Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: New Banana Republic Petite Finds

I feel like it's been forever since Banana Republic came out with any real winner for petites, so imagine my surprise when every item in my last BR order was a hit in terms of potential!

First is the Mosaic Print Eve Wrap Dress in XXSP:

Even though wrap dresses are touted as a wardrobe essential for petites, I usually find that even when I wrap them as tightly as I can humanly manage, most are too low-cut and loose everywhere except for at the waist where it's tied.  This one is probably the best-fitting wrap dress that I've ever tried on (including my other LOFT ruffle wrap dress), probably because there's a bit of stretch in the smooth silk/viscose material.

It's a definite winner for me in terms of fit, but is still quite expensive at $84 after discounts.  I also wonder about the versatility of the print:

For some reason I wasn't able to find this dress on their site when the recent 35% off sale was on.  But now it's back... must be another item BR was "saving" for after the sale like Kelly of AlterationsNeeded had discovered.

Next is the Textured Mini Skirt in XXSP:

I bought this one because all the reviews said it runs too small... which was a good sign for me!  Although it's strange but I don't see those reviews anymore on their site, I wonder if BR removes negative reviews when an item doesn't sell well.

I think it looks better IRL than in the stock photo.  The waist is slim enough to sit near my natural waist, and the "mini" length hits me at a good spot.  It's also fully-lined which is a plus.  

Cardigan: LOFT V-Neck Long Cardigan, size XXSP

My only quibble is that the slight A-line shape flares out a bit (although not even as much as the J.Crew Wool Bell skirt).  But since I managed to re-buy it at the current sale price of $18, I think it's a keeper!

Last is the Vertical Ruffle Cardigan in XXSP:

I've accumulated quite a collection of cardigans this season from LOFT & J.Crew, so I don't really need another sweater.  But I got it on a whim because I was drawn to the "vintage green" and also wanted to see if BR sizing has improved any.

Love the material which is incredibly soft.  Fit is slightly slouchy but I suspect will be better after a wash/dry.  It also comes in a pretty light pink, but is still quite expensive despite coupons ($52) so I won't be keeping.  Although if it ever goes on super sale, I probably wouldn't mind adding it to my collection :)

If anyone is interested, BR currently has 30% off everything until 2/3 with code BRJAN30, although it sometimes shows 20% so you might have to clear cookies to get it to work.  It's rare that I don't find a single lemon in an entire order from any retailer, so I hope BR continues to improve their style offerings and sizing and finally give the petite favorites LOFT & J.Crew some competition!  


  1. I love how you styled the "mini" with the LOFT cardigan! Beautiful!

    You can have so much fun with that wrap dress! Try a different belt and layers of strands of pearls.

    $52 seems steep for the cardigan! Good idea to return know it fits, so you can get it if it drops significantly!

    I just got my Banana shippment in today. Actually, have the items on now, and waiting for my husband to take pictures for me! :)

  2. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up on the wrap dress!! The fit is fantastic overall and there isn't any extra material in the skirt of the dress on you. I actually think the print on this dress is incredibly versatile, you'll definitely be able to style it so many different ways. Love it, love it, love it!!!

  3. Whoa!The dress looks great on you and it seems like there are good finds at BR! I walked through BR the other day and it seemed pretty different from the last time I was there! =)

  4. I like the dress the best! I wonder if they'll keep it around during a steeper sale, as that price still seems high for a BR dress. It wraps around you nicely though and I like the pastel shades.

    Hmm it seems like you and Kelly keep discovering little "practices" by BR...removing items during "all-encompassing sales" ... removing negative reviews. Although I do have to say they are brave to allow customer reviews (J.Crew, LOFT, etc don't do it) and sometimes a scathing negative review could just be due to a too-small fit (which in turn is shining review to us!).

  5. How pretty! It seems like BR's fit are on your good side! I love the dress!

  6. That wrap dress looks perfect on you (sad you aren't keep it...I agree the price is steep). For some reason I am not loving the last cardigan even though the fit seems ok for me it looks vastly different from the stock photo, which I prefer. The color and the texture of the embellishments seem less lively irl. Skirt is a definite keeper! :)

  7. @Michelle - You're so quick to comment Michelle! Can't wait to see your BR purchases too!

    @Callandra - Thanks for the vote of confidence! I love how the dress feels on and am reeally tempted to keep it despite the steep price!

    @Stylepint I checked out the petite section of the Century City BR last weekend and was underwhelmed. I wonder if BR in NorCal has better stock :P

    @PetiteAsianGirl It's so new that I think it'll be a while before it'll go down to a price that I like... and there's always a risk of XXSP running out too. We petites on a budget are always living on the edge! LoL. And I didn't consider "too small" reviews to be negative, but it was not selling at all for a long time so I guess they did.

    @Curvy Petite - Thanks, Diane! Their petite sizing has been very disappointing this past year, but I hope this is a sign they're turning around!

