Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Easy DIY Glasses Case Tutorial

I've been trying to pick up sewing, but it hasn't been going very quickly.  Mostly because I tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist, and want everything to be completely thought out before I start.  While knitting mistakes can be unraveled and re-done, I feel like sewing mistakes are so permanent!  I have several projects in the planning stages, but the only thing other than this skirt I've actually made so far are a set of padded glasses cases.  I saw the tutorial on a random sewing show on TV, and was so amazed at how easy it was!

The Materials:
All you need are two 8x8" fabric squares... here I bought a package of precut black & white prints:
And some craft batting:

The Preparation:
The basic template is an 8x8 inch square with a rounded corner:
Cut two pieces with right sides together, lining fabric (black) on the bottom:
Cut a piece of batting in the same shape and put it on the bottom:

The Sewing:
First sew along the top curved edge:

Here's the trickiest part:
Open it along the top seam, keeping batting on the lining side.  Then fold it in half length-wise.
Then fold it in half again along the seam:

Sew along the long free edge:

Turn it inside out so the batting is now on the inside, and sew along remaining short free edge:

Finally, turn it right side out and you're done!

The Result!
Here are the first few that I made:

There are certain blogger friends who have been so kind as to send me things for no other reason than out of the goodness of their hearts.  I've been raised to never let nice acts go un-reciprocated, so I decided to make a bunch of these for them as a small thank-you gesture.  Some attempts turned out better than others, but I hope they liked them!


  1. WOW! I am super impressed and the patterns you picked are really cute :)

    This really makes me want to start sewing!

  2. Very cool tutorial!! =) Did you use a serger? If so what kind?

  3. great tutorial and i'm glad it's pretty easy too! :) your patterns are super cute and i'm sure your friends will love this handmade gift!


  4. I have been meaning to take pictures of the glasses case you made me because it's super useful, it is so incredibly cute and my mom has asked me where I found it. Thank you again!

  5. Those cases are very cute and the patterns are definitely chic. Did you use a sewing machine? They look so nice and neat.

  6. How awesome is this? It's almost easy enough for people who aren't crafy but I still need to learn how to sew...LOL

  7. wow they are soooo cute!! i love it! great patterns btw!

  8. Oh those are so cute! Love the patterns you chose.


  9. These turned out great! I really like the prints you chose. The steps look easy enough for even a newbie like me. I might give it a try :)

  10. Thank you guys for the nice comments! Wish I can take more credit for my awesome sewing skills, but these were pretty much foolproof :P

    elleandish - I did use a serger... ended up getting this one which was the cheapest and had good reviews.

    Elle - Yay I'm glad you found it useful! I'm a huge believer in useful gifts :)

    Nelah - Gosh it never even occurred to me to sew by hand! But I don't see why not... there are only 3 seams after all.

  11. Great job!! Those turned out super cute! I especially love the mix of prints together and love that you are planning these as gifts because who wouldn't love something like this? :)

  12. Great job with the pattern mixing...how fun!!

  13. Great tutorial. I took a sewing class last year and never did anything. Maybe I'll use this tutorial as a starter to get me going. It's very sweet and thoughtful of you to send those small hand-made gifts to the fellow bloggers. I am sure they'll love them.

  14. these are totally adorable! you're so good at sewing :) i'm afraid of these soft cases because i'll crush my glasses in my backpack and then i'll be blind foreverrr D:

  15. Great tutorial and the prints are so interesting too! =) I think I might need to pick up a serger if I'm gonna be serious about making some nice things.

  16. nice. i never seem this kind of tutorials. usually tutorials are about makeup which is nice, but urs is fun too.

    i'm following, plz check out my site too

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

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  17. I love the fabrics you picked out. You have a good aesthetic eye!

    I haven't sewed in years, but I was also the president of our sewing club back in high school one year lol. it was called "Sew What" Club

  18. Wow, you're really talented! Such a sweet gesture, I'm sure they were really appreciated!

  19. You make is look so easy! Now if I can actually get my sewing machine to work then I can do this. =0D These are so cute! I think it would also work as a cellphone holder. That way purses without a pocket you can just stick them right -no worries about getting the phone damaged.

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    Amazing blog you got there :D I love it!
    So I'm a new follower :)

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    Thanks :) And keep up the good work!

  21. This is BRILLIANT! GREAT idea!


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