Friday, November 12, 2010

Gap 30% Off Sale: Wardrobe Basics

Wondering what to get during the Gap Give & Get 30% off sale?  I'd probably recommend the Legging Jeans, which I'm really loving as does many petite bloggers.  Was wearing them earlier this week (sorry about the gloomy weather):

Cardigan: LOFT V-Neck Long Cardigan, size XXSP (see post)
Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans, size 00P (see post)
Shoes: Tory Burch Reva Lizard Embossed Flats, size 5.5 (see post)
Scarf: LOFT floral scarf (see post)

I've been holding out for a 40% off coupon to grab another pair in the dark blue wash, but when I checked again today, all the sizes were gone except for 00P and 0P!  I decided that I would probably regret missing out on it more than I would miss the extra $7, so I decided to order :)

If you need a filler to get to $50 for free shipping, I also really like their Favorite Ribbed Tank in XSP ($7):

The material is comfortable, the armholes and neckline are good, and the thicker straps are good for hiding bra straps.  It's just a basic tank, but believe it or not, it's not that easy for me to find a tank that isn't cut too low, fit too loosely/tightly, and is flattering and priced right!

I'm also a fan of the Long-sleeve Thermal T in XSP ($10):

I got it for wearing under scrubs, but it's actually quite slim-fitting and flattering.  The only thing to note is that the bottom hem is curved (which I hadn't realized when I bought).  It doesn't matter to me because I tuck it into my scrub pants, but just a FYI.

To get in on the sale, a multiple use in-store coupon can be printed here.  Gap also sent out one-time use online codes via email, if you need one you can check the AlterationsNeeded Forum for any unused codes.  The sale ends this Sunday, Nov 14.... happy shopping! :)


  1. I love that first outfit!! The colorful scarf really adds a punch to the look and I'm glad to see that you decided to keep the gold TB flats too. It's the perfect compliment to the dark jeans in this look!

  2. I keep hearing awesome things about these GAP jeggings! I really need to make a stop at the store and try 'em out:) Have a great weekend!

  3. Those jeggings look amazing on you!!!

  4. I'm glad you went ahead and ordered a pair in the dark blue wash. The pair you have is so flattering on you! Thank you for posting about those tank tops, I have trouble finding them high enough too and I love a thicker strap to hide my bra, that one looks like it fits you really well. I'm definitely going to check them out! I really, really like your outfit and the way you tied your scarf (I can't wait to try and recreate the way you've tied it). If I can't figure it out I might get back on here and see if you can give me a quick run through.....okay, I'm done babbling for now ;)

  5. Aww I have the same outfit with me except gap legging jeans in dark rinse and the loft cardi in gray : ) you look comfy and chic and I love the added touch of the full scarf.

  6. You look terrific, Liane!!! I really love this outfit. It's so comfortable, yet so chic. The scarf adds color and dimension to this look. Great way of wearing it.
    After reading about these jeggings, I am really tempted to try one. But I'm having problems deciding what size to order. You and Jean and Annie are all smaller than me. If it fits all you girls perfectly, I might have to size up. Can you tell me if it's stretchy enough to accomodate an inch or so around? Compared to LOFT jeggings this season, how does it compare? Loft jeggings this season is a fail for me. 00P is way to tight on the legs, 0P is way too big on the waist. :( Thanks for your help. Sorry for all the questions.

  7. Aww..I love this weekend outfit! You look adorable in this outfit. I am going to Gap today and hoping to find the jeggings in 00R. I want to try them on and see how they fit before ordering the 00P online. I am afraid the 00P will be too tight on me. Have a great weekend!

  8. I LOVE your outfit! I love the greens!

    How are your shoes holding up? After your post about them, I have been wearing mine so much now...but like I said...not for a long day.

  9. I'm so excited to find your blog just for us petites! It's now my new shopping-go-to site. The gap leggings looks so great.. hmm may go snag one.

    Actually, since you mentioned scrubs, I thought I'd ask: where are you finding scrubs that aren't dragging on the ground or drowning you in green fabric? (I'm a MS-II, so rotations coming up soon!)

  10. The Gap legging jeans look so good on you. The scarf is a nice touch as well. Gap was giving out 40% off in store coupons for the next couple of Wednesdays, so I suggest you go and buy something at the Give and Get event to get the coupons. Then in a few weeks you can go back and get another pair of jeggings.

  11. The GAP legging jeans look so good on you, it completes the weekend look so well! I am wondering if I am making a mistake by not ordering a pair for myself since everyone who bought it loved it.

  12. the jeggings look really nice on you!! fits like it was made for you. good that you are stocking up...i always regret not getting another pair of pants i love.

