Monday, December 27, 2010

Mini LOFT Haul: Skirts & Dresses

I had no idea the last LOFT haul post would be so controversial!  I had a ton of feedback about the items, and I really really appreciated everyone's honest advice since I was slightly on the fence about most of them.  The first sweater is probably going back since it wasn't comfy enough or cheap enough for me to overlook the "diseased" nubs I can't stop thinking about now after reading Aubrey's comment.  I also had no idea those jeans were so unflattering!  They're an old adult-sized A&F jeans that I bought a long time ago and was so excited about then because they "fit".  I haven't worn them in a while and pulled them out for pics because I haven't had time to do laundry lol.  I guess those are going in the washer/dryer a few more times to see if I can get them to fit better.

But to continue with my mini LOFT haul, I actually only have a couple more items to talk about.  First is the Cable Sweater Dress in XXSP ($27, orig $90):

I actually liked this in the dark grey version too, but already have a charcoal grey sweater dress from LOFT that I got last year, so I decided to get this in the neutral color.

I thought the fit was pretty good.  I liked that the cables are on the top half, which adds a little bit of bulk to the bust and makes it more flattering :)  I can't decide if the ribbing was meant to be a empire waist, but it hits me at a good spot to define the waist and would probably look good belted as well.  The material is not itchy, but does shed quite a bit because when I hugged hubby, I left yarn bits all over his black shirt.  I wonder if a wash will fix that?

And next, remember this Scallop Edge Lace Skirt from my other post?

After discounts, it came out to about $24 (orig $80) which was definitely reasonable, so I picked it up in size 00P:

As you can see in the first tucked in pic, it sits pretty low on my waist like most other LOFT skirts.  But because the length is decent and hits me above the knee, I think it looks okay when worn under tops.  This is me trying a "walking pose" a la Chloe lol:

I've been wanting a lace skirt for a while now, and this does hit the spot even though I do wish it sits a bit higher.  That said, Kileen juuuust picked up a lace pencil skirt from H&M for me today that I haven't been able to find in my size, so I might have to reconsider once I try that on.  But for now, bring on the comments and opinions! :)


  1. the lace skirt is really pretty! i think you should wear the sweater dress belted to give it more shape. sometimes the material stops shedding after a wash, sometimes it sheds even more. just make sure to wash that piece by itself or you'll be picking fuzzies off all your laundry like i had to xD

  2. That's a very pretty skirt when you wear it under something. I like the cable dress also, but I would wear some dark tights under it. Maybe you could even belt it too!

  3. Oh no, I was on a rant and clicked away. Let me start again.

    "I didn't realize my description would stick in people's minds so much. haha.

    Ah Hah!!! So you must be one of the lucky gals who got their hands on this cream sweater dress. Been checking forever for it! Unlucky for me, I probably wont be able to find it. 1 thing I like about it is that it goes all the way to the knees. Is it just me but I find it extremely hard to find a long sweater dress. It seems like they always skimp on the length, and would rather make it tunic-esque.

    I see that this particular skirt sits low on the waist. I bet it doesn't even hug well sitting so low either. I've experienced this too many times w/LOFT skirts. Liane, I think you will enjoy the H&M lace skirt. So thoughtful of Kileen to grab one for you in your size.

    Gosh, I love this community. Everyone is so kind.

  4. The dress looks great on you, but I think the skirt sits too low, making it look big. Check out Kileen's skirt and if it fits better, keep that one!

  5. The sweater dress is cute, and because its neutral, has many styling options! Great find!

  6. I have been looking for that skirt left and right and nothing even close to my size has surfaced, I am so jealous right now! Looks incredibly cute on you...with the LOFT sale going on I am sure it's being snatched up by eager shoppers. :(

    As for the sweater dress, I love the color and that shade of gray is beautiful against your fair complexion.

    Can't wait to see the HM skirt on you...I think it'll fit you a little loose so you might have to wear it high waisted and belted but it's really a great skirt to have in your closet.

