Thursday, December 30, 2010

Petite Secret Santas and More!

This year, I participated in my first online Secret Santa gift exchange!  A huge thanks to Jessy of The Little Dust Princess who pretty much organized everything and introduced us to a nifty website called Elfster.  The whole process including randomized assignments, anonymous Q&As, and wishlists made everything virtually effortless.

I was so excited to receive a package from my Secret Santa... especially when I found it was none other than Jean from ExtraPetite!  She sent me a whole bunch of goodies with a sweet hand-written note.

I love how everything was so personalized and carefully chosen!  She remembered practically everything I've ever mentioned and sent me: liquid eyeliner for me to practice my rudimentary make-up application skills, an Ulta brush for my Rock & Republic blush that I'd asked her about, and Kiehl's eye cream for my worsening dark circles that I'd once mentioned in a comment.

Last but not least, she got me this pretty necklace:

... that's a perfect match for my teal Ann Taylor ruffle blouse that she knew I had:

How thoughtful!  I really hope my Secret Santa pick, Jess from Stylepint, enjoys her gift as much as I enjoyed mine!

I also very unexpectedly received a couple other surprises in the mail this month, including a ton of goodies from Elle of FastFoodAndFastFashion:
There was a J.Crew belt, H&M pin, hair acccessories, Clinique eyeshadow and mascara, and some yummy treats.  I'm not sure what I did to deserve all these goodies, but thanks Elle for being such a sweetheart!

And finally, I'd recently tweeted to Sydney of PetiteLittleGirl about her Eos lipbalm, and she surprised me with one!
They really are fun to use, although unfortunately my HG lipbalm still remains elusive.  But thanks, Sydney, for adding to my lipbalm collection!

The best part of my holidays this year though wasn't about the gifts - it was all the people I have in my life, both old and new.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have met so many wonderful ladies online, and have never felt more like part of a community.  I truly want to thank my readers and fellow bloggers for all their support, and I hope everyone is having a happy holidays!!  :)


  1. Awe what nice gifts you got! And how sweet of PLG to send you the lip balm:)

    The necklace is super pretty- can't wait to see it on you!

  2. Oops- and how super nice of Elle to send you all those nice gifts! WOW! Lucky girl!!! :)

  3. I love that Jean put a lot of thought into your gifts. : ) Keep us updated on how the eye cream is! I'd love to know :D

    Elle & Sydney are so sweet. : ) Sydney surprised me with a couple of bracelets in the mail last week and they came just in time for my Christmas outfit!

    I've wanted to try EOS lipbalms ever since I saw Michelle Phan introduce them. They didn't have them in Canada until now, but of the 3 locations that are supposed to have them, they're ALL sold out!

    Hope you're having a great holiday, Liane! Happy new year and thank you for participating :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. I really enjoyed the gift exchange with other petite ladies. I am very interested in the Kiehl's eye cream. Please let me know if it works for you. I love the necklace. The color is just simple gorgeous. Happy holidays :)

  5. Aww what sweet ladies! That necklace it gorgeous, can't wait to see it in a post soon :)

  6. Wow, look at all the goodies you received. Very sweet of each of them.

  7. I loved your gift, it was spot on! Jean did an amazing job with your presents, so thoughtful! =)

  8. Liane - I believe this was your very delayed birthday present...I guess I lost the card that was supposed to be included in your package too (lol, oops?).

    Love your gifts from Jean, she really is terrific at picking out gifts! And that EOS balm from Sydney is so useful, I was recently gifted one too and was so impressed by it!

  9. Love all the goodies you've got! So thoughtful by everyone. Have a happy 2011, Liane!

  10. Aww - such thoughtful gifts from some lovely ladies! Happy New Year!!

  11. Jean was so sweet in her picks for you! the necklace is simply gorgeous and goes perfectly with your ruffle blouse! let us know how that eye cream works for you! i'm still on the lookout for a good one too. :)



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