Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews: LOFT, Banana Republic, H&M

Work has been stressful lately for me, and so I haven't been able to really keep up with the blogger world.  But I still check Twitter and try to read some my favorite blogs during random free moments, even if my comments haven't been so timely!  In any case, I've been holding on to a bunch of fitting room pics that I haven't had a chance to incorporate into proper posts, but I figured I should share them so that they might be somewhat helpful while the items are still available.

The first store up is LOFT...

The armholes were good and the neckline was slightly on the low side but I can probably still go without a cami.  It also comes in a couple of solid colors, but I like the print which is great for spring and I believe is the same print as this cute pencil skirt that's now available in petite sizing.  Verdict: Want!

There was no 00P in store, but I doubt sizing down would've helped the silhouette of this jacket.  I liked the soft lavender color, but layers of ruffles all around just made it too puffy and boxy.  Verdict: Pass.

3.  Deep Cowl Neck Shell in XXSP:

A simple knit top with an overall decent fit.  I thought it was slimming on me, but I'm afraid the material will pill after a few washes.  Verdict: Wait for deep discounts.

The next store is Banana Republic...

1. Classic Trench in XXSP:

I was hoping BR had improved their sizing since the last time they offered a classic trench.... but no such luck.  Their XXSP was still a size too big on me, and doesn't look quite right even when cinched.  Verdict: Pass.

Despite being a knit dress, it was still loose on me especially in the bust.  The only thing I did like was that the material was a thicker knit.  Verdict: Pass.

Loosey-goosey fit, thin material, may be better if belted... but I thought it was overpriced at $130.  Verdict: Pass.

And finally, my visit to H&M was once again largely unfruitful... that is, except for this jacket!

I must've made 4 trips to different H&Ms trying to find a jacket that PAG reviewed several months ago, but without success.  Imagine my delight when I spotted this jacket which looks almost like an exact duplicate, and also fits tiny!  The price is not bad either at $35, and it also comes in black as well as a peach color that you can see on PetiteLittleGirl here.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual shopping trip!  As always, comments and opinions are welcome.  I've been trying to cut back on the spending so didn't end up buying anything (except for the H&M jacket), but it's always good to know which items are winners so I can snatch them up if they go on sale later!


  1. I like the HM coat the best so good choice! :-)

  2. I bought that BR trench in Boston 2 years ago! Same style but different lining. Sorry to hear it didn't work out. =T

    aaand nice find on the H&M jacket! I love the grey on the left =)

  3. We found that jacket that PAG reviewed, but in grey. All 3 of us didn't like it and we ended up returning it! We all thought it was a bit short. But the new style you have is better because it looks longer!

    You can see our review here: http://petiteinthecity.com/2010/12/22/review-hm-short-grey-jacket/

  4. Good choice on the H&M Jacket - how much of it is wool content? I'm a petite too and I found a size 2 red wool coat form H&M too. I'll feature myself wearing that on my blog one day! Woohooo I found another petite blogger! Good to know there are so many of you out there with a head of petite knowledge : )


  5. Great jacket, it fits you so well! I really like the first top - I'm craving spring!!!!!

    I wish we had a good petite section for BR I really like that knit dress you're wearing - it's definitely too big on you, but might work for me! I should probably go try it on and wait for a great sale :)

  6. Oooo I love the jacket! Worth the wait I hope! I'm with you on the rest of the items -- I can't believe how huge the BR items are! Shame on them.

  7. My favorite is that first LOFT top...I have the skirt, and love the print..you should totally get it :)

  8. The new H&M jacket definitely is longer! Thanks to you, petite LG, and DoubleZero I managed to find it (for some reason the H&Ms closest to me don't carry it) and I got the navy blue.

    LOFT's flower print this season as seen on your top and Tara (mix and match's) skirt looked really familiar to me and I finally figured out why. J.Crew's Watercolor Pastiche pencil skirt from 2 or 3 seasons ago! If only LOFT, AT, BR weren't so behind J.Crew with color and print options...

  9. I agree with your decision. Other than the H&M jacket, none of the items fitted you properly. I was able to talk myself out of getting this jacket. It sure is a super cute jacket for those who live in a not so cold state

  10. my favorite is the 1st foral print blouse and the last jacket (love the fit on you). i also love the print of the blouse because it's so spring-y! can't wait for the warm weather to come.

  11. love that HM jacket on you!! I think the navy blue is gorgeous!

    I actually also really like the LOFT floral top. It's so very springy.

  12. the H&M jacket is a great find and looks lovely on you! i agree that this one was definitely the best out of all your dressing room try-ons.

  13. I really love the abstract print shell and the deep cowl neck shell.... I think a visit to LOFT is in my future...
    And the H&M jacket looks really good on you :)

  14. great jacket...it fits you perfectly, and a great price too!


  15. The floral top is gorgeous against your skin tone. I too want that print in the pencil skirt!

    Agree with passing on the other picks.

