Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shopping Spree: Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange is one of those rare stores I've found that (sometimes) carry a size XS small enough to fit my XXS self :)  Their clothes are usually a little too trendy for me though, but once in a while there are some good finds.  There were only a few things that caught my eye (and still available in my size) this time.

First is the Strapless Bubble Dress in p0:

The fit is actually pretty good considering it's a strapless, and I like that it has pockets.  The color, however, wasn't really what I expected.  I wanted more like a rich true red, but this was more of a hot-pink kind of red.  I'm not sure what I'd wear this to... so it's probably a return.

Next is the Lightweight Printed Trench in XS:

I have to admit that I almost didn't even try this one on, because the printed fabric just kind of threw me.  I know it's in the name!  But for some reason I thought it was a slubby fabric instead of an actual print.  Here's a close up of the pattern:

I've been wanting a light trench since the almost-but-not-good-enough Ann Taylor LOFT trench that I've reluctantly decided to return.  The fit of this one was a pleasant surprise!  Even from the side it was fitted... which was a big contrast to the LOFT coat.   And because of the pleated design it actually gave me a butt which is virtually unheard of!  The sleeves are too long though, but that seems like an easy fix.  If only it was in a different fabric... I would keep it in a heart beat.  I'm still thinking about keeping it anyway.  I got it ~$63 after tax, so it's not a huge investment... but it's $63 I could put toward the perfect trench...

I also tried the Mesh Moto Jacket and the Printed Cardigan in XS:

But they definitely did not work, and I was tired of taking pictures so I didn't even bother.  I do like that A|X has a generous return policy and pays for return shipping as well, so off they go!


  1. Wow! That trench really surprised me! How cute!

    Most A|X pieces are too "clubby" for me, but you found some good stuff! Have you tried their size p0 yet? It's super tiny.

  2. They pay for return ship?? Ahhh I'm orderin p0s to try on...hope it's not too small for me. That trench fits quite well on you for an xs. I like the cut much better than the LOFT one, but I agree Im not a fan of that print. Too bad it doesn't come in regular khaki!

    Ps-thanks for sharing bout the free ship. I had no idea!

  3. @AN: Oops I should've paid more attention, the dress is actually in p0 (XS dresses would never have fit me!)

    @PAG: I love free return shipping! That's probably why I buy more shoes than I should... because shoe sites usually offer free returns so I buy to "try" and end up keeping lol.

  4. That trench is really cute, and definitely looks smaller than the Loft trench! I love the dress too- it and would be a fun cruise dinner dress, but I can't think of many other occasions to wear it. :)

  5. I never thought to check out A/X! They actually have small sizes? Shocker! I love the red dress on you- fits you perfectly! And the trench is to die for!!!! And free return ship - I'm sold!!! :)

  6. I just finished an internship at the Armani Press office in London and I totally remember that Jacket! I will say, I bought an xs A|X dress from a huge Armani sample sale and it won't fit over my boobs! I'm determined to make it work though!


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