Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mini Urban Outfitters Haul

This post is probably overdue since one of the items - the infamous UO peplum blazer -  has already been reviewed by Chloe, AN, Stylepint, and Jen (now just waiting for PAG and PetiteLG to join in the fun... did I miss anybody else??).  But what the heck, now you can directly compare and see that petites are not all the same... we're all of (slightly) different sizes and body shapes! :)

Since I'm sure everyone has seen that blazer by now, I'll save it for last.  First up is the Kimchi Blue Print Strapless Pintuck Dress.  I'd missed out on the eyelet dress that ran incredibly small and was too tight even on AN, so I wanted to see if their other strapless dresses are similarly petite-friendly.  Here it is in size XS:

The pintuck detailing is nice, and there is smocking along the mid-back, which lends to a decent fit.  It stays up pretty well but I wouldn't say that the bodice feels super tight/secure.  This was $27 when I ordered, but is now on sale for $20.  I'm a bit on the fence about this one, mostly because I'm not sure when or what I'd wear this to.

Next is the Cooperative Pleated Bow Strapless Dress in XS.  This dress was just asking to be belted, so I tried both skinny and wide belts:

Review says not for the big-chested... which is good for me because that's definitely not my problem!  The front ruffle is flattering for my body type, and the material is a casual light knit.  It's a pretty simple dress which is pretty cheap at $13 and comes in several other colors.  Hubby likes it so I guess I'll be keeping it!

I also got the Thistlepearl Chiffon Dress in size 0 upon hearing that it runs small:

But although I had no problem fitting into it, when the too-long straps are shortened, the front hem becomes almost indecently short, so it's a pass for me.  It looks pretty good on Jen who's a couple inches shorter though.

And finally, last but not least, the Kimchi Blue Knit Gingham Peplum Jacket in XS:

Here it is again over the other strapless dress:

This is probably the best-fitting blazer I own... but probably because it's a knit fabric.  I do like the herringbone pattern and the interesting design with the peplum back.  The buttons are a little cheap and very loosely attached (but that's easily fixed).  It's also probably still a bit big on me, particularly in the bust area, but not a deal-breaker by any means.

And that's it!  I think I exercised excellent self-control this time and didn't go way overboard like my last UO haul that needed three blog posts to cover!  Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend! :)


  1. i definitely love the first one best because it gives you body in the chest area and makes everything look so feminine and flattering :D the blazer also fits super well. i'm contemplating ordering the scallop hem shorts i've been wanting forever but they're $48 D:

  2. Yeah I'm pretty zombied out too but apparently I have the vestibular threshold of a near-gymnast on 5 hours of sleep and while approaching sickness, so yay me! xD Research labs are most fun when you can test on yourself hahaha

    The instruction manual for an SLR is bigger than most textbooks I own it seems D: Daunting! In decent lighting, the composition is definitely better especially after zooming in several times. I have to play with things xD My bf and I actually had an argument today over taking photos wahh. I'm so picky on the angle and how I want it that I think I'm going to be taking my pictures from now on D: Make way for the crazy girl carrying a tripod everywhere on campus!

    I don't know :D I think I should stop being such a perfectionist and let him work on his skills. I feel like such a bad person this week after the stress has piled back on. Oh the things school does to me :/

  3. I like the the first dress for its push-up effect. :) You look awesome in that dress! I like the second dress for the cute front buttons and bunching, but I think the design flattens your chest area. I don't think the jacket is too big on you. Also, it's made of 100% cotton, so it'll probably shrink. I received mine yesterday in the mail, and tried it on. (Yes, you missed me. :)) It's a "perfect" fit, so I'm really concerned about fitting after wash.

  4. I think the first dress is a keeper. It flatters your body much better than your second one. The print is unique and you look very feminine.

  5. I'm like Nelah, I think the first dress is the most flattering on you and that jacket is beautiful too! I'm so glad you went ahead and reviewed this jacket even though it's been reviewed by others. I love to see how the fit differentiates from petite to petite.

  6. I am not a fan of the first dress...I am just not feeling the print. I like the ruffle dress on you and that peplum jacket is a winner...I finally decided to get the gingham print but noticed that the xs is out of stock. :(

  7. The first dress is really flattering on you. It's such a nice fit! I'm not sure about the print though. Love the ruffles on the 2nd dress...I think you'd get a lot of wear out of that. I think belting the dress looks nice...maybe a belt in between size of the skinny and thick belt would work better. i like the fitted waist on the blazer and it's cute how the back has those pleats on the back to give it flare, i can see why all the petiters love it!! :)

  8. The fit of the first dress is flattering on you but something about the print looks kind of...too youthful? Reminds me of dippin dots ice cream...but that's just my personal opinion : ) My suggestions are to return the first one and keep that bright blue coopeartives one. The color of that one really pops yet looks more mature than the first one.

    Ah, the jacket. It's definitely nice to see the same item on multiple petites. I'm on the fence about keeping mine because I won't get any wear out of it.

    PS - Ann Taylor in stores was having 40% off everything this weekend (grr, discriminating against us who are sized out) but I finally got the porcini belt you have and I looove it! Color is so versatile. Now I just wish I had the pumps to match : (

  9. I love the colors of the first dress! The lilac and soft blue are sooo pretty and feminine.. but not too crazy about the shape of the dress. I think it'd be nice as a fitted tube dress hehe. Awesome deal on the blue dress! For $13, it's definitely a keeper!