  13. kileen, Michelle - I was considering keeping both, and decided to try the gold TBs first, unfortunately they kind of hurt haha. Will see how well they break in before I bust out the black pair :)

    The Owl's Closet, Cee - I wish they carry the petite sizes in-store! There's been several 40-45% off in-store only deals lately :\

    April - They feel so great on too! Very comfortable.

    Callandra - I can't take credit for the scarf tying :P Definitely check out PAG's video here, I pretty much do it the way she does now.

    PAG - Outfit twins! Seriously, they're a no-brainer combination :)

    Vicky - If the LOFT 00p are too tight on you, I would consider sizing up. That said, these Gap ones are more stretchy though, but the 00P waist already gaps teeny bit on me, so I'm not sure how the 0P waist will fit. You can always order both and return whichever doesn't fit? Or do what Sydney is planning to and go in-store to try the 00R, although I'm not sure how the 00R and 00P sizing relates.

    PetiteLG - I think you can probably fit in a 00P, but that's a good idea. I think both Curls & Pearls and elleandish wear the 00R, so maybe that will work for you as well.

    tifyeh - Ahh scrubs, I have exactly 7 pairs that my aunt altered for me that I hold onto for dear life, because I would have nothing to wear to work otherwise. If they give you free scrubs (which they should, and you can *ahem* borrow a few more pairs from certain departments, ask around), I would consider getting them altered to fit. Alternatively, a reader has shared with me some brands that may run small, I can forward that to you if you email me :)

    Elle - I know you're a dresses and skirts kinda gal so I wouldn't buy if you're not going to wear it (it's not exactly crazy cheap or anything!).

    Ping - Like AN and PAG, I've got to learn to buy in multiples :P

  14. I love the green in your outfit today! Pretty scarf. : )

    Hmm I'll give their ribbed tanks a try in my next order. I actually wanted to buy that thermal T before, but had no idea if I would wear it or not. I know it's a basic, but after seeing my OOTDs, I don't wear much "basic" things do I? LOL

    I used my GAP 30% to get a cowl neck tee and a vintage v-neck top yesterday. That's it :D And I chose the Canadian AIDS Society to donate to. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  15. I love your casual yet chic look. I do too love those gap legging jeans. I was planning on getting another pair in the faded grey but i don't see it anymore. Instead I got a pair of cute, metallic flower flats (style 253591). They are very comfy but i don't see them online, I got them at the store.

  16. I really need to check out those jeggings they seem to be absolutely everywhere! I've never really liked Gap before but I've become a huge fan recently

    The Haute Road

  17. Hi! I love your blog- so informative. I'm also petite and in the medical field. Just wondering how you find scrubs that fit? I usually opt for the freebie scrubs, but even the smallest size look huge on me (esp. the pants). Do you buy your own scrubs- which ones do you recommend?

  18. oh the jeggings looks great on you! Is it the faded black color? I'm also looking for a pair of faded black wash, Will definitely go check it at store. Those beautiful scarfs are realy a steal! I can't believe you got them at $5! I was happy with mine (
    ),which I also got Loft from a sale at about $8, but can't beat you...

  19. The Little Dust Princess - I'd love to see your new buys! I previously only bought mostly GapKids items, so I'm always interested to see how their womens sizing runs.

    Claud - Yay another Gap legging jeans success! I guess I lucked out and bought the faded grey first, and now the faded blue is still available so I can buy another pair.

    Jen - I haven't shopped at Gap in forever either, but if they keep making more stuff like the legging jeans, I'll be back for more :)

    Vicky - Thanks for reading! I've accumulated a set of freebie scrubs and had them altered by my aunt (and wash them at home instead of getting fresh ones from the hospital). Even if I had to pay for alterations, I think they're worth it since I have literally been wearing them daily for the last 4+ years. I've never had to buy any, but a reader mentioned that the Dickies Junior, Barco Junior, and Koi brands run small, if that's any help.

    Mix and Match - Yup, it's the faded black wash, which is sold out and isn't on the website anymore (that's why I jumped on the faded blue wash before it's gone too!). You're taller so I think you can wear the regular sizing and there are better discounts in-store anyway.

  20. Awe...I like your full face shots! Heheheh You are so cute! I just wore my GAP jeggings in faded wash last night- love them but the butt seem to stretch out or is it just me? LOL

  21. Cute outfit! Glad you finally found some jeans that fit~ they look like they were made for you!

  22. Love the outfit! The olive and green tones look gorgeous with the jeggings!

  23. I think your outfit is great and that scarf looks lovely against the olive cardigan. I'd get the leggings too, but I already have a pair from Madewell that I love. =)


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