Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mini LOFT Haul: Tops & Sweaters

Since J.Crew has been all the rage lately on the petite blogosphere, I'll head back to an old favorite... LOFT!  My favorite time to shop there is when they have 40% off everything, which is stackable with their $25 off $50 savings cards and makes for some amazing deals!  My haul this time isn't as exciting as the first time I found out about it, and I'm not sure I'm keeping everything, but here goes!

First is the Marled Cocoon Cardigan in XS/SP ($25, orig $80):

This was previously seen on Jean at ExtraPetite here, and I actually had returned my original one.  But lo and behold, it was still available at my local store, so I decided to pick it up again at the lower price.  The material is slightly itchy, but since I'll likely be wearing it over a long-sleeved shirt I think it should be okay.  There are no actual closures, but I found that it stays closed if I use one of the yarn "nubs" as a makeshift button.

Next is the Banded Bottom Ruffle Shell in XXSP ($15, orig $50):

This was an impromptu buy!  I hadn't even noticed it online or in-store until that day... but a ruffly shell with armholes that fit perfectly was hard to pass up.  I'm not super crazy about the blouson style (which LOFT seems to like a lot), and the color is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I brought it home to think about.  I recently spotted the same top on Vicky too here.

Next is the Abstract Print Blouse with Tie in XXSP ($17, orig $55):

Again, the color/print is a bit brighter than what I'm used to, but I have a slight weak spot for bell/trumpet sleeves... and look, there's ruffles! :P  It speaks a little "mature" to me, but is a very comfortable blouse and the price isn't bad.  I wonder if this one will go on crazy clearance though... will have to hold on to my receipt!

And finally, the Striped Cardigan with Bow and Brooch Detail in XXSP ($11, orig $70):

I've had my eye on this one for a long time now and have seen it on several other petite bloggers.  I was very happy to be able to pick it up for an amazing price!  I lucked out because the SA let me use the savings card anyway even though it was already a sale item.  Definitely keeping it for sure!

That's it for tops and sweaters.. so what do you think?  Any votes for returning any of the items?  I do have a few more items saved for the next part of the haul, which will be skirts & dresses.  Due to being swamped with work, it actually took me THREE days of using every available free moment to take pics and write just this one post, so I had to split it up.  I also haven't been able to keep up with and comment on my fav blogs (you know who you are!).  But luckily after this week I'll be done with long night shifts for a while, so I'm looking forward to catching up with everybody again!


  1. What jeans are you wearing, Liane? They look a little big for your frame.

    LOL at using the yarn nubblin...that's genius, and it now just looks like a wrap-ish sweater.

    I have to say I don't love any of the items on you (except the last one is a little too good to pass up at $11). LOFT xxsp is still too big for your frame. Although it's on super sale, it's still $ that may go towards something you really like? I liked the peachy top on vicky under her cardigan, but it look quite puffy on little you. Ditto on the abstract print top. And as for the cocoon cardi..maybe it will look better with slim bottom like your gap legging jeans?

    Man...just read over my comment...sorry to be such a debbie downer lol! Since you asked for votes on any returns I just wanted to share my thoughts : ) It's easy to be sucked in by sales and a "decent" fit..but I'd save the $ for next season on stuff that is more flattering for your size : ) Hope work calms down for least by next Wed!

  2. i LOVE your LOFT finds!! the cocoon cardigan look so warm nnd snuggly. hopefully it won't be too itchy on you. i really like the way it looks all wrapped up and tied using the nubbin. :)

    you also wear bright colors so well! i was eying that ruffle top after i saw it on Vicky's post and you found it for an amazing price! the banded bottom actually looks pretty nice and adds a bit of flowiness to the top. i agree that generally i try to avoid banded bottoms as it can make me look pregnant, but it actually looks very flattering on you!

    and i was actually looking at the abstract print blouse yesterday when i was in the store. i wasn't sure if it'd look too "pirate-ish" on me but it looks super chic on you. i might have to go back and try it on now... :)

    and it looks like the cardigan is a real favorite among the petite community! looks absolutely lovely on you and i like the little flower detail in the corner!

    can't wait to see the sequel haul post!

  3. My favorites are

    1) the ruffle shell: that color really compliments your skintone and I think it fits you nicely. I don't see it being baggy at all. It can be worn alone or under something. A keeper for me.

    2) cardigan: very cute. You cant have too many cardigans

    I personally don't like the abstract print blouse unless you wear it with a pencil skirt and some sort of makeup to create a more mature or sophisticated look. That's my two cents.

  4. Love the shell and blouse's colors! Even though they're bright, they look amazing on you... but I totally get what you mean by the blouson look. I tend to feel as if I look like a colorful marshmallow.

    If you feel that way about the shell, I might just pass on it. I've passed on LOFT stuff before because of the marshmallow effect.

