Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alterations: Ann Taylor Texture Pencil Skirt

I recently made a trip to the tailors, which never fails to leave me in a state of mild shock over how much tailoring costs can add up... but I have to say that I absolutely love the results!  One of my favorite alterations this time is the Ann Taylor pencil skirt that I mentioned in the last post, which turned out fantastic!

I probably should've taken proper pics, but was so excited by how it turned out that I just grabbed my phone to snap away, and also threw on the ensemble that I was planning to wear for my presentation, which again was inspired by this stock photo:

My initial thought was to get the skirt hemmed, but my tailor convinced me to get the sides slimmed, which would allow it to fit better overall.  With that alteration it would sit higher on my natural waist, and would therefore hit me at a good length without any hemming needed... and she was right!  I thought she did a beautiful job and it feels seriously amazing on... I think this is probably the best fitting pencil skirt that I currently own!

Here again is how the skirt looked before:

And here again is the after:
Blouse: AT Charmeuse Ruffle Shirt, size 00P (post)
Skirt: AT Riley Texture Pencil Skirt, size 00P      
Shoes: AT Perfect Leather Pumps, size 5

Unfortunately it was a cold rainy day today and I was freezing even with the added cardigan & white coat:

So instead of wearing this outfit, I made a last-minute decision to switch to the petite-favorite (and warmer) Banana Republic tweed dress that I'd also just gotten back from the tailor.  I took a few iPhone pics of it but they turned out blurry, so I'll have to retake the pics for another post.

I'm so glad my presentation is done... a big thanks to everyone who shared helpful public speaking tips and words of encouragement!  I actually had a really good turnout of attendings... some of whom I'm sure came for the free catered food lol, but it felt good to have an audience to show the fruits of my labor to nevertheless.  Now that it's over, I can relax and enjoy my one week of vacation time that starts today!  I hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend! :)


  1. Liane this skirt looks so amazing on you!! I'm so glad you got it slimmed (giving myself a little pat on the back right now, because I suggested it too ;) The fit really is gorgeous on you, and the color of that top is amazing! Congratulations on your presentation being over - Have a great weekend ;)

  2. I wish I could've watched this presentation! Is there a recording? Lol.

    Love the skirt post-alterations. It was okay before, but now your curves shine through. I'm glad you're able to experience the joys of putting on a perfectly fitting pencil skirt. It's a shame we can't get that straight off the rack. How much does your tailor charge for side slimming?

    I wish I picked up that teal or burgandy blouse when it went on sale! Alas I only ordered leopard and it looked funky on me. Yours looks beautiful tucked into skirts.

  3. I love the skirt after alterations. It fits you so well. Like Jean said, your curves show through fitted items. I am glad your presentation went well. Now you can enjoy the weekend and mb some more shopping:)? Have a great weekend, Liane.

  4. I love this look! You look great!!

  5. Gorgeous blouse and great skirt alterations! Where is the sweater from? I'm a sucker for cardigans with standout buttons.

    Also, congrats on the presentation. You must be relived to have it over with!

  6. That fits SO well! I always have a problem with high waisted pencil skirts being too loose and slipping down, or feeling too tight around my waist. Your white coat looks great too - did you get it altered? I'll be (thankfully!) giving up my short one in two months so will need to get a nice fitting long one.


  7. *whistle* !!!! Wow, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole ensemble! Totally something I would wear and now I want it! LOL You look AMAZING in the skirt after alterations!!! :D What a great choice for your presentation!!!!

  8. Great outfit! The grey & blue look so fancy together :D

  9. You look great, Liane! The before wasn't horrible, but wow, I can really see the difference in the after. Can't wait to see how the famous tweed dress looks on you. Congrats on your presentation and enjoy your week off!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that look.
    How tall are you again?

  11. Your tailor has a very good eye! I would've never thought about having the sides slimmed, to me it just looked like a hem job. It does make sense though and I will have to keep that in mind when I shop for skirts. =0D
    Congratulations on the success of your presentation! That BR dress has spread like crazy amongst the petite community, can't wait to see it after alterations.

