-y :)

Hopefully after a spin in the washer/dryer, they'll shrink a just tad and become perfect!  It does feel different to finally own a pair of grown-up jeans.  Thanks again to Sydney and Allison Izu for a great giveaway!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Loving LOFT!

I swear my closet is starting to resemble the racks of the petite section of LOFT, because it seems to be the only place I'm buying from these days!  The latest addition is the Pleated Fan Front Stone Mosaic in XXSP:

I was actually surprised by how much I like this top.  Neckline and armholes are perfect, and the fit is a relaxed blousson style.  I think black and white prints tend to be more versatile and can go with almost everything.  The price wasn't too bad either since I got it during the BOGO sale with an extra coupon.

I'd also ordered the V-neck Long Cardigan in XXSP in several different colors to decide (since my local store didn't carry this sweater).  Here's the Vintage Blue and Feather Green:

Skirt: A&F skirt in XS from this post

I also got it in the Oak Brown Melange and Wild Berry, and I have no idea which one(s) I'm going to keep yet.  Any opinions on which colors you love or hate? :)

This cardigan is actually on sale right now for $25, and those with a savings card from their recent promotion can score two for ~$18 each after tax + shipping!  Otherwise free shipping is on again for $125+ and they're also offering an extra 25% off sale items.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ann Taylor Pleated Trim Tank

This is going to be a quickie because I've got lots of reading to catch up on for work/school aka residency.  And because I promised I would in the last post, here's an "outfit" with the A&F print skirt:

I actually mainly wanted to share this petite-friendly top from Ann Taylor, the Pleated Trim Tank, which is now on sale for $28 with the 40% off discount and is still available in XXSP in several colors.  The fit is actually very decent, and the armholes are perfect as you can see in the second pic.  I originally wanted it in this port color, but it's always been sold out in XXSP online:

The material feels great, but I have no experience with Ann Taylor tops so I'm not sure how well it'll hold up over time.  And even though I like the idea of the front ruffles, I'm not entirely too sure about the execution on this one.  The price is also on the expensive side for me even with the 40% off, so I'm still considering whether or not this is a keeper.
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