Thursday, May 13, 2010


One day of wearing regular shoes to work and three blisters later, oh how I missed my Danskos!

I used to think that they were expensive at $115 (I was living on student loans at the time).  But hands down, the best investment I ever made!  I've been wearing them daily for 4 years now, and they are so unbelievably comfortable I forget I'm even wearing shoes.  They're pretty popular among residents and for good reason.  No matter how comfortable flats or running shoes may feel at the beginning of the day, by the 8th straight hour of standing in surgery and not being able to move, you'll realize what a huge difference shoes can make.  Also, the sturdy material helps protect your feet against accidental drops (needles and what not) and spills of all kinds (you don't want to know).  Luckily I'm not doing a surgery residency... but I can still reap the benefits of these awesome shoes anyway!


  1. I have never tried clogs- I think I would look goofy in them but these look super comfy!!!!

  2. Oh I never wear these outside of work... but if you have to be on your feet a lot, nothing else compares.

  3. I have lived in my Danskos for the last 8 years. In fact, I refused to wear any other shoes until recently, when I found that I needed some dressier styles.

    I've got 8 pairs of these (black, burgundy, blue, red, etc) and they are hands down the most comfortable shoe in the world. Whenever I try to wear my new dressy heels from Clarks or Report, I can only tolerate them for a few hours and then I am missing my Danskos.

  4. Kerry - I think you're actually a much bigger fan of Danskos than I am! I worship them for work but I still love pretty shoes too much to give up my much much less comfortable vanity pairs. I've been thinking about getting a second pair of Danskos though, because my black ones are starting to show a little wear. I'm not sure what color to get though, to go with my green/teal scrubs.

  5. Check out Zappos - they have some funky animal print, python skin print, and other styles that might make wearing scrubs a little more exciting.

    I should probably disclose that Dansko sponsored a cycling team that I was on for several years, so I didn't pay full retail for most of mine.

    I have worn them for so long that my feet are not happy in other shoes. If I need to be on my feet for any length of time, I have to wear the Danskos. I only recently started wearing other brands, and although I am happy with my Clarks, I still prefer the Danskos.

  6. Kerry - Thanks for the recommendations! Good to know that Clarks aren't as good because I've heard comparisons between the two all the time. I think I'll stick to the tried and true!


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