  7. The sweater dress is a very versatile piece and in such a neutral color, I think you'll have tons of options for it. I'm hoping the skirt Kileen picked up for you is going to fit snugger than the loft skirt. Although it looked fine with your top untucked, I'm sure it would be nice to have a tucked in option as well.

  8. I think the sweater dress looks great, but the lace skirt looks a bit too voluminous for my liking. I always use the model photo on the website as a comparison, and it does not look that big/pouffy around the hips and legs on the model.

    The price is good but I would consider the H&M skirt as an alternative.

    I too have been searching for a lace skirt. I bought one from Savers (The Limited brand, size S) and I am in the process of sizing it down.

  9. I like this half of the haul mucho better! Two thumbs up on the sweater dress and I surely remember the dark gray one from your "work outfit" entry way back when!
    The lace skirt is cute too. I didn't love the h and m one because it is more stiff and creased around my hips where

  10. ...where my legs are, and I thought I'd be uncomfortable in it for more than a few hours at a time. Do a comparison when you get the h&m from kileen! You may be able to easily take in the LOFT sides a little.

  11. I think the sweater dress looks nice on you. It might be *slightly* big on you, but otherwise nice. :) The skirt, while very cute, I think should sit higher on the waist to give you a better silhouette. I'm on the fence with that one.

    On another note, I think you should take more photos with your face in it. The photo of you in that cocoon sweater was really cute! I also think seeing your face would help better judge how clothes look on you. Or maybe that's just me?

  12. I like the sweater dress but the lace skirt is a bit big on you- you should def wait for the H & M one:)

    And your LOFT stores must have some great deals and inventory! Jealous:)

  13. The sweater dress itself looks great and has some nice details. It looks good on you but is still a touch too big for your small frame. However, this is perhaps more of a personal preference as sweater dresses should be *slightly stretchy/clingy* for the perfect fit and look imo.

    You are lucky because you will be able to wear the *chunky* thick knits which I love without looking, well, chunky. (if you happen to find them in your size).

    The fit of the lace skirt is poor on you - sorry to be blunt, but it should be returned if you don't intend to alter it. It doesn't look like an "expensive" skirt, so I personally would not spend money to have it altered.

    I feel for you though as it seems you are routinely a tad too slight for even the smallest size....happens to me in a few stores too, but almost never with loft.

  14. No suggestions on washing the cable sweater dress, but I want to say it does tif you nicely. Flatters your build without being too tight.

    I don't so much like the fit of the skirt on you. It looks better with a cardi over it to hide the waist area, but I'm not sure if it's a keeper. I hope the H&M one works out for you!

  15. Lol! Aubrey's comments about the sweater from your last post! I still have a thing for the nubby little sweater, though! Hehe! :) And I agree with took such a cute picture in the cocoon sweater!

    I do really like that sweater dress...I hope it stops shedding!!

    Like Cee said, I am not sure about the lace skirt...I prefer it worn with a top tucked in. I think that is a must if it will be worn for work.

  16. i just read aubrey's comment. she's is hilarious and love her honestly!

    the sweater dress looks cute on you and love that it's not too short or long. i don't like how the model wore it with those boots. haha!

    i agree with jean about the h&m lace skirt. i found it to be a little stiff as well.

    i think the loft one looks a tad big and balloons out a little too much. i do like it when you have the shirt over it.

  17. @Angie - Oh thanks for the tip! It probably would've shed all over my laundry too.

    @Stephanie - I think if it's cold enough to wear a sweater dress, I'm pretty sure I'd probably need tights! Wonder what color to wear with this dress though. Hmmm.

    @AubreyOhDang! - Oh Aubrey, your rants are always so colorful :) I was pretty happy with the quality of this sweater dress, in comparison, my LOFT one from last year was much thinner. Have you tried ordering in-store and paying to have it shipped, like some petites have done? And I love the petite community too, they're definitely the reason why I blog! - It definitely sits too low, but that's pretty much my plight! If I do keep it, I'll either have to wear it underneath something at all times, or shell out to get alterations.

  18. @Tara - Thanks Tara! I would love to see how you would style it!

    @Elle - I have a secret... I buy things I really want online early, and return it to my store. It's usually still there once they start discounting (not always though, so there's a risk!). Did it inadvertently with the cocoon cardigan, but kinda on purpose with the lace skirt lol.

