Saturday, July 17, 2010

Giveaway! Win A TLBC Bra Of Your Choice!

**** Giveaway now closed!  Stay tuned for the winner! ****

If you've wanted to try The Little Bra Company's petite-friendly bras, here's your chance!  TLBC has graciously offered to sponsor this giveaway, and the winner will receive her choice of a TLBC bra in any style, color and size!

TLBC makes a variety of smooth and lace bras with matching panties and boyshorts, especially designed to maximize the 'goods' of A & B cups.  Their bras range in size from the small and hard-to-find 28A up to a 36B.

If you're looking for a great push-up, I personally love the Angela (which also looked amazing on ExtraPetite):
Before                                            After

The Sascha is also a good choice, since everyone needs a strapless that stays in place:
Visit their website to browse other styles and see what else you can win!


  • Be a public follower of this blog
  • Visit TLBC and leave a comment with an interesting fact you found on the site or a style that you like


  • Blog about this giveaway or post this button in your sidebar (+2):
  • Tweet the following (+1): Enter the @PetiteXXS & @thelittlebracom giveaway and win any bra of your choice!  Visit
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- Please leave comments under your follower account or include your email, and mention if you do any of the extra optional things so I can give you proper credit!

Giveaway Rules:
- Open to U.S. residents only
- Ends Sunday, August 8th at midnight PST
- Maximum of 6 entries, all will be checked to ensure fairness
- The winner will be chosen via a random number generator and will have 1 week to claim the prize

A big thanks to TLBC for sponsoring the giveaway and good luck to everyone! :)


  1. Yay! TLBC is really infiltrating the petite online community : ) I'm not going to enter because I would feel shady if I won, lol, but I will be spreading the word!

  2. Yay!! I hope I could win. :) After seeing your review and PAG's review, I'm really eager to try them out. Definitely would like to try Angela!!!
    (Oh I am already a follower.)

  3. Wow..what a great giveway! Since I missed the last sale on ideeli. I am going to take advantage of this giveaway.
    1. I am already your follower (+1)
    2. My favorite bra I would like to try is Angela (+1)
    3. I had the button on my side bar (+2)
    4. I tweeted (+1)
    5. I am your follower TLBC and on Twitter (+2)
    Total of 7 entries for me. Can you tell I really wanted ones :) ?
    Last week to enter my giveaway for a beautiful necklace at

  4. This is the first blog I've ever followed! Just started reading petite blogs this month and, at age 26, I'm realizing that I can get bras in a band size smaller than 32. Based on the size chart at TLBC, I would be a 30B (every bra I own now is a 32A)!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to (potential) solution to petite bras for petite people!! I would definitely be interested in trying out the Angela bra!!

  6. following thelittlebracom on twitter [oshkoshbgosh123]

  7. following petitexxs on twitter [oshkoshbgosh123]

  8. wish I could enter but it's for U.S. residents only! :(

  9. wish I could enter too but they don't make my bra size! lol :D

  10. Do I need to say that I follow you everywhere? Hahaha

    1. Google friend connect
    2. I learned that I'm a 20 minute drive away from TLBC PR team. I actually learned even more about proper bra fitting from your post a while ago. Love the Lucia :) I should get a non-bridal shade too haha
    3. Follow you both on twitter
    4. Tweeted:
    5. Put the picture and link on my sidebar

    I'm still eyeing Angela and Sascha :D Thanks to you and TLBC for hosting this!

  11. Hehehehehe......I totally support your giveaway but I won't enter because they don't have my cup size!!

    And how giveaway next is TLBC too!!!!!!!! This is a great sign they are taking notice of our petite community!!! Woohooo!!

  12. I have been obsessing over the Angela and would LOVE to win it! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  13. I posted your button in my sidebar: - on the left side right under the followers!

  14. And I follow you on Twitter :)

    Plus here's my tweet:

  15. I also follow TLBC on Twitter. Forgot to mention that before :)

    Thanks again!!

  16. Congrats on the TLBC giveaway! I wish I could enter, but alas, they don't make my size! =( Anyways, good luck everyone!

  17. ohh i'd like to enter. i like the sacha. i'm in need of a good strapless that doesn't slip. thanks! :)

  18. I'm a follower already , evil_eva12 .
    and i like the Angela :)

    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

  19. i follow you on twitter w/ @evajiang

  20. i follow TLBC on twitter as well.

  21. i tweeted

  22. Hi! Thanks for having this give-a-way! I loved how it really made a difference with the way that it fit on you versus your other bra! Life transforming! I can see myself recommending this site to my favorite ladies!

    I'm a follower and I really like the Sascha bra because I currently don't have a strapless that fits well and doesn't fall off.

    (+ points)

    my blog is with your pic (and if you click, comes to this link) (+2)

    I tweeted your give-a-way on twitter (+1)

    Followed you on Twitter (+1)

    Followed TLBC on twitter (+1)

    ONce again, thanks!

