Thursday, October 28, 2010

PFC #3 - The Look For Less

 The third Petite Fashion Challenge, hosted by Sydney of PetiteLittleGirl, was definitely a difficult one!

The Challenge: 
Pick an outfit from your favorite celeb and show us how to recreate that look for less.

I don't have a favorite celeb, so just ended up browsing through tons and tons of celeb pics, but not really finding any outfit that I could replicate with what's already in my closet.  Then I stumbled upon this:

For those who don't recognize her, she's Olivia Palermo from MTV's The City and a NY socialite who has a general reputation for being well-dressed.  She always looks so long and lean, so I was surprised to learn that she's technically a petite at 5'4".  Her outfit is very casual, and basically boils down to a stripe tee, a white skirt, a neutral bag, and a pair of silver oxfords... check, check, check, and sorta check?

Here's my version!

 Top:  LOFT Painted Stripe Boat Neck Tee, size XXSP
Skirt: LOFT layered cotton skirt, size XXSP
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pump in Porcini, size 5
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini in Pale Grey (post)

What do you think?  Did I pull it off?  I don't have anything remotely close to her silver oxfords, but I think my gray-ish taupe pumps helped give me the look of longer legs.  I wish I had the stripe tee in vintage blue so it would be a closer match, but the whole outfit turned out unexpectedly monochromatic, which I'm not totally disliking.  And was this a look for less?  The top and skirt probably came out to ~$40, which is definitely not bad... but the shoes and bag are a bit of a splurge so I'd like to think of them as "accessories" so they don't count :P

And did you notice anything different about my picture?  I'm actually outside!  I'm working at a different hospital for a month, so we're currently staying at the in-law's empty house (they're overseas) which is a closer drive.  A nice bonus is that they have a private backyard, perfect for outdoor pics!  

And maybe it's the nice outdoors that made me not want to crop out so much, but I think I finally feel comfortable with showing face on the blog!  I was thinking about "coming out" next week on my wedding anniversary and post some of my wedding pics.  But as luck would have it, LOFT contacted me yesterday for another pic for their Facebook feature, and my outfit (yet again) happened to be all LOFT, so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone!  Here's the pic I submitted... and meet yours truly!

Sorry for the sans make-up look... had to sprint outside after my post-work shower & blow-dry to catch the fleeting sunlight.  Oh, and for my Twitter friends, here's another view of the new haircut:

I'm not entirely loving it just yet because the layers are harder to manage than my old long straight hair, but I guess it's "growing" on me a bit  :P


  1. cute look!!! love the shorter skirt, it definitely shows off the legs! can't believe you recreated this for $40! not bad at all. i love olivia palermo-- you picked a great celeb. congrats too on the FB feature in loft!

  2. Lovely! I saw your picture on Facebook for how bloggers wear Loft and was like "Liane's so beautiful"!! I agree with Ping on showing off your legs, they look so long in this outfit.

  3. You are so pretty! So glad to finally "meet you" in that sense.

    Great job replicating Olivia's look...I too had no idea she's only 5'4. I always thought she was at least 5'7 since she never appeared tiny next to Whitney, who looks to be like six feet tall. That striped top is one I wanted to get as well...J. Crew has a sparklier version that I plan to get but now I now what I can wear with it! :)

  4. Ouu I love Olivia Palermo's style!! I didn't really watch The City much though..wish I did! I love your take on her outfit. The grey pumps look a lot better with it. I love how this is your "coming out" look! Totally awesome.. :D You're beautiful!! : ) I really like your hair..

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. (so weird, because I was gonna talk about "coming out" with my PFC post too, but deleted it. LOL)

  6. Aww - you are SO pretty! I don't know when I'll be brave enough to show my face :P And I had no idea Olivia was only 5'4" - I always assumed she was 5'7"+. Great look! I love the RM Mini Mini!

  7. Cute look, I love her style and you definitely pulled it off. So nice to see you! Your hair is still really long, but I'm sure it's a lot to get used to :)

  8. I totally tweeted excitedly about your reveal today, lol! It's nice to see you outside with nature so we know you get to see sunlight in between 24 hour shifts at the hospital. very cute outfit and I like the taupe gray little mini!

  9. Aww, you're beautiful! So glad you decided to come out! (Lol, somehow only others in the petite blogging community wouldn't think twice about that statement...) Looking forward to seeing your wedding pics. Advanced happy wedding and blog anniversaries!

  10. Very cute and casual look. And Hello..nice to meet you :D. Glad to see a lot of mysterious bloggers coming out of their closets :).

    Olivia Palermo is sooooo gorgeous. She seriously should be a top model or something.

  11. Yay! You look lovely and your look is one of my favorites for this challenge. I love how you made it your own and kept it classic. =)

  12. I LOVE OLIVIA! I also thought about using her as my inspiration but was having trouble recreating an outfit. I think you did a great job recreating her look. The silver shoes looked a bit odd (imo), so I like how you paired it with pumps.

    And congrats on coming out! I'm still shy =P

  13. Yay! You came out of hiding! =)

    Olivia is adorable, but ever since The City made her a villain, I just can't get on board with her...fashionable or not. LOL.

    Super cute outfit, and I love your RM bag.

  14. Your interpretation is cute and works well on you! :)

    It's nice to see your face!! You are pretty. :)

  15. Great job recreating her look!! I'm a huge fan of Olivia Palermo too and love how you put together her look with affordable LOFT pieces.

    So glad to finally meet you too and congratulations on the LOFT feature!

  16. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! *blush* I thought I would be anxious coming out, but I've been feeling much more comfortable with the idea lately, and it's all thanks to your support!