    I'd still hold onto the abstract print blouse though. As you wear it now in jeans, it looks really casual chic; and I can totally envision Nelah's outfit too, which is definitely, as she wrote, more mature and sophisticated.

  5. You always get the best deals! Nice picks :)

  6. I vote for the purple striped cardigan and cocoon cardigan. The purple looks great against your skintone, $11 is practically free, and even though it's a little big, it looks casual and warm. I bet it'll work great if you leave it open, but belt it. The cocoon cardigan looks nice and snugly, and I bet you can layer a fun colored long sleeve top or slim cargidan underneath it and look extra snuggly.

    The ruffle shell has too much happening and you're a bit lost in it. I can't see you, I just see ruffle every time I look at it...LOL. The abstract blouse is kind of "meh". I don't love it, I don't hate it, but I think you can spend your money on something better.

  7. i'm a sucker for sales too!i think my favorite is the cardigan and the cocoon sweater. everything seems a tad too big on you. i just receive my free people items too and am unsure about a couple of things and definitely am keeping my receipt just in case. have a merry xmas!

  8. @Jean: I'm still trying to talk myself out of sales (they sure get you, don't they?!), and train myself to think in terms of saving $$ for something that truly fits and I really like, not b/c it's on sale.

    @Liane: (warning: harsh comments. Do not take personally.) This cocoon wrap thingamajig is atrocious! Like what is that? Who @ LOFT approved this?! It looks like the oldest moth-bitten, shapeless, drabby, grandma's-first-time-knitting-but-she-has-cataract cardigan I've ever seen. I think the nubbins are supposed to give the "popcorn" effect, but instead, they look like the cardi has a disease and those are boils. Honestly, you can take your $25 and buy something wayyyyyy cuter somewhere else. My rating for this open cardigan: SKIP!!!!

    Ok ok, on a higher note: I personally like the abstract print blouse on you and wish I could find it for myself so let me know if you wanna sell on the forum. Sleeve length ends around elbows: Good. Ruffles: Good. Longer length makes it tuckable into non-"dinky" panties (shout out to Jean): Good. Pop of color: Good. Neck line: Good. Opinion: Keep or sell to Aubrey. ;D

  9. I like the peach shell (big on you obvi but I think it would look great under a cardi)...the rest I can probably live without. I am trying to avoid purchasing things just because they were a "great" deal. I had to pull back from 3 cartfuls of J. Crew things in the last two days (was bored to the point of near tears on the plane)...speaking of which...just read on Chloe's site that their factory store items online are additional 40% off plus 30% off. How do you say no to that?

  10. So many items and it's only part one! Thanks for reviewing these items and it's awesome that you're moving beyond your comfort zone!

    As for the clothes, I like the abstract print one the best because it's different, it's bright, and it has that 70's vibe to it but it's still modern. Plus, it should be worn loose, which looks great on you! I don't think it looks childish or mature, but with the right styling it can look super chic! =)

  11. I actually really like the abstract print blouse. I think it'd look great with skinny jeans, heels, and a some gold costume jewelry (big earrings, long necklace). Other than that I have to say I'm not a huge fan of that cocoon kind of overwhelms your teeny frame!

  12. Lol!! Alright after reading some of these comments (Nelah & Aubrey) I've changed my thoughts about your abstract top. Can you try tucking it into a pencil skirt and twitpic us, lol? I am envisioning Nelah's suggestion and think it'll actually look quite nice.

    I never looked at the popcorn-esque nublins on the cocoon cardi that way until Aubrey pointed it out, but now that's all I see. Aaack! Diseased-looking items scare me, and although the cardigan was my personal fave I'm now eying it in a different light.

    So many mixed thoughts on here...can't wait to see part II, lol : )

  13. I love everything...LOL I'd keep everything! I love my striped bow and brooch cardigan!!!! Want the grey one too! LOL

  14. Yay! Amazing finds...especially love the prices!! Keep it all!!

    I especially love the marled sweater!! I am so sad...I went to the mall today to return some LOFT items and shop...I left my credit card next to my computer!! MAYBE I will go tomorrow and see if I can find that sweater! That one slipped past me!

    Thanks for all the pics!

  15. The length is nice on the cocoon cardi and it's cute on you. Perhaps you can belt it close? I imagine a skinny belt would work well.

    I like the color of the banded bottom ruffle shell. And yay for trying out brighter colors. I've been kinda doing that lately too :) The banded bottom does sort of hit you at a weird spot, so maybe you can try tucking it in? Same with the abstract print blouse with tie.

    The striped cardi looks to be just a tad too big and long. Is it 100% cotton? If so, I think there's hope for shrinkage.

    Ok I realize I didn't vote for to keep or return, only merely giving my opinions. I'm horrible like that :P Happy holidays, Liane!

  16. Fabulous pink/orange ruffle blouse!!!

  17. I have to add my input regarding the abstract top :) I bought it and I LOVE IT!! I stucked it into a pencil skirt and it has a total different look. I planned to wear it to the Christmas dinner at my parents tomorrow.