  23. Wow, I had no idea an entire community of Little Women ;-) were out there blogging about how they find clothes! I found you guys, oddly enough, via the TLBC twitter feed instead of the other way around. Thank you for doing this giveaway! I would love to try one of their Angela bras -- I am a 30 band and usually have to get my bras from Japanese stores.

    I followed you on Google Friend Connect -- does that add you to my Google Reader? if not, I'll have to do that myself -- and also am going to add you and TLBC on Twitter! (I'm mich_lim) I'm looking forward to sharing more adventures with 00P and XXSP clothing!

    - Michelle

  24. I've been a lurker on the petite blog community for a while but am finally getting more involved! I love this giveaway because the bras from TLBC are slightly out of my price range. When visiting the site, I'm in love with the Angela (in nude) and the Ethel bras... so feminine, in petite sizes with good padding/push-up and convertible straps! :)

    Extra entries x3: I follow you on Twitter, I follow TLBC on Twitter & I tweeted about the giveaway!

  25. I am indeed a follower.

    My favorite style is the angela.

    Thank you.

  26. MoneyMaus: It's definitely more fun when you get involved!

    stylepint, ReallyPetite, elleandish: I wouldn't mind having your "problem" :P

    curls-and-peals: I know, I wish it was open to Canadian and other international readers too, but unfortunately TLBC wasn't able to accommodate... but thanks for reading!

  27. Aww I wish Canadians could enter. :( I could really use a good "petite" bra.

  28. Haha... I guess... I'm a small..

    I don't want to admit it, but i must if I am to join this giveaway.

    My favorite style at the site is the Yvonne. smooth and lacy at the same time!

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  29. I'm a follower of tlbc on twitter

  30. I'm a follower of this blog on twitter @icitea

  31. I've tweeted here:

  32. After seeing your review, and your previous post about how wearing the right bra can even increase bra size have convinced me that I need to buy both the Angela and Sasha in nude!

    Your helpful bra calculator put me at a 30A but TLBC's instructions put me at a 32A, which I currently wear in different brands but suffer from gaps in the cups. So like you, I'm thinking of getting the Angela in 30A and Sasha in 28A in the future and hoping both won't be too tight since TLBC recommends sizing up.

    But to enter your giveway!

    1) I'm following you publicly via my Twitter (rememberlater)

    2) I can see why the Angela is their best selling bra because of it's convertible straps and push-up opportunities it can be worn as an everyday bra and for more special occasions. It might be interesting to see TLBC try their hand at sport bras as well...

    3) And I follow you both on Twitter

    Thanks for this!

  33. I've lost track of all the ways I've entered! Let's see: Following your blog, following you on twitter (RevancheGS), following TLBC on twitter, and tweeted the giveaway!

    I'm really hoping to win because I've been trying to stick to the budget that doesn't include new lovelies from TLBC. Their bras are great, though, and I'd like to have one more in the rotation.

  34. Great giveaway!
    1. I just became a follower of your blog (Catherine), and I'd really like to try the Sascha bra. (+1)
    2. I just tweeted about the giveaway although it won't do much good because I have no followers (cat_at_uw)! =) (+1)
    3. I'm following both TLBC and you on Twitter. (+2)

  35. I follow this blog publicly and I visited the site and really liked the sascha style. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  36. extra entry: Followed PetiteXXS on Twitter (@laruismo)

  37. extra entry: I tweeted about the giveaway on Twitter: (@laruismo)

  38. I'm a follower. The Angela is my favorite style.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  39. button posted! see sidebar.

  40. How exciting! I am a public follower. I would like to enter and I want to try the "Angela".

    I have already owned two TLBC bras (Isis and Lucia) but after wearing an "Isis" for an entire day, I found that my cleavage disappeared and it left me with a gap. I had to yank and adjust my breasts several times to get that cleavage back. I assume that I may need one size smaller on this particular style. It is strange though , Lucia comes in the same size but the band is rather tight. I wish I found a review on the Angela before I bought the Isis. The way the paddings align at 45 degree sounds like it will eliminate the gap issue (sigh..I can't return it because I purchased it while it was on sale at Ideeli).

  41. -I follow your blog
    -I would love to try the lucia bra, it's so pretty!
    -I follow you on twitter: yanksgrl24
    -I tweeted:
    -I follow tlbc on twitter: yanksgrl24

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. wow that push up bra looks like it does the job well! great giveaway!

  43. oh yay giveaway! =) I like their Yvonne bra lol ;D

  44. I'm in urgent need of a strapless bra! Off to check out the site:)

  45. I'm a follower! My favorite style is the Sasha strapless which I own. But I would love to try the Ethel or Isis! The cups for the Angela are a little too close for me =(

  46. Thanks so much for introducing me to this bra! I like the Yvonne (I've never seen a style that gives some padding and still looks sexy!). From what I've read its still smooth enough to work under T-shirts!