  16. Yay! You're back and I'm enjoying your fitting room reviews. I had the same experience at BR and other stores...it wasn't very interesting or flattering. But it's awesome that you got the H&M jacket, it looks wonderful! =)

  17. Love the print shell, it screams spring to me. So pretty! It fits you well too. I also love the H&M jacket! It's so tiny and looks like it's good quality. What a great find! As for the rest, I agree with you, everything is just too big or not worth the price. I really did like the trench though, too bad it didn't fit. Have you every tried Zara's trench coats though? I'm not exactly sure how they fit but they are really good quality, classic trenches for like $80. Zara's clothes fit me really well normally.
    xo Liza

  18. My absolute favorite is the H&M jacket! Did you wind up getting the gray or navy? I also like the print of the LOFT shell - it would look so beautiful tucked into a skirt. I have the Deep Cowl Neck Shell in 2 different colors - so far, no pilling but I've only worn them once. I'll keep you updated!

  19. @Really Petite - Thanks Annnie, I was so excited about finding "Jean's jacket" that I didn't even think twice about buying it!

    @elleandish - They also had the same trench last year, but didn't fit me then either. Glad it worked out for you though! The quality seems pretty good.

    @Lor - Petite in the City - Thanks for sharing the link! Now I don't feel so bad about not being able to find that jacket... it might not have worked out for me either after seeing it on you guys.

    @Danielle C - It's actually not a wool jacket, more like sweatshirt material (poly/cotton blend), so wouldn't work as a winter coat if you live in a cold climate. But for spring/fall I think it should be fine!

    @curls-and-pearls - I actually think that dress will look really good on you! It's a knit dress so is more forgiving as long as you're not too small like me.

  20. @Erin - I remember when they first introduced petite sizing, the XXSP and 00P fit much smaller! I don't know what's the point of adding extra small sizes if they keep making them so big!

    @Tara - I saw the skirt on your blog... it looks fantastic! I will have to wait for a good sale, and hope that it's one of the rare LOFT skirts that will fit me.

    @PetiteAsianGirl - I actually wasn't sure which color to get. I was wearing jeans at the time and blue on blue was a bit much, so I got the grey... but I can't say I won't change my mind :P As for J.Crew, they always offer the best colors and prints! If only they would offer items in just ONE more size down, I'd probably spend so much $$ in that store!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Good job with the self-discipline... although I'm sure you could wear it in late spring or early fall when it's warmer! :)

    @Ping - The blouse definitely stood out for me in their current offerings. I can't wait for spring already too... it's been way too cold in SoCal this year!

  21. @Gracie - Thanks! I ended up getting the grey, but really liked the blue too. I think it looks a little less sweatshirt-y, I'm thinking about going back to take another look & possibly exchanging.

    @kileen - I actually exchanged the lace skirt you got me for the jacket :P It came out exactly even!

    @Michelle - Ooh those tops would look amazing on you! Then again, all LOFT XXSP/00P's fit you perfectly!

    @oomph. - Thanks! I thought it was pretty reasonably priced too.

    @Cee - I really like the print, but thought it'd be a little harder to style the skirt compared to the blouse... I would love to see what outfits you come up with!

  22. @Stylepint - Thanks Jess! I'm feeling a little shopped out though, too bad you're not in LA anymore to introduce me to some new brands :)

    @fashionforteens - I've only wandered into Zara once, it was really crowded so I didn't really try on anything. I'm actually surprised to hear that their quality is good though, I was under the impression that they were similar to H&M, which I thought was a just step up from F21. Glad to know!

    @SewPetiteGal - Oh awesome, I'll have to check in with you to see how it holds up! I think it's one of the more underrated items in LOFT right now, and is something I can probably get a lot of wear out of.

    @DSK Steph! - Same to you! I hope you and your family "sức khoẻ dồi dào" and "tiền vô như nước" :P

  23. Maaan! We need a LOFT in Canada! I love that printed top!!!

  24. Hi Petite XXS. I just discovered your blog and this post while following links galore. I am just starting a blog and I just posted about the 2 LOFT items you tried on first.

    The funny thing is that I had the opposite reaction. I didn't think the shell fit right on my even though I love the print. But it looks great on you! I actually bought the ruffled jacket (on sale, NOT for $98, geez) but I'm having second thoughts on it. I kind of want to go back and try on the shell again after seeing it on you and Petite Early Morning Style...

    Anyways, I am going to go back now and link to this post and start following you so next time I don't miss these things! :)

    Ski Petite

  25. I don't like the wrinkles of the first jacket, but the last one is perfect. <3 Fits you really well :D

    Replying your comment:
    I've only played it a couple of times since we got it, but so far, I'm liking it! I remember the first one was super addicting because the levels are so fun. I think it's worth paying the full price because there are literally thousands of levels you can play so the fun never stops. :P

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  26. great looks!!!!
    hope you visit me and feel free to enter my giveaway!!!!

  27. This is a great blog! I am a personal shopper so it's always handy for me to have lots of references. Yay!

  28. I love the first top... the print is so gorgeous! Did you end up bringing it home yet?

    I hope you're not too stressed out from work... thanks for still taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit the blog and to be sweet! I totally commend you for still having the energy to do that!


  29. I agree...I love to try on items before sales, so that I know if it fits well when the sale does hit! :) Plus, it is nice to catch items early and share them with the other petite bloggers! :)

    I am so glad you found that great H&M jacket! I do love that LOFT shell...but you know you'll be able to find it on mega discount eventually! :)


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