Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shopping Spree: Gap

I haven't shopped at Gap in forever.  Even when they came out with their petite line, I tried on a couple things but still found their XS Petite to be too big.  I think I actually have more luck with GapKids items than the grown-up line!  I recently took a quick look at their new Stella McCartney collection after seeing a cute pair of Pleated Sailor Shorts on Stylepint's blog:

I ordered the shorts in size 12 and the fit is decent but the shorts are not flattering on me.  The pleats balloon out my thighs and the front band of fabric gives me tummy pooch, so this one is not a keeper.

I did get a couple other items while I was at it, including this Stella Mcartney Piped Mini Skirt in size 12:

I don't love it but it's kinda cute, and I can probably wear it with my Ugg boots:

Yes I realize Uggs are ugly but they're soooo comfy!  And I like the fact that I can wear them barefoot!

I also needed a hoodie to wear over my scrubs since even SoCal weather is super chilly when I'm walking to/from work at 6 am.  I ended up getting the Cozy Fleece Hoodie in XSP because reviews said that it runs small:

The fit is actually quite slim and the material is thick and warm.  The best part is I got it for only $11 after discounts!  There's still a lot of colors left and it's even cheaper now, if anyone is in the market for a hoodie.


  1. Cute skirt...makes you look hourglass shaped : ) It's pricey for a kids skirt though!

    I have that hoodie in womens XS and it's super comfy...didn't realize it came in petites. The womens fits me fine ... are you wearing petites in the photo?

    PS - you should use ShopSense for your links to make some extra revenue! BR & Gap stuff can usually be found on that program easily.

  2. Yup it's in an XS petite. For some reason I'm resistant to buying regular women's sizes when the store carries petites.

    The skirt does give me hips but I had to cinch the belt a little to get it to sit on my waist though... otherwise it sits on my high hip and makes me look long-waisted (and shorter). Problem is the belt is not secure and I can see it slippng after a while... one of the reasons why I don't love it.

    Thanks for the tip about ShopSense! I was wondering why everybody seems to be using Shopstyle links!

  3. I made a pair of sailor shorts exactly like those last summer, but mine are not all puffy - they are very straight and tailored. I will take a photo and post it on the AN forum one of these days. Maybe I will make you a pair - they are pretty easy to sew and they fit me perfectly.

  4. I love that skirt on you! I think it super cute and it fits! Gosh- you are so tiny!!! :) The shorts are cute but I couldn't pull off whole shorts look- I just don't know why I don't like how it looks on me....but I may have to try on that skirt. I don't think it will look as nice on me as it does on you- cute nude pumps too!!!

  5. @Kerry: You are so talented! I definitely want to see your shorts

    @ReallyPetite: I'm sure you'd look great in the skirt. You and PAG can pull off anything! It's weird but my nude pumps show up kind of orangy on photos... maybe I'm just too pale lol.

  6. I must admit, I love buying kids clothing =P It fits well and the prices are so my better!


  7. I love those Stella shorts- too bad they didn't end up working. I know what you mean about Gap XS not fitting- I'd go for the children's too. Only problem- children's clothes don't work that well with a grownup shaped (however petite) body. I'm so glad I found your blog- can't wait to start reading!




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