Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Real Work Clothes

I've been on a little hiatus from blogging and even blog-reading (although I do cheat), due to being busy with a huge presentation for work.  It's a formal hour-long lecture that I have to research and put together, which I presented today (podium-included!) to a group of more senior residents and attendings... which is a little ridiculous to have a more junior resident like me do because I know they know the material better than I do.  But anyway, we have to give one lecture a year and this was my first one, so a little nerve-wracking but I'm finally done with the thing until next year!

Anyway, most of the residents my program generally show up to work in scrubs on a daily basis, and this is literally the first time in a year that I put on actual clothes to go to work!  So of course I took some pictures lol.

I'm wearing a pinstripe pink dress shirt and neutral dress pants with a greyish-brownish tone, both of which were tailor-made in Asia.

I even washed my white coat for today (which I don't do often enough lol).  Notice the nice empty pockets... usually you can tell a resident from an attending by looking at the pockets of the white coat.  A resident will always have pockets full of stuff (pager, books, notes, pens, medical tools, snacks, etc).

Of course my white coat did not originally come in convenient numeric petite sizing... even the smallest issued size was humongous.  My lovely aunt (who used to be a seamstress) took it in, in addition to helping me alter all my scrubs.  I used to think that she did a pretty good job (considering how large it was before), until now when I saw this side view:

She still left too much room I think... funny how I never noticed in the 2 years I've been wearing it.  But ah well, it's not like I'm making any fashion statements in my usual slouchy scrubs anyway! 


  1. I saw your tweet today and wondered what you wore : ) Don't you love cheap custom clothing in Asia?

    The white lab coat looks unusually fitted on you - I wondered whether it was child-sized! I think your aunt did a great job taking it in and don't think the side view is too big.

  2. And here Grey's Anatomy makes it look like (some) doctors run around in a white coat and great designer duds!

    You look lovely and congrats on your presentation being over with :)

  3. How adorable are you? You still look good in your white coat :)

  4. The dress shirt and pants look great on you. I very like the colors. Sweet for spring. Lately I have been experiencing with pastel colors. Happy you're excited that the presentation is over. As a doctoral student I attend about 5 conferences a year, traveling all over the continental US and Canada. I feel the sweats every time despite having done this for over 15 times now heh.

  5. I noticed from PAG's comment that you have the shirt and pants custom made in Asia? How was the experience?

  6. I think the lab coat looks fine on you! Also, I'm planning to do a post on petite scrubs in the near future. Make sure you check it out.

  7. PetiteGorgeous - It was a pretty simple experience because my aunt (who lives there) took me to her favorite tailor. The hardest part was going to the fabric mart... there were so many different fabric choices to choose from I had no idea where to start! Once I got that done, the tailor just measured me and I told him what kind of pant style I wanted. A week later I had 7 dress shirts and pants done that fit perfectly (I didn't even need any fittings).

    Ms.Shopportunity - I can't wait for your post! My scrubs were "free" (issued by hospital) and alterations were free too thanks to my aunt... but it'd be nice to have some new pairs to change it up.

  8. Thanks, PetiteXXS. I will have to keep that in mind when I visit Asia one day.


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