    Ping - I wasn't a huge fan of Olivia from the way she was portrayed on The City, but I have to admit that she's got great style!

    Callandra - I guess it helps that my legs are ghostly pale and blend in with the shoes lol... so much for my resolution to wear more skirts and let the legs get some sun!

    Elle - Me neither! And hadn't noticed they never stood next to each other on the show... Whitney does look pretty tall though, I wouldn't be suprised if she's at least 6 ft tall.

    The Little Dust Princess - I've only seen sporadic episodes, not like a huge fan of the show or anything. This wasn't a planned coming out look at all, but thanks for the nice comments :)

    SewPetiteGal - It's been a great experience coming out... but I understand how you feel! Take your time and I'll be glad to meet you when you're ready!

    curls-and-pearls - I know some people would still consider my hair to be long, so I didn't want to complain too much... it definitely dries faster though!

    PAG - Funny you should say that because I feel that I look so pale one might think work keeps me from ever seeing the sun lol. And I took your advice and kept the grey mini mini, which I haven't regretted and now they even match my porcini pumps! :P

    R.L. - It's true, no one even blinked twice at the terminology haha... I guess there's a proverbial fashion blogger 'closet' that everyone knows about :P

    Nelah - She really does look so polished and pulled-together, and her makeup is always perfect too!

    Stylepint - Aww shucks... thanks so much for saying that! :)

    Cee - I agree... I probably couldn't have pulled off those shoes anyway even if I had them!

    Alterations Needed - I thought she was such a b**** on the show too... but she's a little more palatable in print :P

    jlovesBal - Aww thanks :)

    kileen - It's definitely a challenge, not only to recreate a celeb's outfit but also to find similar items that are cheap!

  17. Very pretty! Congrats again on coming out, you look great! I love the grey bag and the striped shirt and your legs look long with those nude pumps!!

  18. Wow a face pic! Finally!!!

    I was hoping someone would pick Olivia. Between her and Victoria Beckham, they are my top 2 favorite style icons.

    I think ppl mistake "reality" tv for who she is in person.

    Great icon choice.

  19. I was so excited to see Jean's tweet. It's great to finally meet you. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. I am loving your simple outfit. Thank you so much for participating

  20. I love the outfit! I think Olivia Palermo is one of those girls who always looks good :)

    And it's so nice to see your beautiful face!!

  21. I love boatneck nautical-striped shirts! And Olivia's silver oxfords are KILLER, but I agree the taupe pumps do a great job of lengthening legs.

  22. Finally, a face to the pics!! You are so gorgeous, no need to hide! ^_^ I think you pulled this off really well. You would still look as tall as her even without the heels!

  23. Aww I'm glad to see someone picked Olivia! She's sooo stylish and chic! I had no idea she's 5'4".. she looks 5'7"ish on The City haha. You look great, and nice to finally see your face! Love those pumps all you gals have, it's a great color!

  24. Isn't it amazing how versatile a striped bateau t-shirt can be? Love it!!! :)

  25. your super pretty.... and love the haircut.

  26. Like Callandra, I too got to see you on LOFT's facebook page! It is neat to finally see all of you! You have such a gorgeous face...great bone structure!

    Yay for the striped boatneck! I also submitted new images to Andrea...the striped boatneck with jeggings and the outfit I used for the PFC#3.

    I love the top with the white skirt! Great color to show off your legs! Great choice of shoes, too!

  27. Oh Liane, so happy to finally "meet" you! Sorry for being so late on my comments! I meant to shout out when I first saw you on Loft facebook. When I saw the picture, I thought, oh who's this pretty face? Never saw her before. Then I saw the blog link. And I was "ah, of course it was her!" :) I was so happy and was about to give you a hard time for "coming out" NOT on your blog, but on Loft facebook page first. But all the craziness at work delayed my accusation a bit. So here it is.
    I love, love, love this outfit on you! Yes, simple, but so put together. I really like the taupe pump and the matching mini. Just gorgeous. And yes it matched Olivia's outfit almost exactly. Great job!
    BTW. LOVE your hair!

  28. Great outfit! It makes you look really tall! I would not have thought you'd be 5'0 in these photos. I love the nautical look! The silver oxfords on olivia palermo actually reminds me of I am Khatu's shoes:

  29. TinyInTexas - I seriously LOVE those pumps! They're actually more grayish than anything, but for some reason works just like a nude pump on me :)

    Aubrey, Erin, & sophia - I knew she had style but didn't realize Olivia has so many fans! :)

    Em - Yup, being petite we really do need the help from heels!

    CurvyPetite - I don't know if I could look that long and lean without heels, but thanks for saying so! :)

    Kiki - This is actually probably my very first stripe shirt, but I agree, I'm really liking it so far!

    Felicia - Thank you for the kind words, you're such a sweetheart!

    Michelle - I have bone structure? Lol... must just be the camera angle! I saw you on LOFT too, love both of your outfits!

    Vicky - Your comment gave me a nice laugh lol... It's true, I should feel ashamed that I let the LOFT pic stole my blog thunder :P Good thing I have such nice blogger friends who'll forgive me for such a grievous transgression! :)

    olyvia - You're so right! Khatu's shoes are definitely a dead ringer for Olivia's... if only I had access to her closet :P

  30. I really like your new hair style :). I am jealous that you can style wear summer clothes in CA. Looking forward to seeing your wedding pics!

  31. I was going to try this look for the challenge! Your version would be a great day date look!

    Happy Anniversary? hahaha, I noticed the congratulatory comments as I scrolled down to post a comment of my own.

  32. yay for coming out! i'm so glad to "meet" you too :) i have no idea why a gorgeous doctor like you wouldn't show her face in photos haha. so jealous of LA weather right now!


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