Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LOFT Petite V-Neck Cardigan

I just got my LOFT package, and most of it was disappointing so I won't bother with the pics.  The one item that I did like, however, was the V-neck Cardigan in XXSP ($24):

The material is very lightweight and drapes very well:

I really like this "Deep Lilac Blue" color!  It looks grey in some lighting, but when paired with a silvery cami (Ann Taylor cami - review coming soon!), it brings out the blueish-purplish tones and I really love the color combination!  I also really like the shoulder ruching detail, which gives it a little extra something:

It also comes in white and navy, as well as "True Pink" which I did try:

(also wearing Shimmery Jacquard Skirt in Petal Pink, size 00P)

This color is a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm thinking about keeping anyway because it's a nice change sometimes to put on an unusual color.  And after all, you can never have too many cardigans!

It is a little on the long side but may shrink in the wash (I should mention that it's machine-washable, which is a plus!), but I don't even mind it as is.  It also looks nice buttoned up and belted over a skirt too like how they styled it in the stock photo.

In case you were curious, the other LOFT items I ordered that didn't work out were:
  • Petal Shell Tank With Chain - sold out in the XXSP, but it was so pretty that I thought I'd try the XSP... but no luck, it's way too big
  • Shimmery Jacquard Skirt in Petal Pink, size 00P - wanted to see this one for myself since AN is a big fan.  The fit is still too loose for my liking and again, it doesn't photograph well (see above)

Don't forget, Ann Taylor and LOFT are both still offering free shipping on any purchase!


  1. I love the cardigan on you especially the grey one. Nice addition to any fall outfits. The purple one is nice too. What a great price! I would keep both of them.

  2. Sorry most of your items didn't work out! But I really love those cardigans. They look great on you. I agree, you can never have too many!

  3. I think the lilac one is pretty, a bit unusual in color but it works. I think that if you have great fitting cardigans, then yes, you can never have too many.

    I still haven't ventured into LOFT since there doesn't seem to be a clear way to tell if something will fit and if it won't unless by trial and error. =P

  4. The fit and drape of these cardigans look VERY nice on you. You know how some cardigans are gathered at the wrists and waistband...I hate that, and these look like the opposite. Very slimming and fitted. I am really thinking about getting one now. And I acutally am a fan of the longer length...I wouldn't want that to shrink in the wash!

  5. Sweet! That cardigan fits you so well! It's really slim, and I've been liking that length to wear with summery dresses and skirts. Now I know what I'm getting with my next coupon code! Thanks for the review!

  6. XXSP! I'm not too familiar with LOFT clothing so I've never heard of XXSP before :) The fit looks superb on you! And I very much like the ruched shoulder detail.

    I know how you feel about being out of your color comfort zone.. most of my clothes are white, grey, black or blue. Maybe when Spring rolls around again the cardi will grow on you even more :D

  7. stylepint - I can't believe you've never tried LOFT! Where have you been finding all your clothes?! Lol... Actually I've only been buying LOFT for probably less than a year, ever since they opened a store near me.

    PAG - I never thought about the ribbing at the wrists & waistbands before, but you're right! I don't really like that either. I prefer my cardigans to drape naturally. I also find that V-necks are better on me since crew-neck cardigans flap a little awkwardly at the neck.

  8. AN - Yay! I love finding new things from reading your blog so I'm glad I can help return the favor!

    elleandish - I would not fit into anything if conventional stores don't offer XXSP! Too bad even though some clothes are labeled XXS, they can still run big (*ahem* Banana Republic much?)

  9. I really like the lilac blue too!

    Btw, I wanted to let you know I've given you an award on my blog here:


    Have a lovely day. =)

  10. I think the pink sweater with the pink jacquard skirt is a great combination...I would totally wear that (you and PAG are my two closest body doubles - it is great to see how things fit you, gives me ideas of what is worth my time).

    Hmm..I haven't bought anything new from AT but maybe this will be my next purchase.

  11. Ahh, cardigans. Can never get enough! Haha I really like the navy one on the model but the two colours you chose are nice. The pink one could almost qualify as a fitted bf cardigan! Love those : )

  12. i love cardigans..the purple one would be nice with a small belt too. I usually get mine at NY and Company when they have a sale..which is about $10 for one.

  13. Cardigans are so versatile, like another reader had commented that you can't just have just one! Both of the cardigans are very delicate looking, I'm tempted to go scout one out for myself. =0D

  14. i love the cardigan! i like how it clings closely to the body. i have so many in different styles...but in black. i need to invest in color ones.

  15. That cardigan fits you well! The shoulders, width.. I actually like the length of it. I always end up with clothes too short that I have to constantly tug down >__<

  16. Ohhhhh......I WANT! I love the gray one! I can't believe how tiny it fits! I never saw this one!!! Darn it!

  17. I LOVE cardigans! But being petite (5'1 and 90 lbs), they can be too long. Fortunately, I'm only 18 years old right now, so I can still wear teen clothes at American Eagle and Hollister and stuff mostly in sizes XS/S and 0, but I'm wondering what size will fit me when I have to transition into adult clothing? Is there anyone who is about my size who wears adult clothing and can help me out?

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