  47. I would like the Sascha strapless bra. I just got a new dress that I need to wear a strapless bra with, but I don't own one that I can keep up for a reasonable length of time.

    I'm following you and TLBC on Twitter and I tweeted about the giveaway. I'm @TzipporahLiba.

  48. Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway. =) I feel sort of bad for entering but I really want one that fits!

    I'd really like the Angela because it's a great everyday bra -it's got the deep-plunge, push-up, convertible straps, and doesn't look overly padded.

    I liked you in my sidebar too:

  49. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway. I thought your post in June on how to find your proper bra size was great and I've been eyeing TLBC's bras ever since you and PAG reviewed them.

    I'm a public follower (Jo) and I'd love to try the Angela bra.

    I tweeted about this giveaway: (+1)

    I am following both PetiteXXS and TLBC on Twitter (jokii27) (+2)

  50. I'm a follower and I, too, would love to try the Angela!

    - I follow you on twitter.
    - I follow TLBC on twitter.
    - I've added the button to my sidebar.
    - I've tweeted about the giveaway!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  51. Hello, i was just browsing the web for petite lingerie and came across your blog and this great give-a-way! I'm very excited to have found a bra company that caters petite women. I particularly like the New Lucia bra, the lace is very feminine and pretty. Thanks!

    i also followed you on twitter, tweeted about the giv-a-way and am also following tlbc. :D thanks again!

  52. I'm a new follower of your blog. My sister sent me your link because I LOVE clothes but have the hardest time finding "work" clothes that fit (everything is too big). About the giveaway...I'm from IL, so I learned that I can purchase TLBC at Ann's Bra Shop in O'Fallon, IL. Thanks for this great opportunity! :)

  53. I now follow PetiteXXS on Twitter: hillfam2005

  54. I'm following TLBC on either Twitter and "like" their page on Facebook.

  55. Tweet:

  56. I'm a follower. Love the Sascha!

  57. follow publicly with google friends
    name is smilefest
    like the Isis demi style on the website
    Thanks for the chance!
    smilefest(at) yahoo (dot) com

  58. hey! I'm a public follower and I would like to try the Angela bra!

    I'm also following you on twitter as well as TLBC (bamelapooey)

  59. the angela looks so good. I wear lily of france. maybe i can have as good as a transformation as that.

    i am also following TLBC on facebook!

  60. Hurray! This is a really awesome giveaway!

    1. I just became a follower of your blog (as "portmanteau"), and I'd really like to try the Isis bra. (+1)

    2. I just tweeted about the giveaway here (as "Twotoo13"): (+1)

    3. I'm following you on Twitter (as "Twotoo13"). (+1)


  61. Following!

    I'd love to try out the Bijou style.
    It's really great that there's a company that caters to the not-so-endowed. ;D

  62. thanks for a great giveaway! i really want to try tlbc, especially sascha.

    i followed you and tlbc, tweeted (kim33dee) about this and posted your button on my side bar at

  63. The Lucia is my favorite and I'm wearing the Isis right now! I'm following you and TLBC on twitter (TheNerdyKnitter) :)

  64. Oh gosh, so many great giveaways!
    -I'm a follower on your blog.
    -I would like to try out the Bijou bra.
    -I'm a follower on your twitter (
    -I tweeted!
    -I'm a follower on TBLC.

  65. Thank you for the giveaway! TLBC has so many cute bras but my fave is the Isis.

  66. I'm a follower of this blog. I'd like to try Lucia.

  67. I followed this blog, you on twitter and i also tweeted. But i would really love the try the Angela or the Sascha two bras that ironicly i picked out before i saw you liked them!! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  68. I followed the blog and I love the such a nice boost and shape!

  69. Hello! I became an official follower on your site. :) I am fairly new to the petite community...stumbled upon "Alterations Needed" at the start of this summer. I frequently visit that site, yours, and Extra Petite. Thanks to you girls I feel so prepared to start back up with work this fall...well, clothing-wise. :)

    As for as TLBC...I am very excited about the Angela. It worked so well for Extra Petite!

  70. I follow this blog and also on twitter (@layithk76). I also follow TLBC on twitter as well. I really like the Lucia bra but all of the TLBC bras look great!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  71. Hello hello.

    I am a follower of your blog and would have to vote the sascha as my favorite style on the website. Every girl needs a good strapless bra, right?

    nguyen.michelle.n at gmail dot com

  72. Do you know if you'll be having another LBC giveaway any time soon?

  73. I love this bra. I have the white and black one. They are super comfortable. Sometime I forget I'm wearing it. Although I am on the smaller side so it does work wonders for us smaller ladies. I would recommended Wonderbra ultimate bra


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