Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100th Post! A Day In The Life...

I just realized that this marks my 100th post! It's also been almost a year since I started blogging... in fact, it's that time of the year again for my annual big presentation, and the one time a year where I actually wear something other than scrubs to work!  You can see what I wore last year here.  I've barely started to work on my presentation, but I already have my outfit picked out!  Lol... I'm thinking about something almost exactly like this:

I have that blouse in teal and am planning to pair it with a charcoal pencil skirt and a skinny black belt.  As for shoes, I decided to pick up another pair of the AT Perfect Leather Pump in black, since I currently don't have any black pumps.  I'm normally a size 5.5/6, but these pumps fit me perfectly in size 5... and I seriously love them!

It's basically going to look just like this outfit I posted before, except in different colors with an added white coat:

Since it is my 100th post after all, I figured I should share a bit more about myself and what I do.  I'm currently about halfway through a medical residency.  For those who are not familiar with the US medical education system, it consists of 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school.  After finishing those 8 years, even though you're technically a "doctor", you can't really practice (or know how to) until you complete a residency in the field of your choice.  Residencies range from 3 to 7 years depending on the specialty, and the first year of residency is traditionally known as internship.

I'm doing my residency in radiology, which is a specialty with limited patient contact.  Radiologists are the ones who interpret or "read" all the imaging studies like CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, and so on that other doctors order.  It's mostly a desk job, but I do see patients when I'm doing procedures like lumbar punctures, barium studies, or ultrasound-guided biopsies or drainage.  This is where I spend most of my time when at work or on call... a dark room with the 4 basic essentials to be a radiologist:

It's a little ironic that I actually celebrated never having to write another literary analysis essay again when I graduated college.... because I ended up basically writing reports for a living!

I hope you enjoyed learning about one of the lesser known specialties of radiology!  In any case, I'm giving my big presentation next Friday and only have a grand total of 8 slides so far, so I'll likely need to put blogging on the back burner for a bit to focus.  It's a pretty formal presentation and I'm dreading the public speaking part since I still get super nervous, so please share any tips if you have them! :)


  1. Congrats on the 100th post! That's amazing! And thanks for sharing a little more about yourself:-)

    And loved the outfit and want to see the new one with diff colors!!

  2. That's a lot! 100 posts... congratulations! :)
    You remind me of my childhood friend who's studying to become a doctor there too :) Good luck on your presentation!

  3. Good luck Liane, I'm sure you'll do an amazing job! ....I'm not a fan of public speaking either. One thing I've found to be helpful is while facing your audience, you can actually look at the wall just slightly above their heads to keep focus. They don't realize that you're not actually seeing faces and it's not so distracting (for me anyway ;) Thanks for sharing some informatation about your work....I'd love to see your presentation outfit (whenever your schedule slows down a bit).

  4. Congrats on your 100th post! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and (raising metaphorical glasses) here's to another 100!

  5. That is so funny and awesome that you have your outfit planned out! I do that all the time, it gets me hyped up and in the mood for whatever I'm supposed to do. Callandra made a great advice in looking slightly above their heads and at the wall, that definitely helps for me. I do NOT suggest imaginging your audience naked, OMG worst advice ever. I like making a transcript of what I'm going to say so I don't look at the slides very often. As I get more into the presentation I find that it is a lot easier to talk and I don't get as nervous.

  6. Congrats on the 100th post!

    i don't know what type of presentation you'll do, but if it's not too far from my own experience in presenting my research than perhaps my tips can be of help.

    I used to be really nervous when I do presentations (actually I still am now) but what I was told from a former colleague/boss is that no one in the audience knows as much (or as well) of the things you're going to talk about.

    They may know bits and pieces from previous experiences, but don't forget you're the one who's been directly handling the data and studying the material for a REALLY long time now. Confidence will allow you to walk far. =)

    Good luck!!

  7. I enjoyed learning more about your profession! I know you'll do great...you are one smart cookie.

    For public speaking...you've heard the practice in front of a mirror, but I think it's more helpful to practice and record yourself. Even if its just with an iphone video! You really get to hear how you sound and see the presentation aspect of how you look : )

  8. congrats on the 100th post! i love reading about what you do.

    what a great accomplishment to finish medical school and to be half way done with residency. i bet you can't wait to be done and actually working!

  9. Congrats on you 100th post!! I wish i could give tips on public speaking - but I suck at it!! But don't worry you will do well!! Also, thanks for sharing about your career - it sounds interesting!!


  10. Congrats! And I hope that the presentation goes awesome!
    Next year I will be a clerk, and I wondered what you think about the fanny packs? Necessary not necessary? I had my eyes on smthg like this: http://www.danier.com/leather-accessories-women-handbags-131010892-P5181.aspx?lang=en
    Too nerdy?

  11. Hey Congrats Liane! HUGE accomplishment - both the blog and your profession :) Thank you for sharing a little part of your world. I'm sure you'll do fantastic with your presentation.

  12. congrats Liane on your 100th post!! i love reading about your profession and best of luck to you for your presentation. i totally agree that you should practice recording yourself. i cringe everytime i see myself but there's no better way to improve. :)

    btw, i love the outfit you've picked out!

  13. I feel your pain! I get extremely nervous before presentations... more than a normal person, I would say. My boyfriend found some website that said that cuddling 20 minutes before a presentation would help calm anxiety. So, if you have a special someone in your life, maybe try that! :)

  14. Hi Liane! Just wanted to drop a note saying that I love your blog. I'm a medicine resident currently, and my husband is in radiology (and he hates the reports too!). Love your outfit and I'm sure the slides will come together!

