Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Blue But I Love It

My old Posterous blog wouldn't let me export the old entries and comments, so I decided to just start over... here's to another new beginning!

Guess what came in the mail this week... my very own dress form!  Thanks to a nice tip from SHORTcuts and dropping $92 after discounts, this is what I unwrapped:

The dress form can be adjusted to fit petite women with the following measurements:
Bust: 28 to 34 inches
Waist: 22 to 29 inches
Hips: 30 to 38 inches
      Granted, it's blue and the adjustable dials don't work all that well... but I still love it!  The preset measurements were actually already my own, so I didn't even need to adjust it!  It was like pulling a mini-me out of the box!

      This is the side view (hubby was playing Final Fantasy in the background lol):

      I was actually a little surprised at how petite I really am!  I don't sew but I do knit, and it's really useful to have something to try the sweaters on to check the fit as I'm working on them instead of struggling to put half-finished pieces on myself as I'd been doing.  The dress form is pretty true to my size, as you can see from one of the sweaters I made a while ago:

      And when I'm not using it for fitting purposes, I can always dress it up in cute outfits for display or use it to store accessories like ExtraPetite suggested... or even use it as a coat hanger!


      1. Omigosh! You bought that dress form - how wonderful. Did you knit that grey sweater yourself? Beacause that is amazing.

        Also, I left a response about the j.Crew final sale - everything that is not marked final sale has been returnable for me, even with that fine print that they put there to scare shoppers. I bought 4 or 5 sweaters a while back using an EXTRA coupon and returned most of them with no problem.

      2. Wow! I'm so psyched to see that my blog post was useful to someone. And I'm amazed at how perfectly that sweater fits both the form and you!

        I look forward to following your blog and getting helpful tips from you as well!

      3. Welcome to Blogger! I want a dress form too...but not to sew or knit...just for looks! I'm picky and really want one of those vintage looking ones like in my logo...but trying to find one that fits my clothing is practically impossible! Now I kinda want the blue one...=)

      4. Wow! You knitted that- it looks beautiful! I love the dress form. If I ever start sewing clothes, I will definitely want one of those.

        P.S. Did you keep the Loft Coat? I still have mine and am leaning towards dropping it off at the tailor this week.

      5. That sweater was one of my better attempts at knitting... sweaters are a lot of work but I love it when they fit right!

        @PAG: That's so tricky! I was planning to buy several of the same ruffle shell in different colors just to get to the free shipping amount... but I wouldn't want to be stuck with all of them...

        @Diary: I still have my Loft coat too... I might just keep it just because I "need" a neutral longer coat that's light enough for SoCal weather. Definitely let me know if you decide to tailor it... I'd like to know how they would take it in and how much it'd cost.

      6. Wow... I can't believe you knitted that! It looks like it's from a store!

      7. I'm clearly not the first person to think this, but, omigod that sweater is beautiful!

      8. I changed my mind about tailoring the Loft coat today, and I took it back. To take in the sides from the arm down was going to be $65. If I wanted anything additional done like the shoulders narrowed it would be extra. I decided I didn't want to mess with it this time.

      9. @Diary: Ouch! That's a little more than I expected... but then again I have no idea how much alterations cost in general since I still haven't been to a tailor yet... Maybe the coat will be a return for me too then...

        Thanks everyone for the nice sweater compliments... I can't sew a straight line for the life of me, but apparently I can knit! :)

      10. Is this a truly petite dress form? As in the torso length is shorter than "standard"?

      11. It really is petite! I'm not sure what the standard torso length is... but the shoulder to waist measurement was pretty similar to my own.

        If you want specific measurements I'd be happy to help... just let me know from where to where to measure :)

      12. Hi, I was looking for online reviews of this dress form. Could you please let me know what the shoulder measurements are and also from the lower neck to the waist? Thanks so much!

      13. @Anon: The shoulder-to-shoulder measurement is about 13.5" and the neck-to-waist measurement is about 13". Hope that helps!

      14. What is the measurement of the shoulder?


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