Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seven Confessions

I've been wanting to take the blog in a slightly more personal direction, so when I was tagged by Elle of Fast Food & Fast Fashion to do a Seven Confessions, I figured it's a good time to share.  So here goes!
  1. I'm a zero-generation Asian - First immigrated to Toronto, Canada when I was 10 and came to the States right before high school.  Been living in the greater Los Angeles area ever since!

  2. I dislike answering phone calls - I constantly check things on my iPhone throughout the day, but I'm notorious for not picking up my calls.  Even my Mom knows to leave me a voicemail if she needs to talk to me, and I definitely am easier to reach through email.  Nothing to do with iPhone call quality, I just don't like dropping whatever I'm in the middle of to be at someone's beck and call.  It also might have something to do with going through internship and getting paged every 5 minutes that really solidified my distaste for ringing objects lol.

  3. I'm a Sinophile - I'm 100% Vietnamese, but my parents say I should've been born Chinese lol.  I grew up watching (dubbed) Chinese dramas, started listening to Chinese music in my teens, and fell in love with the Mandarin language.  I did a second major in Chinese during college and studied abroad in Beijing for a semester.  And while I'm super rusty at speaking it, I still understand enough to be able to watch Chinese dramas hehe.  And yes, hubby is Chinese (Taiwanese really)... but no, that's not why I married him ;)

  4. I'm not a big fan of ice cream *gasp* -  I knoooow... how can I still call myself a woman lol.  I enjoy it occasionally but it's not something I ever really crave.  I do love desserts, but generally prefer salty snacks with a soda or fruit to go with.

  5. I'm a couch potato - When not working, shopping online or blogging, you'll most likely find me parked in front of the TV watching all kinds of shows, movies, and Asian dramas.  Don't really have a favorite anything, and watch a variety of shows including a lot of fluff like America's Next Top Model, Survivor, Project Runway, The Apprentice, etc.  I also love HGTV and will watch it all day when I'm at any place that has cable.

  6. I'm pretty sure I have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome - I've always been a night owl, and left to my own devices will tend to go to sleep at 3-4 am and wake up around noon.  But sadly I do have to conform to the normal work schedule and therefore get more and more sleep-deprived as the week progresses.  I usually sleep for 11-12 hours on my days off to "catch up" and frequently will not be up until early afternoon.

  7. I've been in "school" for 22+ years - And I still have at least 2-3 more years to go before I'm deemed competent enough to do my job.  That said, I don't regret choosing medicine, and I wouldn't want to do anything other than my specialty.  And even though residency feels like working AND being in school, finally getting a paycheck helps a bit :)

Now it's tag time!  I hope these ladies will participate so I can learn more about them!

    And finally, what's a blog post without a picture!  I've been really good at resisting the LOFT and Ann Taylor F&F sale, but I have to admit that I've been eyeing this LOFT Scallop Edge Lace Skirt they recently added:

    It's still a bit expensive at $56 after the 30% off though, and I'm afraid if I try it I will want to keep it!


    1. I think I should reply each of your facts! So that I shall do...

      #1 Ouu you were from my city! Let me know when you come back. ; )
      #2 I'm more of a texter! I have nothing to say on the phone, but when it comes to texting, I talk a lot.
      #3 I'm actually mixed a few things - Viet, Canto, Fukien, & Chiu Chow. My parents brought us up with Cantonese...I know a bit of Viet, but mainly the food dishes. LOL<3
      #4 I don't like ice cream as well. Everyone is ALWAYS shocked by this when I tell them. :( Glad I know someone else that shares this characteristic.
      #5 Are you watching ANTM right now? I'm on-and-off, but I want Jane to win! (or is she eliminated already?)
      #6 I definitely feel more active at night then during the day.
      #7 I've been in school for 16 years..hmm, I wonder when I'll stop. T_T

      Have you seen the lace skirt from H&M purchased by AN and Curls And Pearls? I think that one's a bit cheaper. : )

      xx The Little Dust Princess

    2. i love the 7 confessions! u sound like some of my clients who never answer their phone calls! i know to send an email after i leave a VM.
      so funny you like all the chinese...haha!
      i love that lace skirt! it reminds me of the jcrew one that is out right now. even though its expensive, the loft one is a better deal than jcrew one!

    3. I love that you do not like talking on the phone! I am the same way. :p

      Now I must think of my seven things....hmmm.

    4. i love all these facts about you!! i actually hate ice cream too but love froyo! and i think i'm a delayed sleep phase person too. i'm always wanting to stay up late and love doing things late at night. but alas, my work has forced me to be in bed before midnight.

      and best of luck in school! medicine is a great field and it pays for itself once you're done with it!

    5. We have so much in common :) I'm a zero-generation Asian too (is that a real term, btw? I like it and I will steal it now :D). I screen my phone calls too.... that is, when my phone is on. I'm actually Chinese, but it sounds like your Mandarin is wayyy better than mine haha.