  15. Hey Liane, love your blog! I totally understand about public speaking (as I completed my PhD recently, and had to endure a LOT of presentations defending data in front of the department... yeah...). I got awesome advice from my supervisor: the transitions between slides are super-important, as anyone can read what's on a slide. If you can tie them together and tell the story well, the rest will follow.

    The audience also wants to listen to YOU talking, not read a bunch of text - some of the most powerful presentations I've seen had very little (if any) text on the slides.

    :) GOod luck!

  16. Congrats! The outfit you picked is very professional. Love your blog.

  17. Congratulations on your 100th post and I'm sure you'll do well for your presentation. As for public speaking, it really helps to know/memorize what you'll be saying so you won't get off track and you'll feel more prepared. Don't look at the slides and try to read off of them...that's one of my pet peeves. LOL. Good luck! =)

  18. Congrats!

    Thanks for sharing more about what you do! I love the labels you included...lol! about the phone! hehe!

    Hmm...public speaking. I think it helps to be aware of your body. Some people tend to tap or fiddle way too much, and it is so apparent that they are nervous. So just be extra mindful of what your nervous tick is, and don't do it! :p

    I love the outfit you have planned! :)

  19. Congrats on your 100th post, and good luck on the presentation.

    I also hate speaking in public. I have thought of joining Toastmasters to get better at it, but just dread having to go to the meetings... I originally wanted to be a doctor and was a pre-med/biology major for two years of college. Then I switched to journalism. So your post was really interesting to me.

  20. @Really Petite - Thanks Annie... I'm sure you have many more than 100 posts though since you post more frequently!

    @iamchibee - Thank you! I can use lots of luck :)

    @Callandra - I never really know whether I should be making eye contact with the audience or not... and when I try to, I tend to fixate on one person (who I'm sure doesn't appreciate being stared at), so thanks for the tip!

    @Elle - Aww congrats to you too on your 6-month blogiversary! :)

    @Banhannas - Glad to see you back on the blogsphere! If I had the time, I would definitely make a transcript too, but at the rate it's been going, I'm going to have to rush just to get the presentation completed. Might just end up winging it *sigh*

  21. @Gracie - It's a pretty dry presentation - basically a review of all the disease processes of a particular body part. Unfortunately, I'm giving it to a group of more senior residents and attendings, so I know they know more than me! But I definitely agree with the confidence part... It's so awkward to sit through presentations where the speaker is obviously nervous, so I'll have to work on that!

    @PetiteAsianGirl - Gah will hate watching myself, but it may be a necessary evil. I might do a complete "dress rehearsal" :P

    @Ping - You bet right! I'm quite sick of feeling like a perpetual student... can't wait to finally see what it's like to actually know what I'm doing! And the pay increase won't hurt either ;)

    @H Rija - Thanks! Public speaking is tough... some luck people are just naturally good at it while others need to practice. I'm not one of those lucky people lol.

    @Anonymous- Honestly I don't think it's necessary. As a medical student (and intern), I carried everything in my white coat pockets (you'll be amazed how much you can fit in there!). I did feel like a donkey with bags at times, but it worked.

  22. @curls-and-pearls - Thanks Elaine! I hope it goes well too.

    @kileen - I've never recorded myself before, but will definitely try it this time if I can find the time. Thanks Kileen :)

    @Erica - Lol... my presentation is at noon so I doubt the hubby can come cuddle with me for half an hour before that! A very interesting tip though... maybe I can set something up in the call room haha =X

    @Tara - Hi Tara! I did my internship in prelim medicine, I feel like I sorta know what it's like to be 'part of your world' lol. Glad to hear that your husband is in radiology too... so he knows what it's like! Much more challenging and less of a lifestyle specialty like most people tend to believe. Radiology call is especially rough -_-'

    @Anonymous- Thanks for the tips! I agree with you about how the presentations that I've enjoyed had very little text. I really need to work on my transitions, have to admit that I ended up just reading my slides way too much last year.

  23. @Victoria - Thanks Victoria, I'm glad it's professional enough and not too trendy, since I work with people who are older and mostly male.

    @Stylepint - I just found a neat trick in Keynote (Mac version of Powerpoint), where I can see my notes on the laptop screen but only the slide will show on the projector, so I'm hoping it'll really help to make my presentation smoother since I do have a tendency to read off my slides.

    @Michelle - Thanks Michelle! It was kinda fun adding the labels lol. I don't think I have any nervous ticks, but my nervousness comes through in my voice, so I'll have to practice speaking confidently!

    @Ski Petite - I'm glad you found something you love doing... medicine is definitely not for everyone and it's always sad when I hear about people quitting in med school, residency or even in practice... good thing you figured it out early!

  24. Congrats on the 100th post and almost 1 year blogiversary! It's so great learning a little more about your profession. I don't know if I could ever be in a profession like yours! I've always had a hard time with maths & sciences, which are two of the requirements needed to be in your field!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  25. congrats girl on ur 100th! wow u have a lot of clothes..i thought u work in a business attire environment..i need to go to ur closet and steal some clothes then lol

  26. Such a good read, Liane. I enjoyed a lot reading about you. Medical school is a long and hard journey, so I wasn't planning on sending my girl to medical school. (and she doesn't seem the type either, as of now.) I really admire people who go through that. It's funny how you have to wear scrubs everyday even though you don't necessarily interact with patients.
    Oh, and a big congratulations on your 100th post. Good luck on the presentation. I'm sure you'll do fine. (if you don't log on twitter, that is. lol)

  27. Congratulation. All bloggers know what it means !
    All the best ! Keep on !


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