Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blow-Dryer Blown Out

I used to always air-dry my hair until my hairdresser told me that it was better to blow-dry (really??).  I was skeptical about the hair health benefits but have recently gotten into the habit of daily blow-drying anyway.  I found that it actually keeps my hair straight even after being slept on and saves me 10 minutes of fixing bed-head hair in the morning ( = 10 minutes more sleep!)

Then last week somehow some of my hair got stuck in the back of the dryer (which I had to cut off), and since then my blow-dryer has been making threatening noises and smelling like burnt flesh every time I try to use it.  I have this horrible premonition of an exploding blow-dryer with shards of plastic embedded in my eyeballs if I keep trying... so I think it's fair to say it's time to get a new one!  I've had this one for 7-8 years already so it's been put to good use.

So, while I definitely have not exactly done any extensive research, my top 2 contenders are:

Why these two?  Only for the reason that these are the ones that Sephora carries and I'm determined to get it from there since I have some gift cards that should cover most of the cost after the 15% off promotion (code "BI15" until 4/19).  It's still a lot of money to be spending on a hair dryer but I figure since it's something I'm using everyday, it's worth an investment to keep my hair healthy!

Does anyone have any experience with either brand?  Any recommendations for other hair dryers?


  1. I have no advise to give. I use Target $12 hairdryers. :) But I'd love to hear your review on whichever one you choose. I would like to invest in a nice hair dryer someday!

  2. I have heard T3 works great but I don't have any experience with either. I currently use a ceramic BabyLiss blowdryer that I really like!

  3. @Diary: I know... I never would've thought I could spend so much $$ on a hair dryer... but because of the gift cards I'd like to think it's (almost) free! :P

    @Peach: Thanks for reading! I was leaning towards the T3 anyway because it's cheaper and lighter (which is good for little ol' me with no arm strength lol). I'll definitely look into the BabyLiss if these don't work out (if only Sephora carries that brand!)

  4. I think you should totally go for it, esp if you have all those gift cards that you won't use otherwise! I have a CHI blow dryer that costs around $100 and I think the more expensive blow dryers really do make a difference...i.e. smoother and straighter hair! Also I use a little bit of CHI Silk Infusion when my hair is still wet before I blow dry and that makes my hair extra smooth and easier to style in the mornings.

  5. @ CocoPetite: Looks like the CHI dryer gets really good reviews on Amazon (and is a lot cheaper than these two)... I'll definitely look into it if these don't work out and I decide to use my Sephora gift cards on something else! Thanks for the recommendation!


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