  10. I agree with the others, I love the fit of the first dress on you but something about the colours or the pattern throws me off.

    LOVE the blazer on you! It looks so great on everyone, but yet so different! I'm regretting not getting one too before the sizes went!

  11. Really cute buys! And I LOVE the blazer.

  12. I'm lovin' the fit of that first dress, but now that PAG mentioned Dippin' Dots, I have a sudden hankering for icecream when I look at the print. =) The second one is a great color, but something about the ruffle detail (the buttons maybe?) looks a little young.

    Ahhh...that jacket. I still love it every time I see it on another blogger. It looks great on you!

  13. I LOVE the Cooperative Pleated Bow Strapless Dress on you. The color seems to really suit you also! :) The blazer is great! I can imagine many ways to wear the dress & blazer!

  14. I like the 1st dress on you but if it's for me, I cannot think of an event to wear this dress to. The jacket fits you great. It was a bit tight on me. I could go up a size. I hope to have time tomorrow to take some photos. I really like it tho (especially the price)

  15. I kind of like the 2nd dress better than the first one since it looks a little older than the 1st dress. The blazer looks good on you and it's great to see how it fits other petites. For me, I think I fill it out Great haul. =)

  16. Angie - I keep hearing about those shorts... they still haven't gone on sale yet? Hubby says the same thing, that he doesn't want to take pics for me because he thinks I'll be too picky about getting things just right. You should just let your BF take lots and lots of pics and then I'm sure there'll be some good ones in the bunch :)

    Vickey & Nelah - I suppose from the front, the second dress does look a little flattening! The ruffle detail is flattering on the side view though ;)

    Elle, PAG, curls-and-pearls, & AN - I was puzzled about the print too, theoretically I like blues and purples, but there was just something about this combo that does feel a little young and bubblegummy for me. Hubby said that it looks like someone spilled paint on the dress, but I like PAG's Dippin' Dots better! :)

    Ping - I think you're right... will have to try a medium-sized belt on the dress and see.

    sophia - Too bad I don't look as good in those skin-tight tube dresses like you do! ;)

    PetiteLG - I'm really interested to see how it looks on you too since you're a little taller.

    stylepint - The jacket looks really good on you, and I like how you picked the other print... makes me half want to try it too! :P

  17. I also love the first dress and the jacket!! Not sure about the 2nd dress, just because I tend to find that any ruffles/styling on the bust tends to not work very well on petites b/c it overwhelms our lack of boobs! And yes, slightly "young" looking too - so hard to have some things look NOT young on us, boo. But YAY to the fun dresses nevertheless! :)

  18. I really like the Cooperative dress - the color is just gorgeous and I love it with the skinny belt. The first dress has a great fit but I too am perplexed by the print. Thanks for the UO review!

  19. I think both the first and second dress look great on you. And they are also versatile going with the cute peplum jacket or a cardigan. The blue one with tights should be a good choice for cooler weather as well.

  20. i want to know more about your hubby and see him in your picturesss! :D haha you can keep him anonymous too. is he much taller than you? i always wonder these things about petites xD my first bf was 6'3" and that was odd

    haha yeah my bf spoils me with attention, something weird compared to any other guy i know.

    yes! you were the only one to catch that :D i love that dramaaa it's one of my faves haha. they're so cuteee. did you watch the second season?

  21. You have inspired me to order offline from Urban Outfitters today! I am still very new to online shopping, and only order when free shipping is involved. So since there was free shipping AND 10% my order (Codes: CLASSACT and FALLFORIT), I got a few items for less than $100. Yay!

    Unfortunately the beautiful jacket you are wearing is no longer available in XS. So sad!! I did piece together an outfit that I hope hope hope fits:

    Top: Pins and Needles Peter Pan Blouse
    Bottom: Petite Denim Slip Skirt Already own from LOFT
    Shoes: Kimchi Blue T-Strap Heels
    w/these ankle socks in black.

  22. I meant "Slim," not "Slip." And the shoes are in black.

    And...I completely forgot to tell you...both of those dresses look so good on you! They are def. both keepers! I love the solid one with the large belt. And of course I am in love with that jacket. :)

  23. Angie - Hubby is camera shy haha... and he's 5'8, which I think is perfect for me because I don't know how other petites deal with BFs who are more than a foot taller than them!

    Michelle - I only order when there's free shipping too :P I'd love to see the outfit on you! Maybe you can post in AN's forum?

  24. I will! Now that school has started back up, things are starting to settle down and I can do some picture taking. :)

  25. The first dress looks very nice on you. I'd definitely keep it! If the price came down suddenly, I'd call the store and get a price adjustment. There's no reason you shouldn't take advantage of the sale price too!

  26. Love the first dress.. fits you beautifully. I was eye-ing the Chiffon dress to on the website, but it's a no-go for me after so many "eh" reviews.

    Thanks for posting! :)

  27. I think the first outfit looks cute on you, although the pattern is a bit busy for my liking. I do, however think that combined with the Blazer (which does fit you very well), it makes the whole outfit work because it tones down the dress a bit.


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