Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ann Taylor 40% + Stackable 20% Off Sale!

I'm really supposed to be working on my presentation, but did a little quick shopping since there's a really good promotion going on right now at Ann Taylor.  They are offering 40% off all sale items with free shipping on $150+ order.  I also found that the code 10000000110 will stack to give an additional 20% off entire purchase!

Pickings are slim in the small petite sizes, so I ended up getting these:

Lace Bootie, size 5.5 ($66, reg $198):

Tweed Perfect Flat, size 5 ($57, reg $158):

Shimmer Tiered Shell, size XXSP ($20, reg $78):

Don't forget to go through your credit card shopping links for additional cash back (Discover is offering 5% and Chase has 3%).  If you don't have those, you can go through eBates for an extra 3% cash back (referral link).

On a side note, I recently tweeted about this AT Riley Texture Pencil Skirt in 00P:

I picked it up in a previous order for ~$55 and was planning to wear it in the work outfit I talked about in the previous post.  Here are some quick & grainy iPhone pics:

I've actually never tried on any Ann Taylor pencil skirts before and was pleasantly surprised by how the size 00P fits!  I initially thought I could even get by without any alterations, but am now considering getting it hemmed.  I prefer for it to sit slightly higher on the waist as well, but slimming sounds like a potentially complicated alteration per Jean who definitely knows what she's doing!  Any thoughts?


  1. Nooo...the booties are gone! And so is that top.

    I hate how I don't get their emails anymore! Thanks for sharing the extra code.

  2. wow great finds!! it's too bad those lace booties sold out so quickly. the pencil skirt does look pretty nice on you but i think hemming it so that it falls about 2" above your knee would make it even better. thanks for the heads-up on the sale!

  3. Thanks for mentioning about the deal. I definitely will check it out. I still have a $25.00 coupon that they sent me a while ago. Yay! I am curious to see how the boots fit on you. Good luck with your presentation. I have to lead a meeting once a week and I still have issues every week :)

  4. Awww, I immediately clicked on the booties too! They look va va voom, can't wait to see you in them. Wow, I always thought Ann Taylor had the same sizing as LOFT but I guess not. That skirt looks well fitted on you.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the stackable codes! Too bad there isn't a bigger petite selection!

  6. awww man!!! everything good is soft out. can't wait to see those boots on you.

  7. wooops i meant to say SOLD

  8. @PetiteAsianGirl- Wow already? This is why I wanted to get the post up as soon as I could. But maybe you can find something in-store?

    @kileen- Thanks for the feedback Kileen! Definitely thinking about hemming it too.

    @PetiteLittleGirl - How did you get a $25 coupon?! Is it because you have their AT/LOFT card? I get $10 coupons from Gap/BR once in a while.

    @Banhannas - For some reason I've always thought AT skirts run even bigger than LOFT, but now I'm really hoping they're listening to us and changing their sizing for the better!

    @Tara - I was a little let down by how small their petite selections (on sale) were too... but I suppose that's better for my wallet :P

    @Ping - Since their smallest sizes (XXSP/00P and sz 5 shoes) aren't even available in stores, you would think they'd have better inventory online! Or maybe us petites are just snatching them all up too quickly :)

  9. The skirt does look a little long on you. Take it to the tailors and see what they have to say. It might not be as bad as you think!

  10. Wow, you weren't kidding about slim pickins! There was hardly anything left!! I definitely think that skirt needs to be hemmed and slimmed. It might not be as expensive as you think. My tailor slims my skirts for $12.00 and hems them for $10.00. Definitely worth the price for an item that you'll be wearing for the next five years. Thanks for the extra code btw...I may go back and check the website again (you know, just in case ;)

  11. my thoughts are that you have great calves. XD

  12. I am so jealous of your order! The booties and shell are all gone in xxsp and my shoe size! :(

    Can't wait to see the items on you...especially those booties!!

    Good luck with your presentation! :)

  13. Great finds online! And I was shocked when I saw your twitpic of that skirt. If it fits you that well (minor alterations) then it will fit me almost perfectly except for the hem!

  14. Definitely hem that skirt! But overall those are great finds : )


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