Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Amazing Angela & Other TLBC Bras

After my last post about how to find your correct bra size, I've been on the lookout for bras that fit right, and on the top of my list to try was The Little Bra Company (TLBC).  They specialize in making bras specifically designed for women with smaller band (28-36) and smaller cup (A-B) sizes.  They've been featured and loved by great petite bloggers like ExtraPetite and AlterationsNeeded.  So imagine my surprise when TLBC recently contacted me and offered to send me some sample bras to try!  I was more than delighted to take them up on their offer, since I had failed in my last attempt to find them at a local store. 

When I received their package, it was literally like Christmas in July... and boy, they did not disappoint!  Now keep in mind, I'm definitely not as genetically blessed with great proportions like PAG and others.  But for what I've got to work with, trust me when I say that this is as good as it gets! :)

My absolute favorite in terms of push-up potential is definitely Angela, which is one of their bestsellers:

I don't know how they figured out the perfect cup placement, but I was pretty surprised at the difference it made:

Left: Lily of France True Match in 32A
Right: TLBC Angela in 30A
AE dress in size 00

Having cleavage was never one of my aspirations, but I do like how this makes me look less, well, bony in front.  And to date, no other department store or Victoria Secret bra has managed this feat!  But the best part about Angela (other than the push-up of course) is absolutely NO GAPS.  Not even I tried to make it gap by hunching my shoulders and leaning forward, it doesn't!  I think it was AN who once said that putting on a well-fitting (and flattering) bra for the first time is almost like a religious experience, and I couldn't agree more!  As soon as I put this on, I seriously wanted to throw out all my other bras and start over.

In addition to a good push-up bra, another essential undergarment that was missing in my wardrobe was a good strapless.  Like many other petites, I don't own a single one that doesn't slip and slide like it's nobody's business.  This is another area that I think TLBC shines in.  Their strapless Sascha comes in band sizes that go down to a tiny 28, which may even be equivalent to a 26 in regular non-petite bra sizing.  It feels super tight and secure on, no silicone strips needed!

But in addition to staying up, it's also important that a strapless doesn't flatten me out like many that I've tried.  Although it doesn't have as much push-up as Angela, the Sascha is still padded enough to give me a nice shape under clothes:

Left: Lily of France True Match in 32A
Right: TLBC Sascha in 28A

TLBC had also sent me the Lucia to try, but I'd already ordered my own during the recent ideeli 50% off sale.  I think it's such a gorgeous bra, and I love that they make not just functional push-ups but pretty lingerie-worthy styles as well.

The Lucia in 30A fits me pretty well with no gaps, but in comparison to Angela in the same size, I'd say that the band is not as tight (I could probably go down a band size).  The cups are also not as angled and close-set, therefore the amount of push-up is not as impressive.  But it looks very pretty on, and comes in ivory which I think would be great as bridal or honeymoon lingerie.

Their price point is a little higher than I'm used to, but comparable to Victoria Secret bras at retail and definitely worth it to me because they fit so well.  If possible, I really recommend trying on their bras in different sizes to find what fits you.  Even special petite bras won't fit if you don't try the right size... and once you do, I think you'll be amazed too!  If you're not sure where to start, try this bra size calculator (measure in cm).  And since TLBC offers free shipping for orders $100+, it's easy to order the style(s) you want in different sizes, and returns shouldn't be too bad since bras are light.  Alternatively, they're also sold by other online retailers and carried in select stores - the full listing can be found here.

They have an ongoing 15% off promotion with the code ANBRIDE15, which expires on 10/10/10.  But that's not all!  TLBC has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway for readers... so stay tuned to see how you can win a free TLBC bra of your own!!

Last but not least, don't forget to scoop! :)

Disclosure: Sample bras were provided for review purposes only and they will be sent back.  TLBC has offered for me to keep one as a courtesy.


  1. So amazing! I have heard nothing but good reviews about TLBC bras. I missed the last sale from ideeli few weeks ago. I definitely have to try them
    I am giving a beautiful necklace at

  2. I really need to try one of these. I recently bought some bras in size 32A from Gap Body, and they fit, but one of the problems is over the course of the day, the cups ride up a bit. That drives me nuts! I am definitely a A cup (or less than an A) but I think I am getting the band size wrong. When I tried them on in the store the fit was perfect, but like I said, after a few hours...the seamless cups migrate up. I also cannot 'fill' the cups.

    I have proportions similar to you - body sternum and no real cleave. And I also have no desire to bust 'em out - just want to look like an adult.

  3. I meant to say "bony" sternum and "no real cleavage". Typing before coffee = bad idea.

  4. Oooo I really need to try out TLBC!! Did you find that your measurements from the link in your older post were pretty accurate? I need to double check with a witness, but my amateur calculations put me at a 28C/30A, which I thought was pretty small!

    Great review though! I am seriously eyeing the Angela. No gaps would be a miracle for me!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this review! I like how you also have a lily of france bra for comparison : ) So glad you finally found the right size in the Angela for you. The difference in the 'after' photo may look subtle to some, but I immediately saw the "boost" versus the bonier chest in the before. It look very natural. So now that you have sampled so many, which one are you going to keep?

    AN's code reminds me that I forgot to list anywhere that EXTRAPETITE15 is also good til October. They were very generous with our codes in the aspect of timeframe!

  6. They are amazing, aren't they? I am glad you love them. After receiving Isis and Lucia in a mail from Ideeli this week I decide to order at least two more. I wish they come up with more designs and colors though.

    For those who are still hesitant, I'd say "get it". You will not be disappointed. You can check out my blog on these magical bra if you want more witness :).

