Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New J.Crew Favorite Finds

I honestly didn't think I would ever find anything at J.Crew that fits!  Even though I loved this ruffle shell and got it in several colors when it went on super sale, in retrospect it still fits quite long on me.  And bottoms?  Don't even think about it!  Even when Kelly of AlterationsNeeded raved about this skirt, I secretly had my doubts lol.  But I should've trusted her because she was absolutely right!

Even though I made the order mainly for the olive coat I mentioned in the last post (which I'm probably not keeping, but more on coats in general later), I ended up really liking a couple of the other items:

First is of course the afore-mentioned Wool Bell Skirt in size 00:

This turned out even smaller than I had expected!  It actually really reminds me of the BR Paper Bag skirt, which I was kinda turned off by because of the name.   But I like this one a lot, the elastic is tight enough to tuck shirts in snugly, but slim enough that it isn't too noticeably lumpy when worn underneath tops.  I really like this color too, I think it's versatile and is something I don't have in my closet yet.  And on sale for $35?  Definitely a keeper!

Next is the Muse Tank in size XXS:

It's definitely long on me, but the armholes and neckline are good.  I like how the ribbon ties cinch the waist and can be worn either in front or back.  I also love this Urban Grey color which actually looks like a pale sage green to me.  I also got it in the Heirloom Pink which is pretty but completely washes me out and I don't plan on keeping.  You can also check it out in Golden Topaz on Vicky here.

Of course since I ordered, everything is now further discounted and there's an even better code, MUSTHAVE, for 30% off with free shipping on orders over $150.  The skirt is now $35 and the tank is now $21 for certain colors.  I also picked up this ruffle shell which is now only $14 (seen on PAG) and also this ruffle cardigan now only $21 and looked amazing on another petite in the AN Forum.  The code expires Friday 12/17, and I already hear a lot of petite buzz about these items... we're probably going to end up all wearing the same things again! :)


  1. I couldn't resist the sale either! I got 6 or 7 cardigans, 4 shells, the wool bell skirt in 2 colors and the muse tank!

    Luckily they adjusted the prices for me so I didn't need to re- order:-)

    You look great in the shell and skirt!

  2. both items look great on you and fit perfectly! the sage green color really complements your skin tone.

    i also placed my first order for J. Crew today too after seeing the ruffle cardigan on another petite in the AN Forum. can't wait to get my items in and see how they work out too!


  3. It's been a while since you last blogged. I hope work is slowing down a bit for you. I am quite impressed with the JCrew skirt. It fits you perfecly. A lot of petites were going for the ruffle cardigan today :) I haven't placed any order yet. It's fun to see the same item on different petites. It def. helps with the sizing. Great finds!

  4. I love the Muse tank on you. I don't think it's too long. Any shorter will look weird with a waist tie. :)

  5. Great purchases! I have the same skirt in a size up and I love it to pieces. I love how it looks longer and almost reminiscent of a pencil-skirt on you. The shell is such a pretty color and looks great on both you and Vicky. Can't wait to see your coat review :)

  6. I like how everyone took advantage of this sale! Great job :D Why aren't you keeping the olive coat? I really like it! Ask me before you get rid of it! I might *might* want it. Not a promise though! : )

    The skirt & tank go so well together..I actually thought you were wearing a dress or a romper!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. You look great with both. i love the skirt. it would easily make a very stylish look with tights and cardigan. However, I was afraid it's too short for my height. Now I'm sure it is by seeing your review here. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love the muse tank on you, it looks much better on you than it does on the model! Can't wait to see your other haul (I took advantage of it too so we'll likely be cardi twins)

  9. So you doubted my tiny J.Crew skirt review, hmm? LOL. I'm so glad it fits you! I found the black on sale a few weeks ago in store, so now I have two! I think my J.Crew package arrives tomorrow with the ruffle cardigans, so hopefully they'll work too!

  10. I definitely love both purchases and they go well with one another. I actually thought it was a dress!

    Lovely finds.