  12. The skirt looks great! I really need to find myself a tailor.

  13. Yay! Your presentation is OVER! Isn't a relief? Was it Marina that did this wonderful job? She was spot-on about slimming looks amazing on you now. ;)

  14. You look so chic! Too bad about it being too cold for this cute outfit but I am so glad that tweed dress came back in the nick of time. I can't wait to see the altered dress in a's the one that got away from me (I called like 20 stores in search of go).

    And your tailor did a great job on the skirt, it looks perfect on you!

  15. The skirt looks great on you! I usually try to find things that fit me off the rack because I really can't bear to pay so much for alteration costs, but I think that I might have to just deal with it because finding career wear that fits is a little more difficult :/

  16. congrats on your presentation! you look fabulous in your white coat - i've always panicked in my mind about what to do when i finally become a doctor: how to dress fashionably in a white coat. problem solved :)

  17. The skirt looks amazing on you! It defines your hips so nicely!

    Can't wait to see the BR tweed dress on you! Glad to hear all went well with your presentation. Enjoy your week off! :)

  18. The outfit looks beautiful on you and I'm so glad that the presentation went well!! Slimming the skirt really made a big difference in the overall look of it - good thing you have such a great tailor. Have fun on your vacation! :)

  19. So flattering after the alterations! do mind if I ask how much slimming a skirt likt that would cost?

    I'm so glad the presentation went well, enjoy yourself :)

  20. Looks amazing! I wish I had a good tailor (and your legs!!!)

  21. @Callandra - Thanks Callandra! I'd pat you on the back too if I could, it was good advice :)

    @PetiteAsianGirl- I DID record myself practicing like you suggested... but it's not suitable for viewing, probably only good for putting hubby to sleep :) I think normally she charges $25, but this skirt was a little complicated so it ended up being $45, which pains me but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Thanks Sydney! This makes me want me want to alter ALL my pencil skirts!

    @theresa - Thanks theresa! :)

    @Ali - Hi Ali, the sweater is from Banana Republic, I picked it up about a couple years ago. And I am glad that it's over!

  22. @Run Sarah -I did get it altered, otherwise I would look like a little girl playing doctor! I think my aunt helped me alter my med school short white coat too. I think you can probably find white lab coats that fit decently, but since most hospitals issue white coats for residents, you can use your $$ on getting it altered to fit perfectly instead! :)

    @Really Petite - Thanks Annie! You made me blush a bit :)

    @DSK Steph - Thanks Steph! I have to credit Ann Taylor for that color combo though :)

    @Cee - Thanks Cee! The old me probably wouldn't have gotten it altered, but it feels SO good after that I want to get all my skirts altered now!

    @A.Li - Hi, I'm almost exactly 5'0! My other stats are on the sidebar if you're wondering :)

  23. @Banhannas - My tailor came highly recommended by Kelly herself, so I trust her implicitly! This has only reconfirmed that the lady knows what she's doing!

    @Kimberly - It's almost life-changing when you put on something that's perfectly tailored to your body... I highly recommend it!

    @Alterations Needed - It's such a big relief! And it definitely was Marina! She's amazing... thanks for referring me to her! :)

    @Elle - Aww sad to hear you missed out, I would've too except a wonderful fellow petite picked up a couple extras and was kind enough to ship one to me. I really love our petite community! :)

    @Rinny - I'm the same as you, but I'm starting to think that it's worth it to buy less pieces but spend the money to get each tailored to fit instead. I think I would actually get so much more wear out of each item that way.

  24. @Angie - Lol you're too cute Angie... I look forward to the day when you'll be rocking your outfits accessorized with your very own white coat ;)

    @Michelle - Thanks Michelle! Yay I do have hips! :P

    @SewPetiteGal - I wish I could tailor or make my own clothes like you... but for now, a good tailor will have to do :)

    @curls-and-pearls - Not at all Elaine, it cost me $45, but I think that's because this skirt was unusually made... normally I would expect it to cost $25 I think.

    @StilettoTwins - Thanks! I'd trade you my legs for any part of your body any day! :P


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