  7. I too, had an epiphany that I might have been wearing the wrong size! It DOES make you look less bony in the front!! yay!! AMAZING!

    I'm petite but I can fit into 32 A of VS without no gap! This whole time I thought I was 34.. but, I always that a gap. YUCK! hehe

  8. Good to hear that the bras ended up being a good fit! :) Just checked the site and unfortunately they don't have my hard to find size (32c) sigh :( Oh well back to the drawing board!

  9. Wait the bras have to be sent back? What do they do with it after.. dry clean and resell O_o? Or toss?

    Haha sorry that part caught my eye and stuck.. they look great on you! Are you going to purchase some?

  10. Erin - The calculator put me at 30A, which seems to be pretty accurate.

    PAG - I bought the Lucia from ideeli, but I think I definitely need me an Angela and Sascha too!

    sophia - Lol... it's not like retailers dry clean or toss out each bra that a customer tries on in store!

  11. all those bras look great on you! thanks for the review. i wonder if there is a store in SF...
    I need a good strapless. I have a few from VS and they always slip and I have to do the little pull on/adjusting.

    the lacy one is really pretty.
    anyway, glad you got to keep at least 1 bra!! :)

  12. I am a loyal reader of all of the petite blogs out there so I snagged the Lucia during Ideeli's recent promo. I had never read one bad review about TLBC so I was very excited as my post-breastfeeding 2 babies size 32A boobs are so deflated. And I was completely disappointed. It's just a very pretty bra that still showcases my sternum and ribs with NO cleavage enhancement whatsoever. I am glad I didn't pay full price. I find it interesting that you think the Angela gave you more boost, but at this point, I can't justify the cost.

  13. Anon - I'm sorry Lucia didn't live up to your expectations. I also noticed that Lucia wasn't very push-up on me either (although it seemed to work for AN), but it does fit without gaps and is a very pretty bra, so I don't regret getting it. But if you're looking for push-up or cleavage, Angela is definitely MUCH better... it worked for me and there's not a lot there to push up! Make sure you try the right size though, because I did try it on in 32A and it did nothing for me, but the 30A was amazing.

  14. I've been wondering about everyone's experience with the ideeli sale. I just got mine in the mail yesterday too. Lucia fits pretty well and gives me some push up in 36B (I got it in ivory .. I suppose now I have to wait ages to wear it as a bride? hahaha)

    This was a great review. I like the tips you added at the bottom for fitting. I just found out I live 20 minutes away from their HQ and there's a store in La Jolla I might visit soon to pick up some Angela's and Saschas :D

    Isis was a disappointment though because it is hella gappy. I guess that's the risk of ordering online. TLBC bras are still great though. Can't wait to try more of them on :) Never go back to Lily of France after this hahaa

  15. thanks for the review on these bras! im in the market for a strapless bra. btw, i love how the ae dress looks on u! such a cute summer dress:)

  16. Wow all these reviews really make me want to try them! I'm not as tiny as you all though (frame-wise) and could only find 32Cs at Gap that fit decently. I need to go find TLBC ones and see if another one of their sizings will work.

    Thanks again for your first post on bras. I've been wearing my new Gap ones religiously hoping that the arm-fat really will go away. :(

  17. Great review! I always have 'gap' issues as you mentioned. I've been wanting to try TLBC out but I will have to see if the shipping costs to Canada are worth it and if I can return hassle free.

  18. LOL - you remembered my "religious experience" post! =)

    Excellent review! I like how both you and PAG did before and after shots. They really help to show the "boost" TLBC can give. The Lucia and Sascha are my favorites by far! The cups on the Angela were too small for me, but I'm a big B, almost C cup.

    I just got my Ideeli sample sale TLBC goodies today! Yay! I got the red Lucia bra and panty set (you know me and red...=P).

  19. When you ordered TLBC bras did you use their sizing or the calculator's sizing?

  20. Karen - I used the calculator's sizing. I did actually try their Lucia and Angela in 32A (their sizing), and found the band to be too loose on both. In general, Angela fits more tightly than Lucia though... so it depends on the style as well. That's why I recommended to try their bras on in several sizes if possible, since everyone is shaped differently even if measurements are the same.

  21. I don't know if you will read this, but I wanted to say that I appreciate that you made a blog about bra sizing. The bra calculator you listed has been THE BEST I've come across. I have tried so many bra calculators and mathematical formulas. The one you gave works...and it really clicked after I had gone to because her mathematical formulas match up with the bra calculators results. It was also interesting to discover that curvy and thin women tend to have many of the same problems as us smaller chested women (ex: women who are 28 G or H being mismeasured as a 34 DD or something like that). Anyways, thanks! (I'll be lurking around AN or another petite lady's blog ;P lol.)

  22. I'm not "petite" but a very small-boned 5'6 (found this blog searching for pencil skirt alterations, as even a 0 is too loose in most brands), and your pictures have convinced me to order the Angela at full price since I missed the ideeli sale. My usual bra is the Victoria's Secret Cotton push-up in 32b, but I've suspected for a while I'm actually a 30b given how loose the band is and how little it does for my cleavage--the padding adds volume, but above the bra I still look skeletal. I do prefer cotton for comfort but would compromise for a better fit. Can't wait to try the Angela and see how that works out!

    Seems like many of your posts still apply to me even though I'm taller, so I'll be taking a look through the archives!

  23. The main thing I love about just my size bras ,it does not shift or slide out of place!!! I'm a size D cup and it's difficult to find a strapless bra that does not move around...but this one doesn't and I love that.


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