Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shopping Spree: Banana Republic

There's been a ton of good online deals going on lately and of course I couldn't resist!  The first box of goodies that showed up was from Banana Republic, but unfortunately they were a little underwhelming.

First up is the Silk Ruffle Wrap Dress in XS Petite:

I should have known that it wouldn't fit since it's not an XXS Petite :)  Even wrapped as tightly as I could, the neckline was too low on me and the arm holes were also so low that half of my bra was showing.  It comes with an inner camisole dress that has adjustable straps though, so I suppose it could work with some alterations.  But I don't think I like the color/pattern enough to spend more money on it.

Next is the Silk Watercolor Print Top in XXS Petite:

As you can tell, the inner camisole isn't really supposed to show, but it would've been scandalously low otherwise.  I thought it was kinda cute albeit ill-fitting, but DH didn't like the pattern so I guess back it goes.

Last is the Slubby Open Cardigan in XXS Petite:

This one was pretty true to size.  The material is very comfortable but super thin, as I think it's meant to be a light-weight cardigan.  It also comes in several other neutral colors.  For $35 after discounts + tax, I suppose it's not too bad, but I might just wait until it goes on sale.


  1. Awww...too bad about the wrap dress, I thought it might have potential. The cardigan is actually pretty cute! I totally ignored that on BR's site. I like how slim the sleeves are, and I think it would look great belted.

  2. That is too bad about the dress, but I was confused as to why they skipped XXS to begin with. I think I'm going to stay away from silk tops from now on, until I'm ready to shell out for alterations again. I looked back at my BR XXSP silk tops from last year, and couldn't believe I kept them. They were all so long on me, like the second top is on you! But I guess that one is "tunic-length."

  3. I like the lightweight cardigan. It fits you well!

  4. I like the cardigan too. It is really cute on you!

  5. The cardigan is definitely a keeper- I am obsessed with cardigans and can't stop buying them! I will have to check out the one you got- too cute!!!

    i responded to your question on my post about the BR sheath dress :)

  6. P.S. I gave you a blog award!!! :)

    Check it out on my blog when you have a chance!

  7. Oh the silk wrap dress on you is SO gorgeous!! Too bad it didn't fit very well :(

  8. These are all very cute outfits, being a small girl myself sometimes it's hard to put outfits together. I love being able to save money with online Banana Republic coupons though!


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