    6. Thanks for sharing with us, Liane. It's fun to read personal posts once in a while. I don't like talking on the phone either. I don't pick up my phone if I don't recognize the #. It's very interesting that you are interested in Chinese culture when you're Viet. I wish I knew more languages other than English and Viet

    7. Very interestingto know all these about you. And you were in Beijing studying Chinese! I was there before coming to the states. Only one thing I couldn't believe it, you don't like ice cream! :) Like your choice of the skirt, eyeing it too.

    8. I loved your 7 confessions.. it's so nice to read about you :) I am the same way with phone calls! LOL I am notorious for that as well. When I was a Freshman in college, I had this reception job in an int'l student office and our phone would have 20 lines! They constantly ring and I was more than overwhelmed :p Haha, it's funny when you say you get paged all the time at work. Reminds me of House! :p I love that show but it's probably really fake to you :)

      It's awesome that you studied Chinese!! :) I always wanted to learn Mandarin (I can speak Canto) and Taiwanese. I love their cuisine too :) Yum!

      I envy you, if I could do it all over from the beginning, I would've chosen to study medicine. Even though it's still doable, it'll probably take a long time! :p

      Anyway, I don't have any specific lip care routine that I do. I think my lips are not as chapped because I am in a wetter climate (Norcal) and also because my body temp is always higher so I don't get dry/chapped. Sorry if it's not making sense, it's one of those Asian myths.. lol And some Burt's Bees lip balm before I sleep :)

    9. Hahaha this was an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing! Honorary Chinese FTW ; )

      Is that what it's generation? I thought it was first. I always get confused about which generation I am, but whatever you are, I am as well.

    10. haha i'm glad you posted this! i feel like i know you a lot better now :) boy am i not thrilled about being in school for another 10 years or so :/ it's tough bearing with all the tortures of residency with some small paycheck as some semblance of appeasement.

    11. Awww thanks for the tag!!! I loved getting to know more about you. I am definitely with ya on the salty foods! and omg I am just like you about the phone...always have it with me, always text back immediately but I balk at answering calls! So weird. Off to think of 7 things!

    12. Seven confessions are so much fun to read and to know about the bloggers whom we are in contact with frequently.

      While I am half Chinese, I never wanted to learn the language. I ,in fact, thought it sounded funny and Chinese people were the loudest people in the world, but I soon realized that half of me is Chinese and I should be proud instead of making fun of it.

    13. Nice confessions! I was born in Toronto, lived there til I was 10 and then moved to the States. I miss that city a lot!

      I'm also a couch potato and obsessed with HGTV. But then again I also love classes at my gym! :)

    14. The Little Dust Princess - Wow thanks for the detailed comment! I thought Jane was probably the prettiest, but knew she would never make it the very end (esp with the "no personality" edit) because that's just not how things go on ANTM! And I would love to try that H&M lace skirt except I have terrible luck and can never find anything in my size at my local H&M(s).

      Ping - I guess it's a good thing J.Crew doesn't fit me because they're a whole price tier above what I consider to be expensive lol.

      Michelle - Glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't pick up calls... I always feel so guilty for doing it!

      kileen - I really enjoyed reading your facts too! And I think most people assume that all doctors make big bucks, but the truth is that there are much easier ways to make more money and it's totally not worth it if that's what you're in it for.

      Cee & PAG - I used to think I was first-generation, but someone told me that first-gen meant you were born in the U.S... which I wasn't, hence zero-generation :)

      PetiteLG - I actually assign special ring tones for family & close friends, so I don't even bother getting up to check who's calling if it's not one of those :P

    15. Mix and Match - I loved my time in Beijing, but sadly it was cut short because I was there during the SARS incident. We literally had no idea anything was wrong and then was told that we had 48 hours to leave the country..!! Do you go back to visit often?

      Rainy Days and Lattes - Yeah I don't think I would make a very good receptionist :P And I don't think medicine is at all what most people think it to be... it's a lot of hard work and sacrifice and delayed gratification, and you really have to love it for what it is because it's not worth going through the process for any other reason. Thanks for sharing the lip care tips, I'll try the balm at night thing but don't like to usually because it makes my face all oily when I get up (so weird).

      Angie - Sorry for getting you down :P I almost wish I had someone to warn me about what I was getting into! But that said, I know a ton of people who LOVE med school and residency so maybe you'll be one of them :) As for me, honestly I just want to be done already!

      Tiny in Texas - Just saw that you already posted yours... off to read in a sec!

      Nelah - I had no idea you were half Chinese! Hubby thinks that Canto ppl are loud and sound funny haha, even though he's Chinese! To be honest, my family can be uber loud too and I can see how Vietnamese can sound funny to non-speakers.

      MoneyMaus - So you left Toronto at the same age I got there :) I recently google street-viewed my old neighborhood, and wow it brought back memories! Who needs to go back and visit when you've got Google street-view!