    @Callandra - I'm hoping that the H&M skirt fits more snugly too! Been hearing somewhat conflicting fit info, it fits the taller petites but also fits Kelly as well so I'm crossing my fingers!

    @littlenashua- If I use the model picture for comparison for everything, then sadly I don't think anything would fit me properly! Glad to hear you found your lace skirt, can't wait to see the result!

    @PetiteAsianGirl - I briefly thought about taking in the LOFT skirt myself, but that was waaay too ambitious since it's lace lol. And btw I'm still kinda embarrassed about that poorly taken shot for the entry haha... and those shiny pleather boots... *tries to forget*

  19. @Erica Hi Erica! I agree with you about wishing the skirt sits higher on the waist, but you know what they say about beggars and choosers *sigh*. Thanks for the tip about including the face, I try to but most of the time my bare face and scruffy hair isn't fit for "company" lol... thanks for the nice comment though :)

    @Really Petite - I wish that were true! It's kind of hit or miss... but a lot of their 00P and XXSP "inventory" is restocked by me! :P

    @bugette - Sadly this is probably as good as it gets in terms of fit for adult-sized clothing :\ Thanks for your input, I'm hoping the H&M skirt will be way better so I can more easily let go of this one and not try to "make it work" like I usually do.

    @Cee - Yeah, that seems like it's the consensus... definitely can't wear that skirt tucked in, so that limits its versatility. Hoping the H&M will turn out better too!

    @Michelle - Thanks Michelle... you're always so sweet! Since I don't plan on wearing the skirt for work, it might be okay if I just wear it under something all the time... but I guess it'd be nice if I could tuck too!

    @Ping - I think the sweater dress would look fantastic on you actually! I'm slightly worried about the H&M skirt now after hearing from you and Jean, but still hoping for the best :)

  20. The cable sweater dress is darling. It looks (and fits) great on you. I might have to try this one in store. I just simply love the color. You can try the charcoal tights just like the model. I think it's a great combination.

    I am not so much into the lace skirt. I wish this LOFT skirt is a little more fitted on you. As for the H&M one, I know the petite community loves it but I wasn't feeling it. Mainly because it's too stiff in person. I am curious to hear your thoughts once you received it. It was so sweet of Kileen to pick it up for you. Have a great rest of the week :)

  21. Learn something new everyday. I'm going to start ordering in store and having it shipped and also ordering it online & returning it to the store in hopes it'll be there. Great tip!

    but there's this associate @ my local LOFT store whose name is also Aubrey so she always remembers me as the girl who shops there a lot w/the same name. She is on to me and knows I'm up to no good. hahaha.

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  23. wow, i had now idea your previous LOFT haul post caused such a controversy! but i agree that the cocoon cardigan should've probably gone back. you could definitely do better!

    and the cable sweater dress fits you nicely! i passed on it as i knew it would make me look too busty.

    as for the lace skirt, i think it looks a bit big on you and doesn't flatter your petite figure enough. i would definitely say to compare it with H&M one and see which you prefer! i'm positive the H&M will suit you better. :)

    have a great holiday!

  24. I would like to see a side view of the cable sweater dress as well as the lace skirt! The sweater dress fits you well and looks very warm! What a great deal/steal, Liane.

    As for the lace skirt, the late detailing as well as the scallop edge for the bottom is really nice. Normally I am not a fan of lace skirts, but I like the detail of this. However, it does appear a bit loose as it sits low on the hip. If a skirt is not fitted, it can easily shift and appear out of place. Although the description says that it has a "hidden zip" closure, you don't want it to make an appearance on your front, especially if you're constantly moving around! I've had that happen to me before when I used to wear skirts, which were always ill-fitting. Ah, but the detailing is really cute... ;]

  25. Man now I am second guessing myself. I should have bought that lace skirt at Loft!

    Just Better Together

  26. You always find such cute stuff! are all Lofts like this? I've never shopped there and you've definitely piqued my interest with such a great haul and amazing prices!

  27. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later


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