Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Ann Taylor Camis, Cardigans & More

I'm really loving the free shipping deal that's been going on at Ann Taylor and LOFT!  Makes it that much easier to impulse buy though!  And as I hinted at in the last post, here's a review of some Ann Taylor items that I've already received.

First is the Nylon Cami in XXS ($12):

I know it's non-petite item!  But it was on sale so I figured why not... and it turned out not too bad!

It's hard for me to find a cami that's not too tight and not too loose.  Also, most adult camis and tanks are cut too low for me.  And while girl's sizes fit, they're usually cut in a boxy and unflattering shape which isn't what I want either.  This one fits well overall except for the length, which is a little on the long side but not ridiculously so.  It comes with adjustable straps and the material is smooth to the touch and is nice enough that it's probably work-appropriate under blazers/cardigans.  Here's another view of it alone and layered under the LOFT cardigan:

I also tried it in Pewter which is a nice silver color that I wore in my last post.  The lighter color makes it not as figure-friendly though and shows lumps and bumps easily, so for the sake of my vanity you'll only get to see it underneath a cardigan as before:

Next is the Rolled Hem Cardigan in XXSP ($32):

I got it in "Peach Nectar", which is such a feminine color:

The material is very soft to the touch and feels great, but the fit is kind of so-so.  I'm also not sure how I feel about the sleeve length, which is kind of neither here nor there.  Debating whether or not to keep this one.

And lastly, I've been looking more into accessories lately to add to my 'collection', which is really pretty sad in number.  Since this pretty Mayflower Luxe Scarf was on sale, I figured I'd try it:

Here's a close-up of the pattern:

And here's how it looks on:

The color is a little darker than I thought it would be, but is still pretty I guess.  And I guess I'm just not used to paying lots of money on accessories, because even on sale at $30, I think it's still more expensive than I want to spend on a scarf.

Some other things I got that didn't work out were:
(extra fabric held in the back)
  • Perfect Kitten Peeptoe Slingback in Powder, size 5.5 - worn in above picture.  Material is super soft and feels luxurious, and on sale for $67.  Unfortunately the color is unflattering on my skin tone, also it's slightly too loose in size 5.5 and makes my feet look wide for some reason.
  • Cotton Silk Blouse in XXSP - Too hot pink for me, and also loose and baggy.  Not a fan.

All the items I mentioned were on sale, which are now an extra 25% off with the code SALE25.  LOFT is also having a "buy one get one 50% off" promotion on tops and sweaters, which is stackable with the code LDMAUG2010B for an additional 20% off a $100 purchase.  Free shipping ends tomorrow (7/30) on both sites though, so hurry if you're thinking about getting something!


  1. I really like the scarf on you : ) I'm wearing my cardi's religiously every day haha. They make me feel awesome and nerdy at the same time, but mostly awesome!

  2. You've been doing SO much shopping : ) So many haul posts for us, lol!

    My faves are still your cardigans from the last post. The cardigan on this one (peachy one) looks super soft, but you're right the fit is too so-so. And teh scarf...not sure about those colors. And that dress...totally agree with you it's too much for $95 considering you'd need alterations. But the LOFT cardigans...a win!

  3. My favorite item is the dress and the scarf! The color of the scarf is so pretty and it looks so soft. No chance to altering the dress? It's so pretty on you! I don't like to spend too much money on accessories either. I don't keep good track of little stuff and it's very easy for me to loose them.

  4. That peach cardigan isn't so great, I'm sure there are other styles and colors that would fit better. I was thinking about getting that dress, but it didn't fit right on me either.

  5. My favorite are still those cardigans from previous post. I am not a big fan of how the sleeves of Rolled Hem Cardigan sit. I prefer either long sleeves or three quarter sleeves. Free shipping is a great thing. You get to try everything you like before deciding which ones to keep

  6. I actually have to agree with the others that the peach cardigan isn't as great as the LOFT cardigans that you ordered. Generally LOFT does fit better for petites but, I personally likes the styles in Ann Taylor.

  7. I like the Loft cardigan on you. For some reason it looks much better on you than on me heh. I paid about $20 for mine.

  8. How did you find the promotional code for Loft?

  9. The peach cardigan is a pretty colour but the fit isn't great. I really like the scarf on you but if you think it's just "ok" then I would return it.

    Like the others said the LOFT cardigans look amazing on you!

  10. everytime i go to your blog, you bought something new :D how often do you shop?? I have to hide my bags from hubby everytime hehe I love that scarf..but I agree $30 is a bit too much for it..

  11. You have so many cardigans..I like them because they are versatile and can take a simple outfit to another level. Wow that silk dress is $95! That is expensive for how simple it looks.

  12. Ping - I like the dress but not enough to spend even more money on an already expensive dress to alter it.

    Hanna - Ann Taylor makes higher quality items than LOFT too.. but prices are a little higher than what I'm used to paying unfortunately!

    Sydney - I got the code from a flyer that came with my package from LOFT. I've already used it so I know it works!

    simplyvonne & PAG - I shop a lot (hubby will attest to that!)... but also return alot! I don't end up keeping very many items at all, despite what it may look like! Plus I shop when I'm stressed and it takes the edge off, and by the time the packages come a lot of times I don't feel the same "want" for the items anymore, which is good on the wallet! :P

  13. Love the scarf!!

  14. I still love the cardigans from your previous post- especially the gray! But now w/the pink cami and the pink cardigan- LOVE it!

  15. I quite like those tops. I have the exact same problem with tank tops, they just never fit right. So when I find something I like (and are cheap) I buy lots of them in different colours :P

    Don't forget to enter my 1st Blog Birthday giveaway :)

  16. I love peach colored clothes against your skin tone. It's so beautiful. That cardigan looks great on you!


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