    16. I learned a lot about you and you probably know way more Chinese than me, even though I'm Cantonese. I'm also not a fan of ice cream...there something about the texture that just isn't right. Now I have to think of my confessions. =)

    17. Oh no, I don't think I can be friends with any non-ice cream addicts. LOL, I kid I kid. So interesting learning more about you, I am loving all the 7 confessions post...and you have a friend in me when it comes to people who don't answer phones (I always forget to charge my phone, and on the rare occasion that it's alive I will forget where I last placed it). MORE PERSONAL POSTS PLEASE! :)

    18. Thanks for sharing! I can definitely relate to the phone call. I was always an email person in high school and I'm relieved that text messaging is now the norm because I just dislike "real-time" conversations.e.

      I can also somewhat relate to the schooling. I'm in the Ph.D. program for Chem so when I'm done I'll have been in school for 21 years starting from 1st grade. :( But the stipend/paycheck that we get which allows me to do my online shopping definitely helps a bit!

      And like PAG, I also thought it was 1st generation as well but I guess I'm a 0th generation Filipino/Chinese then.

    19. I don't like ice cream either!! And it's something that EVERYONE loves! I can stand like 1 bite.. then it's like ew. And I hate answering my phone too!! I blame it on my job -__-

      This was an awesome read, it's nice to get to know you on a more personal level!

    20. gosh, I never knew so many ppl didn't like ice cream.

    21. #2 and #5 are me to a tee! My favorite Asian dramas are the ones from the 90s in the old-fashioned style of fighting, flying, and powers illustrated with lasers. I used to covet those costumes and even styled my bangs to mimic theirs all throughout childhood.

      I love reading the confessions - it really allows you to learn about each person that wouldn't normally be posted. Thanks for sharing!

    22. #6 - You and I are the same! lol. It's 2:10 AM as I type this! :D

    23. Love reading these confessions and was secretly hoping to be tagged eventually... so yay! Hehe. Thanks for sharing yours. I didn't know you were studying medicine! Definitely respectable and cool. I'll definitely work on it for my next post!


    24. I also love watching those Chinese movies too..when i was young and even now! My husband is also Chinese and that's not why I married him too ;) although he's 100% Chinese, he speaks Vietnamese :D

    25. can you be zero generation?
      i don't even know if that makes sense.
      you and your parents are considered first generation.
      first generation is whoever moves to a new country first.

      i'm second generation.
      since my parents were born in korea.
      and i was born in the u.s.

    26. stylepint & sophia - Yay so glad I'm not alone on the ice cream stand!

      Elle - Thanks for the tip hehe, I love reading personal posts but feel a little odd when writing about my own personal stuff :P

      R.L. - I have so much respect for Ph.D students, I don't know how you guys do it but years of doing research just isn't for me!

      Aubrey - There are surprisingly more than I would've thought too! :P

      SewPetiteGal - Omgosh, those were my favorite too! I didn't start liking modern dramas until I got older. My all time favorite is HSDS, the 1986 version. I actually went and got all styled up in the ancient costumes and hair and everything for photos when I was in Beijing! That was such a fun experience, and pretty inexpensive too!

    27. JenlovesBal - It's 3:02 am as I type this! Haha.... good thing I'm on vacation and can sleep in :)

      herwaisechoice - Yay I'm so glad you're doing the tag!

      simplyvonne - Wow your husband learned Vietnamese!? That's pretty awesome, it's such a difficult language to learn! Mine only knows a few words haha... I should probably try to teach him more. I have to admit that knowing some Mandarin has its benefits, I can understand when he talks to his parents, so it's harder for him to complain about me :P

      lovesicles - I used to think I was first-generation, but was told that first meant those who were born in the US. Did a little googling just now and according to wikipedia, the "first-generation" term is ambiguous and can apply to either naturalized immgigrants OR their children, the first generation to be born into the new country. And apparently there's a lot of controversy on the subject as evident on this site, where there are many people who feel very strongly about it one way or the other!

    28. 1. You mean you're zero generation AMERICAN? I've also heard that people like yourself, who immigranted as a kid are referred to as "half generation" (or for those who think that "first gen = immigrant generation and second gen = western born, 1.5 gen). I get confused too, so I just tell people I'm first generation CBC (Canadian Born Chinese).

      2. I too prefer texting/BBMing on my cell, but I will always answer my landline

      3. I was a history major in university and focused primarily on East Asian studies to learn more about my heritage. I can speak Canto but I don't know Mandarin (yeah, I really should have taken Mandarin when I was doing that history major!!)

      4. WHATTTT????!!!! (I know, you probably get that a lot)

      5. I don't watch as much TV as I used to, but I like shows like What not to Wear and Say Yes to the Dress

      6. Can't say I can relate to that...

      7. I was in school for about 22 years as well, but gave up after that...I don't think I'll go back ever...(except maybe for continuing studies stuff)

      Check out MY 7 Confessions!

    29. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm with you on #2, 5, and 6. I had no idea there's such a disorder and, after reading the wiki page, am almost convinced that I have DSPS!!

      Btw, I clicked on your link to the Loft petite scallop edge lace skirt, and it's 40% off now.


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