Monday, November 8, 2010

LOFT Yet Again!

I thought I was all LOFT'ed out, but couldn't resist taking a few things into the fitting room on my last trip to return some things.  First was the Striped Side Pleat Tee ($39):

It didn't really catch my eye online, but I kinda liked it on, shown here in size XXSP:

The ruching/gathering at one side was quite flattering and actually gave me a waist!  The arm holes are big though, and obviously it's a pretty casual tee.  I wouldn't pay full price for it, but I'll be keeping an eye out for this when it goes on the sale rack.  MiniMaestra also tried it on in magenta, and I'm not sure which color I like better.

Next was the Denim Leggings in size 24/00P ($35):

They weren't too bad... but compared to the Gap Legging Jeans (see post), they were bit longer and the material wasn't quite as comfortable.  The backside was a bit more flattening as well, so I decided to pass.

I also tried on a couple things that have been talked about by other petite bloggers - the Pleated Tweed Sheath Dress and the Sculpted Sheath Dress, both in XXSP:

They were both too big on me and would've needed alterations.  The deal-breaker was that they both suffer from the odd tummy pooch that's great if you want to look a bit preggers (the tweed dress especially so since the darts all seem to be converging on the tummy area).  It was a little hard to pass on the $25 black dress, but I consoled myself by caving on this Flutter Silk Dress that was on super sale, originally $128 marked down to a crazy $9:

I previously bought this when it was on sale at $48 (see post), and had decided to return.  But when I saw a 00P still left... how could I resist a 100% silk dress at 93% off!


  1. $9 for the dress?! That's insane! Lucky find!

    I think the striped shirt actually looks better on you than it does on the model.

  2. I love that red dress but the AT Loft near me didn't have small sizes even when it was full price! Which Loft did you find the dress at?

  3. What a great deal on the red dress especially for 100% silk. It's hard to stay away from LOFT. They do have awesome deals and their stuff fit us petites decently

  4. $9!!! That is fantastic! I really like the tee on you too.... I'm afraid to try it on because i think would make me look too hippy but it looks very flattering on you :)

  5. Great find! There are literally no 00p and xxsp left in my local LOFT so I am amazed there are so many goodies at yours. The sheath dress looked cute from the front but I remember seeing the profile of that dress on Hanna's blog and it really was unflattering.

  6. OMG $9!?!? That's amazing. I really liked that dress too, but when I tried it on it was a little big. It's a great color. FANTASTIC, score!

  7. Wow I wouldn't pass that deal either. It is almost too good to be true.

    Everything that you tried on looks nice from the front view. Too bad both dresses have flaws in the middle section. Perhaps you can wear them when you have a baby bump :)

  8. a silk dress for $9 is unheard of!! great steal!!

    i like the first top on you and the ruching is very flattering. i'll have to keep an eye out for this one too!


  9. cute tshirt! i like how the t-shirt hangs on you. the jeggings looked promising, but too bad it's too long and uncomfy! and what a fabulous deal on that dress!!

  10. I also got the same silk dress for $9 a couple of months ago. I thought originally, it fit you fine. I'm glad you picked it up again. It's definitely worth it! I the only one not a fan of this Striped Side Pleat Tee?

  11. I think the jeggings look great on you, but you had the Gap pair to compare it against. :P I like the tweed dress, but it does look a bit loose on you. What a score with the red dress!! I can't believe it got marked down so much!!!!!!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. Darn you stomach pooch! I hate when clothing does tweed dress for me!

  13. Wow you are so tiny! The tweed dress fit me really nicely:) And $9 for that! Your LOFT must have some great deals and small sizes- so lucky! :)

  14. Wow that last dress is so daring, can't wait to see it on you! I could never pull off a dress like that!

  15. I have the flutter silk dress too...its really cute :)


  16. The striped tee looks great on you! Nothing is good enough at full price it feels. :p

    I am in love with my LOFT jeggings! I will have to check out the GAP ones since you claim they are even better!

    Nice deal on the red dress!

  17. Seriously, $9 for a dress?! That's the best score I've seen yet! The tee is really cute on you. If it comes in navy blue/white, I think I'll have to get it :D Thanks for the reviews!

  18. $9 is a SPECTACULAR find! I love the bright color of that dress too! You're making me want to visit LOFT and I know that will be a bad thing for the wallet.

  19. Stephanie, kileen, Ping, Cee - The tee is really comfortable too! Probably great for a casual weekend outfit with skinny jeans and a scarf :)

    Grace - Are you in the LA area? In any case, I actually went to a LOFT near my parent's house, which is about 45 min outside of LA, so that's probably not going to help.

    Whitney, PetiteLG, Elle, thegoodgirlgoneblog, SewPetiteGal - I couldn't believe the price either! I already knew it doesn't fit quite perfect, but I literally just couldn't turn that down!

    Erin - I actually think it would look better on someone with hips because it'll balance out the slightly broad shoulders!

    Nelah - Lol, good idea! Maybe I should buy to save it for later hehe... I'd be such a stylish Mommy-to-be :P

    Aubrey - I didn't realize the dress has been on sale for that cheap for so long! And I think the tee looks/feels better in person... it doesn't seem to photograph well :P

    AlterationsNeeded - The sad tummy pooch strikes twice! I don't even know if there's any alteration that can fix that.

    sophia - I didn't realize it was daring... because it's red??

    Tara - I love your LOFT outfits... will have to go search your site to see how you styled this dress! :)

    Jessy, Michelle - The LOFT jeggings weren't bad at all... I probably would've bought if I'd never tried the Gap ones. They're a good alternative, especially if they get crazy marked down!

  20. 9 bucks, what a steal! sale and clearance racks are a crap shoot for us...there are either tons of small sizes or none at all.

  21. The t-shirt looks great on you! and I LOVE the silhouette of the red dress! and only $9?!! that's crazy!

  22. The red dress "belongs" to you. haha!

  23. oomph - Definitely, either all the small sizes were jumped upon and gone early, or nobody can fit into them and there's loads left. Of course I prefer the latter :)

    Amy Z - Thanks! I think they did a good job styling that dress in the stock picture, it doesn't fit me quite that nice but for $9 I'm not complaining :P

    Vicky - I think it was meant to be haha :)


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