Friday, April 2, 2010

Cole Haan Peep Toe Pumps

I've been secretly coveting these red Cole Haan Carma OT Air Pumps ever since I saw them on AlterationsNeeded's blog:

Look how cute she looks in them!

 (Sorry for plagiarizing your picture!)

I don't have any peep toe shoes yet, so I definitely have a niche to fill!  But unfortunately $300 is more than I usually shell out for shoes, so I've been biding my time looking for good deal.  I snatched up this last pair of Cole Haan Air Carma Grey Suede Pumps for ~$100 online a while back:

But unfortunately size 5 was too small for me and I had to return it.  Alas my search continues...

Then I saw these on Amazon today:

They're Cole Haan Kindle book covers!  I didn't realize designers do "luxury" book covers these days.  I myself would probably never spend $85-140 for a name-brand book cover (I'd rather save the money for shoes!)... but I guess must be a market for it.

Anyway, although the Asian frugality in me loves a good deal and I almost never buy full-price... dear hubby is getting "us" an Apple iPad tomorrow.  I love my iPhone but honestly didn't think we really needed an iPad.  But I guess it will be useful for reading my medical textbooks (downloaded in pdf) which are mostly images and won't display right on the Kindle.


  1. Their sizing is SO weird! I have 3 pairs of their air flats in sz 5, and had to take a 6 in their Carma shoes and it was still very uncomfortable and didn't fit right. Those red shoes are cute - I have seen red Cole Haans at their outlets and at Saks off 5th.

  2. Hey! That's me! =)

    So you're the one who grabbed that last pair of size 5 suede Cole Haans! I remember that comment! LOL. Sorry they didn't work out for you! The size 5's were a little tight on me too, but I was determined to wear them, stretched them a little (wore them with super thick socks around the, and now they fit perfect.

  3. Hehe... I felt like a deal ninja... snatching up that last pair lol. It was ambitious though because I've never been able to fit into size 5 shoes (I have big feet for a little person lol). It wasn't just tight, I literally couldn't put even my whole foot into the shoe, much less wear thick socks to stretch them out. Failed.

  4. Very cute red shoes! That's fun that you're getting the ipad. Love macs. I may have to go see the ipad today when I am out at the mall. I am still getting used to the idea of reading books on a flat screen. I still check books out of at the library the old fashioned way. :)

  5. the red pumps are so cute!! i love how the blogger above styled hers, to. i've never tried their air pumps. are they quite comfy? have u checked out the cole haan outlets? they usually have great deals:) thx again for dropping by my blog!

  6. I'm thinking I really need to look into these Cole Haan outlets I've been hearing about!

    @Diary: Despite owning (almost) every Apple product in the store (hubby has an Apple addiction lol) and being quite skeptical to begin with... I'm actually really enjoying the iPad... I don't know how Apple does it every time!

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