Sunday, April 25, 2010

J.Crew Cashmere Plisse Cardigan


I ordered this Cashmere Plisse Cardigan in XS as filler to get free shipping... but ended up really liking it!

The fit was a pleasant surprise... although the 3/4 sleeves end at my wrist bone as always lol.  The material is 100% cashmere and is super soft, although quite thin.  I actually think the thinness allows it to drape better on me.  Although the color says "pearl," the shade is a very light pink/lavender.  Admittedly, the tulle part of the trim did throw me off a little (I thought it was all chiffon), but you can hardly tell from a step away.

It's on sale for 50% off at $99, but is still a little pricier than I'm used to paying for cardigans.  I just really like it because makes me feel all frilly and feminine (and a little fobby for some reason!).  Even hubby approves and he usually is bland about my purchases.  This might be an unexpected keeper!

UPDATE:  J.Crew is now having a 20% off sale items and free shipping with $150+ order with the code "EXTRA20" until 4/30.  I'm totally re-ordering this cardigan and the Grand Ruffle Shell (see post), which is now only $11.99!!


  1. What a delicate cardigan...I agree with you the thinness probably helps with the nice drape. I like how J.Crew styled it as well over a white blouse with the sleeves cuffed up over it.

  2. That's really pretty! It looks like it fits nicely.
    I really wish J Crew made more tops that run smaller like that. I would shop there all the time if they had a smaller size!

  3. OMG- I love it! I can't believe how nice it fits! It's so dainty and feminine and how can you not love cashmere!!!! I just love the color-great find!!! :)

  4. Yay! Small J.Crew! That sweater fits really well. I wonder if any of their other cardi's are running small this season...hmmm...


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