    @Elle - I'm not so sure I'm NOT keeping it just yet :P If I'm good and stick to my resolution of cutting back on the spending, there might be room in the budget for it (or maybe it'll go on sale! *fingers crossed*). I agree with you that I much prefer the color of the cardigan in the stock photo, although the color of my photos seem slightly off as well. In any case, I don't have any attachment to it at all, definitely returning :)

  8. Ooooo I really like the dress and green sweater! I can't believe they all fit so nicely!!

    Thanks for the review!!

  9. the wrap dress looks great on you! i've never had any luck with wrap dresses either but will need to keep an eye out for BR ones.

    and the mini skirt looks so good on you! i love the way you styled it with the cardigan.

  10. liane-- the wrap dress is definitely a winner! fits you great and i like the pattern. it will be an easy piece to match with solid jackets or cardigans!

  11. The dress. Please keep the dress. I looks lovely on you and fits so well. You could style it with many different sweaters, or a sharp little blazer, pearls, heels, open toed sandals.. spiffy little purses..

  12. Liane!!!! This dress. the way it fits your tiny little body. PERFECTION!

    Oh you bet I noticed the arm holes-Perfect. Not too low cut-Perfect. Ties right at the natural waist-Perfect to create a womanly shape. (dunno about u, but that's super impo to me). Dress length: right at the knee, slightly above-Perfect. Print: totally do-able! You got the Aubrey stamped approval! Now go on w/your bad self and strut it!
    (Just tie the bow a tiny bit more to the side)

    I'm only a fan of A-line skirts if they're all the way to the knee and in a softer fabric that swings. OR, if it's this texture, it needs to be high waisted and ends mid-thigh.

  13. The green sweater is eerily similar to a 3/4 sleeve one I bought at Target for $18. I don't see it online but saw in in stores not too long ago. It's a Mossimo Suply Co (The junior line, as opposed to the larger fitting Mossimo) The XS fits really well, especially after a wash and dry.

  14. Love all of these, especially the dress and skirt! The wrap dress is so flattering. I will definitely be making a trip to Banana:)

  15. The green one looks pretty on you, but you're right... it's a little pricey right now so hopefully it'll drop!

  16. Ohhh, I love the banana wrap dress. fits you prefectly.

  17. @Really Petite - I just saw your tweet about your BR purchases, I want to see how your things turn out!

    @kileen - I'm surprised actually, I would've thought you'd have an easier time finding flattering wrap dresses since you have curves instead of my boyish figure :)

    @Ping - Thanks Ping! You guys are definitely doing a great job at convincing me to keep the dress!

    @jamie - Hi Jamie... thanks for the styling ideas! It's making me feel better about spending a bit more $$ on this piece than I usually do on dresses.

  18. @AubreyOhDang! Lol, well if the dress got the Aubrey stamp of approval, how could I possibly let it go?! :) I'm glad you noticed the arm holes, I included that particular pic just so you can see the perfect size and fit. I love the shape it gives me too, which is not easy to come by since I'm so "gently" curved :P

    @deborah - Hmm... I must keep a look out for it at my Target. It seems much more reasonably priced than the BR one!

    @fashionforteens - Thanks! Hope you find some things at BR that work out for you too :)

    @Peebees I bought so many cardigans the past few months (I'm a little scared to take a count) and at such good prices that I definitely wouldn't (and shoudln't) keep the sweater unless it's deeply discounted. But if you're in the market for one, I really liked the soft material of this one!

    @A.Li - I rarely even contemplate keeping such an expensive item, but the fact that I actually am tells me how much I love it too!

  19. Hi,
    I love that skirt on you! I'm new to the petite blogging forum and am loving the community and all that stylish inspiration. I'm a second year medical student and it's nice to see that your residency hasn't completely overtaken your life. I have a question for you as I start my clinical years - do you have any suggestions for comfy work-appropriate petite-sized shoes? I'm debating whether or not to get Danskos, but they seem kinda large in a 6 (I'm normally 5.5).

  20. @PetiteAsianGirlI'm convinced J.crew lists their items in batches to make us pay more in shipping/make more orders and sell their items faster (fewer items = less deliberation and more impulse buying). Ugh!

  21. @Petite-ish - Hi there, welcome and thanks for reading! I highly recommend Danskos. I honestly didn't get what the hype was all about at first (and they take some breaking in as well). But trust me, after 7-8 hours of standing still in surgery, you'll understand the difference between Danskos and other, even athletic, shoes. I'm also a 5.5 and the 6 is a bit loose as well (I've even walked out of them before), but I think that's how they're supposed to fit, and I like the extra room for wearing extra thick comfy socks. They're a really good investment too since my one and only pair has lasted me for almost 5 years now and is still in decent condition. Hope that helps and sorry for the late reply (please feel free to email me also if you need a faster response!)


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