  11. Looks like petites are heading over to J.Crew now after the rush from LOFT. It's good to know that there are items made small enough for us! =)

    The skirt looks great on you!

  12. Really Petite - Wow you got a ton of stuff! Luckily they're all pretty reasonably priced (for J.Crew anyway!) lol. I'm a little surprised you were able to get a price adjustment... i don't think it's their official policy and I'm usually too chicken to try to push CS reps or SAs to do anything.

    kileen - Oo another petite biting the bullet! Haha I can't wait to see how they fit on you!

    PetiteLG - I know it's been a while... I'm on days this week so have a little time, but I'll be back on nights again next week so you'll see me disappear for a while again! And kudos on the self-control... I crumble like a cookie when there's a good sale :P

    Vicky - I hadn't thought of that... but it is almost like a tunic on me though. I do think it fits a bit better on you.

    Cee - You're one of the reasons why I decided to get this skirt! First saw it on Kelly and then loved this color on you too, so I had to try it :)

  13. The Little Dust Princess - I'm not sure exactly why but I feel a little overwhelmed in the coat... maybe pics will help pinpoint the problem. Will hold onto it for you (prolly won't have time to do returns until after the holidays anyway), but I wonder how much shipping to Canada will cost for a heavy coat!

    Mix and Match - Well, I'm glad this was helpful to you even if it's a negative... saved you a return trip :)

    Elle - I can totally see you in those cardigans! Ruffles and Elle mix very well :)

    Alterations Needed - Lol... it's only because you make EVERYTHING look good that I briefly doubted how it would look on me :P I also want it in another color! Ordered it in henna because it's on sale, but I was eyeing the dark charcoal too, figured a darker color would be more versatile for winter tights. I won't get my cardigans for a while yet... I'm dying to see how it'll fit you!

    Gracie - Hi Gracie! I also thought the two colors go pretty well together, one of the reasons why I decided to keep both :P

    stylepint - Lol... it's true, I'm starting to feel like there's a bit of a petite herd mentality haha. But I guess when something is cute, fits well, and is on sale for a good price... how can we go wrong? :P

  14. Great picks!! I also thought it was a dress on you at first since the grays nearly match. I really like that skirt AN reviewed but wanted it in a "striking" color like that burnt orange which I missed out on several weeks back. It's definitely a steal for $35. I was almost hesitant to order this time around because now I'm expecting even lower sales after Christmas, lol!

    I can see the potential for twins showing up at the socal meetups ; )

  15. The skirt looks very nice on you. I ordered it, tried it on, and it didn't flatter me at all. Both items are great purchases.

  16. The skirt looks very cute on you. Great buys on both items.

    On another note, I just sent you an email.

  17. this colour is great on you. i like the paper bag feel too.

  18. I'm pretty sure I can make an exception for one of my favourite bloggers ;) It's okay hahaa I totally forgot about it until now xD Better go close it :P

  19. The skirt and top look great on you!! I love the length of the skirt! Must resist J.Crew! We just made a big purchase there the other week. Grr!

    My friend made me get the BR paper bag skirt this weekend since it was all the way down to $12! Lol!

  20. Great choices - the skirt fits wonderfully! I have also succumbed to the J. Crew sale and ordered the Muse Tank but wound up going with the Topaz color because it looked so good on Vicky. Also ordered several cardigans and ruffled tops that I'm looking forward to :)

  21. I just went to J.Crew today and bought the sequin version of that skirt for $50!! Total steal!! The skirt looks really good on you!


  22. Those are cuuute! I made my first couple J. Crew orders recently. If only they would carry "00" in stores. I would buy so much more if I could try things on instead of blindly ordering!

  23. That's hilarious! But we all style the items differently so it's kind of nice to see the same item on everybody. What a great fit on that skirt!!

  24. Wow, I can't blieve you wear XXS! I always see that size go on clearance/super clearance. Lucky girl!

    Just Better Together

  25. wow!! XXS...Thats good news for me too.Looks great on you and the color too.Thanks for sharing.


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