    I have to agree with Aubrey on the 1st cardigan. I do not like it at all. Sorry :( Although, it costs only $25.00, you can certainly find something much cuter. This reminds me of a grandma sweater. The rest of the items are OK. One advantage is they're not very expensive. You always get the best deals at LOFT. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a great time with Jean next week. ***Jealous***

  18. get some rest when you can ! love the tanks but not so much the cocoon thing - more granny than cozy.

  19. Liane, I LOVE the cardigan (mostly b/c I have an obsession with long cardigans like that!) and the blouse. The colors are gorgeous! A skinny belt would definitely take it up a notch, and a chunky belt would work with the cardigan :) Not really a fan of the other items, but wanted to give you my thoughts on the ones I liked!

  20. 1) I agree with the comments that say to return the cardigan. Especially after how you described it as itchy. Like Aubrey, I was immediately reminded of a moth-ridden old blanket that I'd find in a grandmother's attic. The style is cute on you, but the texture is no good. Definitely not worth the $25.

    2) I happen to love both the color, style, and fit of the sleeveless ruffle shell. Good deal too! The shade of pink complements your fair complexion in my opinion. I agree that it could be more fitted, but I like the looseness of it. It's probably because I've spend years settling for loose tops that I've come to like the look, but I find tops like these really useful on days when I eat a big meal or just somehow feel bloated for some reason, lol.

    3) Ditto about the looseness of the floral top. This is the kind of thing I'd like to wear on a humid summer day. Something flowy and that doesn't cling. I agree with the other comments that it could be very versatile tucked in or belted.

    4) Love the cardigan, especially at the price! You always find the best deals! I can't wait for LOFT to offer more of these V-neck boyfriend cardigans. I ordered J. Crew's Perfect-fit mixed-tape cardigan back when they had more colors on sale and was very pleased with the XS (which fits like Loft's XSP), such pretty colors!

  21. Like you, I'm a sucker for sales, especially the combined Loft discounts! I like the ruffle shell (looks better in the first pic) and purple cardigan on you. I might be partial though since I brought the same shell in XSP home with me. If you do decide to return it, please let me know, as I prefer the XXSP ;) Have you tried exchanging for another item before? I wonder if they let you retain the $25 card discount.

  22. Wow, this is one of the most controversial post I have seen so far. Did you expect that, Liane? :)
    I would keep the banded shell and the striped cardigan. The shell looks really nice on you and the price is great. The striped cardigan is a versatile piece in your closet. For $11 I'd definitely keep.
    I would not keep the cocoon cardi because I don't think there is anything special about it. I don't think it looks bad on you, but not loving it either.
    The blouse is a tough call. I never liked it on the rack, online, so I never tried it on myself. I don't particular like how it looks on you, but since everyone was talking about tucking into a pencil skirt I will reserve my opinion until I see it. (I don't have too much of imagination.) I checked out how Loft model wore it (tucked into pants) and didn't like it either.
    @Sidney, please share you picture with his blouse, I'm really curious how it looks on you.

    Liane, take some rest and talk to you soon. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  23. The banded ruffle bottom shell has to be my favorite on you from this haul. The color is perfect for your skin tone. I'm like you, can't stand banded bottoms on my tops. However, it's super easy to cut off the band and hem up the bottom of the blouse (making it the perfect length for us petite girls anway)and sucessfully making it very comfortable to wear with skirts and jeans you can tuck in with this option too. Merry Christmas ...I hope you get a chance to take a very deserved break over the holidays!!

  24. I like the peach ruffle top and striped cardi the best. Although the ruffle top is a bit big on you, I love the ruffle details and think it would look perfect tucked in or with a cardi or blazer. I'm not as much of a fan of the cocoon cardigan - for some reason, it looks worn out?

  25. Great haul! I'm actually loving every piece. :D And I agree with Jean on how the jeans look a bit big on you! What jeans are you wearing?

    Hope you're having a fabulous holiday, Liane! : )

    Wow didn't know her name was Janelle! I've always called her Elle, thinking it was short for Michelle. haha Good to know : ) You ladies are gorgeous, btw!!

    Hope you're having a merry Christmas, Kileen!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  26. I just wanted to add my suggestions. My favorite of all is the abstract blouse. My least favorite is the cocoon cardigan, I don't like it at all. The blouse and cardigan are very nice but a little big on you, maybe if you try all these clothes with leggins it'll be better. I agree about the jeans, maybe they're comfortable but don't do any good to your figure. I think you look lovely when you wear skinny jeans and skirts.

  27. Hmm, everything seems to be a little bit too long on you. I do like the ruffle blouse on you though. The color is very complementary on you! It photographs on you very well! The only thing is maybe it hits too low on your hips.

  28. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!


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