Sunday, August 8, 2010

All Ruffled Out By LOFT

Today is Chinese Father's Day (because in Chinese, 8/8 sounds like the word for father).  Today is also the last day for the F&F sale at Ann Taylor and LOFT, both online ("FRIENDSFB") and in-store, so I wanted to share my recent LOFT order.  I'm really excited because there are at least a couple keepers!

First is the Twisted Neckline With Exposed Back Zip in Light Smokey Rose, size XXSP:

Although the neckline draping is asymmetrical and a little irregular, I still really like it.  I think it adds visual interest and is a nice change from the usual ruffles.  This also comes in a moss green which I didn't see online in petite sizing, but apparently can be found in stores.

My other keeper is the Ruffle Front Halter in XXSP:

This one is so pretty in person... even hubby approved!  The ruffles aren't the usual flowery type but look more architectural.  The fabric is a shimmery periwinkle and it's lined, so feels very substantial.  It is a lil boxy, but like ExtraPetite (who also bought), I think this would look gorgeous tucked in and layered under cardigans/blazers.

I bought during the BOGO 50% off sale with an additional 20% coupon, and those tops came out to ~$20 each, so the price is definitely right!  The rest of the tops I ordered I'm probably not going to keep, but here they are anyway:

(armholes were good but neckline too low and length slightly too long) 

(sheer fabric, elasticized bottom makes top too long when pulled down and too poufy otherwise)

(slouchy fit all around with a super low neckline)

And lastly, I also got the Ruffle Front Cardigan in XXSP:

This was also seen on AN and PAG, and even though I think it's really pretty, I'm still trying really hard to resist since I just recently got the other LOFT cardigan in several colors.  Plus I can't decide between this and the turquoise color, so I'm just stalling and hoping that I can find it on sale for a lot cheaper later.

That's all!  Hope you guys were able to score some good items during the AT/LOFT F&F sale!


  1. Wow everyone is getting really great stuff at AT/LOFT - so jealous!

    The first top is very cute and interesting. I can see it working well layered under a cardian with that detail at the top exposed.

    The 2nd top I love on both you and PAG.

    I like the Cascade Ruffle Country Floral top on you, it doesn't look super low to me. A lot of my tops are cut like that and I wear a thin camisole underneath to ensure I don't give anyone a show LOL!

    Ahhh that ruffle front cardigan looks great on EVERYONE!! But yes, if you've already done some damage to your bank account you've got to stop somewhere! :)

  2. I have the Twisted Neckline With Exposed Back Zip top in green sitting on the floor. The neckline draping is not a problem for me. However, you don't think the sides are too wide?

  3. The Ruffle Front With Roll Sleeve top looks gigantic on me, too.

  4. As for the first top, there's also a lot of room in the front.

    Is that suppose to be the style?

    I love the green color very much. I'm planning to keep it for about $20, but in order to wear the top by itself, I'd have to take it to a tailor to take in the sides.

  5. I loved seeing all these on you! But I do the first one is very boxy. And the more I look at it I don't think the ruffle cardi is worth the $.

    And gosh darn it you got a much better deal than me, AND got the halter in xxsp. I really need to move quicker to get the right size. Btw, how did you find a 20% coupon?

  6. I have to agree with Curls and Pearls, I like the "Country Floral Top" on you, but you mentioned the armholes were too big. =0(
    Oh gah, I think the Ruffle Front Cardigan in that taupey/blush color is the best color of the ones I have seen!

  7. Super cute tops alert! I'm really liking the first two - would look great under jackets/cardigans. Inspired me to stop by LOFT today =)

  8. my fave is the cascade ruffle - it's so pretty and a flattering colour on you :) hehe i spy some things i saw from jean's shopping too.

    yeah it was getting late, i had just sat through the rollercoaster that was inception and i guess i've been tired from the past few months. time for some ultra skin pampering eh? how do you cover up tired eyes x_x when these photos are closer up you can see everythingggg hahaha. i've been wanting to use some anti-aging eye creams but i'm a total noob in that department .. hmm. must do research!

  9. Looks like the twisted neckline is everyone's favorite. I love the moss green color so much. It was out of small sz on line. Fortunately, I found one in the local store and have them hold it for me. Can't wait to pick up and try it on. I have the same question as PAG though, how did you get the 20% off coupon?

  10. Love seeing all those ruffles on you. I did not have time to stop by LOFT at all this week. They just sent out an email saying the 30% off will be over in a few hours. Oh well, there is always next time. My fav is Ruffle Front Halter and the cardi

  11. curls-and-pearls & Angie - I did kinda like the cascade ruffle, but it does need a cami underneath which makes it a little fussy... but I'll think about it!

    Hanna - Actually the armholes on the cascade country floral fit pretty well! Which is perplexing to me why they made the neckline so low.

    Sydney - I agree with you that the first top fits wide, but because the material drapes well I don't really mind it all that much. It would look fine tucked in (like the 2nd top), but if you're planning to wear it alone a lot, then getting the sides slimmed shouldn't be too expensive since there's no side zipper.

    PAG & Mix and Match - The 20% coupon (LDMAUG2010B) was on a flyer sent with an earlier purchase... I'd posted about it earlier here, and it expires on 9/1/10.

  12. I really like the ruffle front halter on you! After seeing you and PAG try on all these LOFT items and seeing how great they look on your guys, I went into LOFT. I must say, I'm not a fan of their material at all. Despite that, you guys make the stuff look great!

  13. You are really ruffled out, aren't you? :) Those tops are very cute and feminine - seemed to fit you well too (big plus, right?) I like them all..especially the last cardigan.

  14. Ahh so that's what periwinkle is, lol. I'm always learning :) The periwinkle halter is a great pick, and looks beautiful on you. The cardigan is nice too and seems well made for petite bods, but yikes at the price! If you do get it, I vote turquoise!

    I browsed an AT yesterday on my way to dinner since everyone always seems to find nice things there, and there were so many items I wanted and the store itself was so fancy! But AT is so pricey! I'm hoping in a few years I can afford it :)

  15. yurp. i just leave it in for a lot longer than they say to which is probably awful for my hair and brain cells. right now my hair is a dark brown/red but in a few days it will be sure to fade to the colour on the box haha. interesting how it works o_o black hair just won't take lighter dye unless you leave it in for longer than 20 minutes like it says.

    my revlon colorsilk is always $4 xD beats going to the salon!

  16. I think you shop more than me! Hehehe

    I wanted the ruffle halter but didn't even have it at any of the LOFT stores I went to this weekend. I managed to find a few goodies!

  17. Oooh that ruffle front halter is gorgeous~~~ and ya can't beat ~$20 :D hehe

  18. hehe thank you so much :D so sad that this kind of achievement makes me happy eh? it's like finding the last pair of a small pair of shoes or a tiny fitting top on sale. the joy of fashion ^__^


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