Monday, April 12, 2010

Shopping Spree: Ann Taylor

My shopping spree continues with Ann Taylor, which I've actually never ordered from before.  Their price points are a level above Ann Taylor LOFT and Banana Republic, where I would probably say most of my clothes are from.  But with the 40% off promotion they had, how could I resist?  Unfortunately though, I don't think I found any keepers.

First is the Shadow Flower Print Cowl Neck Dress in 00P:

I had low expectations for this one because a fellow petite on AN's Forum had already found it to be ill-fitting.  It wasn't as bad as I'd expected, but the cowl neck just sits funny on me.  And it makes me feel kind of dowdy, so this one is a bust (ha!).

Second is the Graphic Print Silk Dress in 00P:

This one also just fits funny.  There's extra fabric at the armholes and the waist could use some taking in (although I didn't bother to use the included self-waist tie).  From what I've been told, silk is expensive to alter so I'm not sure it's worth the extra investment.

Third is the Silk Georgette Petal Halter Top in XXSP and the Mixed Media Skirt in 00P:

It's like I'm playing dress up!  Here's how they look tucked in:

Not so much better.  Ideally they should probably fit me more like this (with extra fabric held back):

The top is really pretty and I'd be tempted if it'd fit better.  It's probably impossible to alter though because of the intricate design.  The skirt is a definite no... I really only got it because it was on sale for such a good price.  But the material is a stretchy cheap kind and the elastic waist band is way too big... not flattering at all.

Last but not least, my favorite item of this order... the Sofia Peeptoe Pump (worn in all the above pictures):

I've been hankering for a peep-toe pair of shoes for a while now.  These are pretty cute and they're in satin, so they're good for dressy looks.  I got them in a 5.5 and the fit is okay, but I feel like my heels are slipping out a little bit.  But if I size down to a 5 I think my toes would be overhanging the peep-toe part (peephole?).  I'm tempted by these but may just hold out for the perfect pair of peep-toe pumps!


  1. The shoes are super cute. If they only slip a little bit, you might try Foot Petals Heavenly Heels, but if their is major slippage then even those usually don't help. :)

    Link to Heavenly Heels...

  2. those shoes are cute and classic! i actually like how the petal halter look on when it's tucked in. it has such a beautiful design!

  3. I second diaryofashopper about the Foot Petals. I have skinny heels, so I slip out of a lot of shoes in the back too. Those things are life savers!

    Too bad about the dresses! I think I see what you mean about the cowl's a little baggy right?

  4. The cowl neckline is baggy and floppy and just sits funny... I'm starting to think I'm just not well-endowed enough for Ann Taylor dresses lol... because the bust on the second dress is also similarly loose.

    Are the Foot Petals better than the generic heel liners? I got random pairs from Dr.Scholl's and Target a while back when I was interviewing for residency, but they didn't really work all that well for me (especially with panty hose on).

  5. The dresses look cute, but I found the fit to be...lacking. Foot petals are great and they stick way better than generic ones. =)

  6. Too bad about the dresses! I'm glad you ordered them though so we can check out the fit : )

    I do like that petaly top on you after it's pinched back, if only it were a size or two smaller!

  7. What a bummer about the dresses :( You are so TINY- OMG!!! I love the shoes- so cute!!! I wish I could wear a 5.5 since I'd have more options but omg- I would be tripping all over the place. Great post!!!!

  8. What a pity for you, but I do understand, my girlfriend is as tiny as you and its a full time job scouring the xxs racks for something to fit.

  9. Halo there- girl in xs size:) I've just found your blog. I see You've got this same problem with clothes like me. Sometimes it's very very hard to find smth fit well.
    I'm petite from Poland and I see there are a lot of Petites here in Your place.
    Petitka form Poland

  10. wow I love that blue top! so pretty!

  11. That blue top tucked in looks so nice!! OMG you know what's so funny, I'm looking at the comments above and there are so many people with "petite" in their name LOL.

  12. Yup there's a lot of petite-named blogs out there! Us petites gotta stick together! :P

    I really liked the blue top but unfortunately it didn't even come close to fitting and is not alter-able (in my opinion) due to the design... so sad :\


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